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  1. Wings was meh, my choice that year would have been Metropolis
  2. Broderick Crawford was a good tough guy and a lovable lug, he's just wasn't a leading man
  3. Another bad one: All the King's Men. Who wants to spend two hours listening to Broderick Crawford screaming?
  4. Never seen EAST LYNN... It's never been released in any kind of home video format. There is one copy in existance and it's stored at UCLA. I thought Cimarron was a long lumbering dinosaur, large in scope but little on inspiration.
  5. That year's nominees: Cimarron, East Lynn, The Front Page, Skippy, Trader Horn, That year contained the least impressive list of Best Picture nominees, except The Front Page, I liked that one.
  6. I was just wondering why the film needed to be three hours long.
  7. re: CIMARRON What's with that three hour running time? My choice that year would have been *City Lights*
  8. I agree with you regarding THE GREAT ZEIGFELD, and most especially Louise Rainer's performance...dreadful actress! *?The Viennese Teardrop?, yeah, she won the Oscar because of that phone conversation where she breaks down. But her performance is that film was only functional it was the NEXT performance in The Good Earth where she played a Chinese peasant with an Austrian accent.* More in the modern mode, I choose CHARIOTS OF FIRE., a little picture with little to recommend it, and considering what it was running against, it boggles the mind to think the "academy" would choose it. Poss
  9. I liked Crash but that year my choice would have been Brokeback Mountain. My choice for the worst film in the modern era would be Gladiator, I haven't made myself very popular by saying that. That year my choice would have been Almost Famous, a film that I wish more people would see.
  10. I agree about The Greatest Show on Earth. I am shocked because for a man who stood atop the world of movie-making with a "super-size it" point of view and gave us such unforgettable epics as Cleopatra, Samson and Delilah and The Ten Commandments, it is strange that Cecil B. Demille's only Best Picture win came for a overblown chunk of flapdoodle about the behind the scenes antics of a travelling circus. You can employ your own theories about why the academy was taken in by The Greatest Show on Earth but I choose to believe it's because everyone in Hollywood was either in the film or knew
  11. I'm not a negative nate but I've always been curious about what folks think are the worst films to be rewarded by the academy as Best Picture. For me *The Great Ziegfeld*. Does anyone really think that this deserved an Oscar as Best Picture? MGM's expensive, overproduced musical biopic of showman Florenz Ziegfeld is a large lumbering, dinosaur with dull, incomprehensible musical numbers, a profane black-faced performance of "If you know Suzy"- YUCK! and a ridiculous running time of three hours! The performances by William Powell and Luis Rainer aren't bad but I can't imagine anyone today
  12. Sounds like the film was put together to showcase the roster of stars they had under contract and to feature familiar songs of the day and show off the new innovation in technicolor.
  13. I get where you're coming from. I would be tickled to just have the experience to see the film.
  14. No, no don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the film is bad because the musical number is stiff, I am just looking at it from the standpoint of what I am use to. The numbers are stiff because they hired people who weren't use to singing and dancing. I see it as a time capsule experience as an unformed experiment, an early example of the use of sound. When I saw The Jazz Singer I got past the fact that the voices and the music didn't synch up because I realize that it was the first successful experiment. I don't expect that it would be crystal clear.
  15. This film was mentioned in the book "Inside Oscar" which reveals that this film was shot late at night after all the actors had finished their work for the day. That musical number seems stiff
  16. I remember when I was younger I was home sick from school for a whole week, and AMC was just starting up (back when they just showed classic films). This was one of the films they aired but I haven't seen it since.
  17. Breaking the Waves (1996) New Word: seductress
  18. I very vaguely remember seeing this film years ago. This is not the popular Dead Teenager movie from 1980, this was a 1933 Victor Saville picture about a bus crash that leads backwards in time so that we see how the passengers ended up on that bus in the first place. My memory is spotty. Has anyone seen this film?
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