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  1. Garbo. She certainly had the option to make more movies but chose not to.
  2. That's certainly possible. I guess he died not long after production ended but that may well be true about the need to dub something in post production. I had never heard that.
  3. That's news to me. I can't think of any part of the film that he is missing from. I always heard that he had a line in his contract that he could not race as long as he was in production.
  4. Saragtoga and Brainstorm both feature actresses that did not live to finish production of the their last movies. I don't know about the other titles today except Giant that was James Dean's last film. Maybe just a coincidence.
  5. Certainly not. This has nothing to do with Bergman. I'm not comparing Mia Farrow's qualifications to talk about Bergman films to Woody Allen's. I'm sure Allen is well qualified to do the commentary but I personally don't want to hear it. That's just my opinion and I will continue to turn it off when it comes on. Granted he made some nice films in the early years like Radio Days and Hannah and Her Sisters but I personally cannot bring myself to watch any of his films again.
  6. My wife told me that this commentary about Bergman films had been on but I had not seen it until tonight. I would much rather see commentary by Mia Farrow. Don't know if she has ever been a host on TCM but I question TCM's judgement. I don't appreciate nor am I interested in seeing Woody Allen.
  7. This is the only film that I ever saw, when first released, that I remember hearing people sniffling in the audience. I can still remember the gun shot and the cloud of smoke that dissipates to reveal the boy’s tearful face. Don’t remember anything else though.
  8. Rollerball 1975....I can watch football all day long but I can't rewatch this movie. Same issues of head injury but the coach of the team asks.."Who said this is just a game" Disturbing. A world controlled by corporations through sports and entertainment. Hey, that is what's happening today. Depressing.
  9. I don't want to ruin the ending for those who haven't seen the movie but I think the hopeful ending is the main reason. Many of the events in the movie can be seen as depressing but that's life and like I said, there is hope at the end.
  10. Good addition to the list of unwatchables. Great music, performances but everyone is lost except for Jack Lemmon. Why should he be the one to be rehabilitated? He got Lee Remick to start drinking. What he did to her would drive anyone to drink.
  11. TCM is presently running an unwatchable good film. A Place In The Sun. Shelly Winters is so good in everything she does and she doesn't disappoint in this effort. The same for Montgomery Cliff. Hopeless outcome for him though. It reminds me of what happened to Ted Kennedy when the girl drowned in his car.
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