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  1. Movie quotes, huh? Here's a few of short ones from some favoritre titles: 1. *"Toepick!"* 2. *"And I am not intoxicated - yet!"* 3. *"What burns me, bigmouth, is just who invited you?"* 4. *"I will chew on Philo Beddoe's a s s for my last supper!"* 5. *"Madame having affair now."* 6. *"So, you're the one?"* -jl
  2. If that's a movie quote, how about by Ito in *AUNTIE MAME*? -jl
  3. That gives me a title to watch for on TCM and FOXM. -jl
  4. Correction: Replace Burt Reynolds with Burt Lancaster in that last post!!! Must be getting too sleepy. -jl
  5. A long time ago, before the first Star Trek movie title was made, I took my sons to a Trek convention at the Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. There was a Q & A feature with DeForest Kelly, Mark Lenard and George Takei. Someone asked George Takei what he would like to see as a future in Star Trek. One of the things he said: I see *CAPTAIN* Sulu appearing is his own series. A little bit prophetic; little did he know that he would ultimately be cast as Excelsior's Captain Sulu in ST 6. Incidently, how many recall that Darth Vader and Miss Piggy both appeared in the first Star Trek
  6. The last time I saw the title *THIS ISLAND EARTH* on the telly was 15-Aug-94. It was shown on AMC during it's civilized no cut-no interruption days prior to Sep 01. I fortunately had a tape rolling. I was in Europe during Sep 2001 and had left a VCR programmed to record a couple of titles on AMC; didn't have TCM or FOXM at the time. When I got home in Oct 2001, I found that AMC had geeked to commercial interruptions, title sanitizing and cutting titles to fit fixed time slots like most commercial channels. Way OT: I was in London on 11 Sep. 01 when Osama's little garden party went do
  7. John Phillip Law also appeared with Burt Reynolds as a U.S. Army officer in *THE CASSANDRA CROSSING*. Still best known for playing a Russian navigation non-com on the mythical Russian submarine in *THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING*. Couldn't put down the Russian name of the boat here since the Cyrillic alphabet characters won't work on this board but the boat's name is pronounced as "sproot". That movie title is very familliar to me since it was shot entirely on location in the area of Mendocino and Fort Bragg in California; I am quite familliar with the area. The submarine
  8. Looking for a WW2 carrier related title. Don't recall the film title or who was in it or if the target carrier was a real US Navy carrier or a mythical one.. The story line sees the skipper of some VF squadron in line for command of a new carrier. He is injured in some combat and loses a leg. He is still determined to get his carrier command and we see him after getting his prosthetic climbing all over the potential vessel as it is being built. Don't recall how long it was supposed to take this officer to learn to walk unassisted with the prosthetic; took me nine weeks after the surgery w
  9. Dragonslayer - The title you are looking for sounds very much like *FLIGHT TO MARS* which I have not seen on the telly in probably 20+ years. Don't reacall who was in it at all. As I recall, one female member of the underground society escapes Mars with the Earth crew. I remember her being a tall brunette who wore a short dark brown dress similar to the ladies' uniforms in the original STAR TREK. -jl
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