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  1. I've seen the film once, but I feel that critics have a tendency to overrate it; hell, I overrated it for a time in my life! I'd love to see it again, so I can catch all of these details that people are talking about here. ****!
  2. It's hard to believe that none of the footage in that movie isn't documentary. Truly an extraordinary film.
  3. My mother told me never to trust a man with two first names.
  4. Happy 20th anniversary to the movie that was kept too "real" for the Academy.
  5. I took a gander, and it looks very nice! I do enjoy soundtracks and scores on vinyl, so I might do business with you.
  6. Hi there oldclassicmovies! I'd say I like the classics because they tend to be so very well-done - which of course is the main factor as to why they become classics. My favorite classic film is *Rashomon* by Akira Kurosawa - at least, it is for this month. Welcome aboard!! Enjoy yourself!
  7. I wish TCM would show some films by Oscar Micheaux....
  8. The movie just went off on TCM a little while ago. My favorite part is when I think it was Blake's character was talking in front of a window and it's raining, and the light from outside makes it look as if water is running down his face. I think it's supposed to suggest that he wants to cry, or on the inside, he is crying. This technique has been imitated since the release of In Cold Blood....
  9. She was a very intelligent woman. One might not believe it due to some of the roles she played, but she really was. She had a high IQ and was very thoughtful.
  10. Happy belated birthday, Audrey...keep looking the good look.
  11. Sounds kind of interesting....
  12. > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=Meanie220 wrote:}{quote} > > thanks for the heads up, Hollywood Golightly. It's good to get something well-rounded about the man, because for the longest I couldn't stop laughing about a person getting shot in the face. > > Oh, I know if I were ever shot in the face, I sure wouldn't want people laughing about it. > > finance - I didn't watch it when it was on TCM but I'm surprised they would have aired two Essentials on the same day. Could it have been another control room error? I think it
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