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  1. This opening did surprise me. The scene starts with a peaceful, moonlit night and the workers are relaxing. The shots come out of nowhere and change the peacfulness to tension. This is the first indication that this film is an example of film noir. Just when you think things are going to be one way, something happens suddenly that changes the whole direction of the film. My first thought was that the lady was shooting an intruder. However, when the workers come closer and identify him by name, Mr. Hammond, we know he must be someone important, especially if he is called Mister. When Bette Davi
  2. This opening sequence included some shots that could be considered as film noir. The first one that stuck me was the blackness of the shovel against the white hot fire. I noticed it not only because it was the initial scene, but the contrast between dark and light was so great. However, I couldn't attach any meaning to the goodness of the light or the evil of the dark. The scene in the tunnel, when the screen goes black, I had a sense of dread for the characters in the film, but then the light appeared to save the day. The shadows of the bridge girders really stood out to me. The train travel
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