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  1. I love it when you think you've got a movie figured out and then it turns and ends better than you thought it would. The Sixth Sense Murial's Wedding Raiders of the Lost Ark Being John Malkovich Juno
  2. There were commercials on radio
  3. I had planned on watching Black Narcissus tonight. What do you think of Peeping Tom?
  4. 1940 - The 13th Annual Academy Awards presentation was to have a performance by Judy Garland singing "Over the Rainbow" but an unidentified technician cut her off mid-performance for a commercial. The technician was fired before the ceremony ended Message was edited by: Selk
  5. I've been reading the invaluable "Inside Oscar" and I love it because it is loaded with little stories about the history of the Academy Awards (I'm an armchair Oscar historian). Here's a story I read just yesterday: Alice Brady was not able to attend The 10 Annual Academy Awards in which she won Best Supporting Actress for In Old Chicago (1937). During the ceremony an unidentified man walked up to the podium and accepted the award on her behalf. When she called The Academy to say that she had not received her Oscar, it was revealed that the man was had been an impostor who had crashed the
  6. I love to study the work of a performer or a director. I usually make an evening of it (When TCM doesn't provide it for me) studying their work and seeing what themes emerge, what kind of director they are, what kinds of roles an actor was apt to play. I try to get a feel for who they were as an artist. I've done this with D.W. Griffith, Lillian Gish, Jennifer Jones, Marlon Brando, Louise Brooks and Luise Rainer Next weekend, it's Michael Powell. Suggestions?
  7. I vaguely remember a snippet of Hollywood Revue of 1929 on That's Entertainment III about ten years ago. Was this the one with a bizarre rendition of "Singin' in the Rain" with everyone singing in raincoats in front of a matte painting of Noah's Ark? Strange, that movie keeps coming back to me though I've never seen it. I've seen several documentaries and a piece of the film will come up. Then just yesterday I was reading "Inside Oscar" and they mentioned and now here on this message board it shows up again. I think this movie is haunting me. Message was edited by: Selk
  8. Was this film in colour? Message was edited by: Selk
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