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  1. > Unlisted short after LOVE ME TONIGHT early Thursday morning: > BELOW ZERO (1930) starring Laurel & Hardy. > > (And it was shown complete this time). Since it wasn't on the Schedule, I and many other Laurel and Hardy fans missed it. Very disappointed! I hope they will schedule it soon so that fans can tune in and see the complete short (to make up for the January 12th showing of only the first reel). It was one of the very few Laurel and Hardy shorts scheduled that day that I had never seen before. I sure did greatly enjoy their Hal Roach January! --Jon
  2. Thank you, both of you, for the info. I was wondering how in the world I missed it. It looks like the shorts info for that day was posted here in Message Boards on the same day (April 3, 2007), and it was posted after "Babes in the Goods" had already been shown. :-( I sure hope they will show it again.
  3. When was "Babes in the Goods" shown (date or approximately how long ago)?
  4. That is going to be one GREAT DAY!!! Can't wait! Thank you for posting the schedule!
  5. Excellent!!! Can't wait to see the schedule for that day!
  6. Yes, I agree completely! And thank you for telling me what they played as something came up and I was unable to be there and check it out. At least I missed absolutely nothing! I sure do miss the days of weekly Hal Roach shorts.
  7. There is an OVER 30 minute gap in TCM's online schedule today (Tuesday, 4/20) after "Personal Property" and before "Quo Vadis" this afternoon (PT) or evening (ET). How about a Hal Roach short that hasn't been shown in 4 or more years on TCM, or ever? A Todd/Pitts would sure be nice! Please? :-)
  8. The Boy Friends "Mama Loves Papa" -- Yes, I REALLY ENJOYED IT and I sure hope they show more BOY FRIENDS shorts soon. Such wacky fun! Don't know if they ever showed "Mama Loves Papa" before. I started keeping track of Hal Roach shorts a few months AFTER you did. I've never seen it before this showing. Sure wish they had a weekly Hal Roach program. They could easily show four 2-reelers in a 90 minute time slot. Maybe a Roach movie and a 2-reeler once-in-a-while in the same slot as well. I would sure look forward to a show like that each week!
  9. Can't wait to see these shorts! "Isn't Life Terrible" (yes, love the cast) also has young Mary Kornman in it (uncredited). Just before the shorts start, TCM is showing two early Natalie Wood movies. There is plenty of time after each movie for 2-reeler shorts.
  10. Thank you for the heads-up (I would have otherwise missed it). Too bad it didn't work out. It was a perfect place for a Hal Roach 2-reeler.
  11. Yes, I'll bet your right. I'm still going to be ready for it though, just in case we happen to luck-out (not likely at all). But maybe the documentary will be fun... I like the title. :-)
  12. When I checked IMDb for "Time Out for Trouble" (scheduled as a 19 minute 1961 Documentary, Sept. 5th - early AM), the only search results I got back was a 19 minute Charley Chase short from 1938 with the same title. Perhaps they will be showing this Chase short? A Patsy Kelly movie with Charley Chase ("Kelly the Second") is scheduled 2hrs after the short and is followed by a Todd/Kelly short that I'm also looking forward to seeing. So hopefully the Chase short will be shown too, instead of a 1961 documentary.
  13. Thank you for the title. Sadly, I missed the beginning because they didn't have this on the schedule. I was just LUCKY to have stumbled in on what I saw. My favorite shorts are the Hal Roach shorts, so this was very disappointing to miss.
  14. Excellent! Can't wait to see so many of these shorts and movies. I'm REALLY looking forward to this! Thank you so much for this info.
  15. I sure hope we get a weekly Hal Roach show. I'm dying to see The Boy Friends, Todd/Pitts (I got in on and saw almost all of the Todd/Kelly shorts they showed -- some great stuff!), more Charley Chase, Our Gang, etc.! A weekly show would be fantastic (hope it's at least a 60 or 90 minute show). Thank you for the info.!
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