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  1. A nice little write-up. Well written. Kept my interest. The closes I get to writing movie reviews is on a TCM thread called "What Movie Did You Rate a 9 or 10 this month". That thread doesn't seem to be as popular as it use to be since there hasn't been any activity since my last review in January 2020. I guess there hasn't been any movie screenings on TCM since January 2020 that rate a 9 or 10 which would cause a member of TCM Nation to bring it to our attention in this particular thread.
  2. This is a nice little review. Is this your movie review? Your ten star movie of the month?
  3. Just to set the record straight I was not demeaning or questioning my dear colleague's TopBilled personal taste for marathon movie choices. I was pointing out that TCM would probably never schedule the Columbo programs for viewing on the network. I am also a big fan of the Columbo television series and I would welcome watching a marathon of this classic television series on DVD as well. After many years of waiting for METV to place this classic television show back on its network and finding out they have it schedule at the ungodly hour of 3:00 A.M. on Sunday I just purchased for my marathon watching pleasure the "Mission: Impossible" television series on DVD. I don't have the patience or want to sit and watch an entire season in one sitting during self-isolation but the one or two shows a day which I watch are so enjoyable and a lot of fun as the Impossible Mission Force take down governments, dictators and the Mafia in their own special way.
  4. A marathon of Columbo TV movies would be keen but I do not believe METV and COZI cable channels would permit it. Would TCM make an attempt to show a marathon of "movies made for television" like "Trilogy of Terror" or "Roots" or any Emmy Award winning TV movie series when they have been branding themselves for over twenty-five years as a channel featuring "movies released through movie studios" is a matter for interesting discussion. I do think it is ironic, if you are aware of TCM Programming history, that TCM would not consider and probably cannot have an all-day marathon of Columbo TV movies but they did show an all-day marathon of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" TV movies once during the early/mid 2000s.
  5. I know there are many of you, including those in assisted living quarters, who abhorred the Japanese movie marathon. The subtitles must have driven many of you crazy. I rather enjoyed watching "Stray Dog", "High and Low," and "Seven Samurai". I would like to see a marathon of movies which have a running time of not more than 90 minutes. TCM Programming did this a few months ago and it was great. People who produce movies today could take notice that you do not have to make every movie close to three hours to make it an entertaining story.
  6. Hedy Lamarr: A Genius, a lovely voice to listen to, and Absolutely Gorgeous to look at. A Triple Threat!!!
  7. Someone touched on a fight scene in the first Matrix film. I don't have a film clip to give you but I found the best fight scene in the second of the Matrix trilogy, "Matrix Reloaded". Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, meets "The Oracle" , played by Gloria Foster, in the playground area. When "The Oracle" leaves the playground area Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, enters the playground area. After a bit of chatter between the two adversaries another Agent Smith enters the conversation, and another, and another, and still another. A fight ensues between Neo and too many to count Agent Smiths. It must be around 40 and more seem to be coming from everywhere. The special effects in this fight scene, slow motion to normal motion speed, defying gravity, Agent Smith's multiplying by the dozens, are just breathtaking. I wish I had the technical know-how to show the clip on this thread. This fight scene in "Matrix Reloaded" is film-making and fight choreography at its extraordinarily best.
  8. I understand TCM Programming is usually planning the programming for the network six to eight months in advance so I really don't think my two choices will be considered for this year's "Summer under the Stars". They might be considered for the 2021 edition though if they agree in the leasing arrangements of their films: Gene Hackman and Anthony Hopkins. Both are Oscar winning actors and they bring so much to their roles. You forget who they are and believe they are actually the character they are portraying in the film.
  9. Way back in the early 2000s, in the month of November TCM spotlighted Jewish films for a month. I think I keep remembering the Jewish prime-time theme of films because no network had done it before and it has never been repeated. The cost to lease these films must have been astronomical but it was well worth the investment. I believe TCM has a motto of never repeating prime-time themes ever. TCM has been in business for quite some time now and they are more than experience in planning prime-time themes. They could take a look at their past to see the type of prime-time themes which are worth reinventing and repeating.
  10. I, too, have wondered why some films have been honored for inclusion into the National Film Registry and some have not been voted in. I am not qualified to say which film(s) doesn't belong in the National Film Registry. I believe the following should be added into the National Film Registry as soon as the next coming year. South Pacific(1959): I am sort of surprised this film has not been voted into the National Film Registry. Tombstone(1992): This movie is developing into a cult classic. Lights of New York(1928): "The Jazz Singer" was the first "part-talkie" film and it was voted into the National Film Registry. "Lights of New York" is the first "All Talkie" film and it is virtually ignored. This film is interesting for being a gangster film and it did set standards for gangster films until Paul Muni's "Scarface" was released. Bicycle Thieves(1949): A great film. This film is always mention when speaking of great international films. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly(1966): I was surprised this film is not in the National Film Registry. Nothing Sacred(1938): This film is a sleeper hit. It should be included in the National Film Registry. A Man For All Seasons(1966): This is one of those films you have to watch to decide if it belongs in the National Film Registry. That's Entertainment 1 & 2(1974 & 1976): Why not have both of these films in the National Film Registry? They are a treasure of entertainment.
  11. This is not a rant but more of a request. I, too, have grown sick and tired of seeing the TCM Wine/Cruise/Backlot promotions. I understand you have to pay to lease films and TCM is trying to be fiscally wise and thrifty but I remember in the early days of TCM you would treated with a "One Reel Wonder" after watching a feature film. It was great to see the feature film and then after a couple or so promotions a "One Reel Wonder" would take us close to the starting time for the next film. It would be great to see an equal ratio of TCM Wine/Cruise/Backlot promotions countered with the "One Reel Wonder" films. Right now I believe the ratio of Wine/Cruise/Backlot promotions to short films is about 80% to 20% in favor of the Wine/Cruise/Backlot promotions. I understand the Wine/Cruise/Backlot promotions bring much needed money to TCM but it would be nice to have more short films scheduled to even out the overplayed TCM Wine/Backlot/Cruise promotions which are now scheduled to play after every film.
  12. When you are a child you have more of an open mind to certain characters you see on television. I use to watch Gomer Pyle during its initial run in the 60s. I liked him and considered him a friend of mine. I sometimes watch the program now out of sheer curiosity today and find the Gomer Pyle character worthy of being pitchfork. Jim Nabors was a great actor and tremendous singer. He made the "Gomer Pyle" character realistic, believable and gave him numerous likability traits. The scary part of his characterization is he is actually copying the tendencies and personality of an actual person he once knew I believe. There are times I would like to swing really hard the flat-side of a shovel to Frank Sutton's character abrasive, loud-mouth Sergeant Vince Carter.
  13. My fellow TCM Nation Associates, Sepiatone and Cigar Joe, just opened up a flood of memories for me by mentioning the name Horn and Hardart. When I was living in Philadelphia in the late 80s I use to walk by the Horn and Hardart Automat on Chestnut Street I believe was the location. My parents use to take me to an Automat in the Chicago-land area in the 60s. That was a treat. I don't remember if the food was any good but the experience sure was. It was remarkable you could see through the compartment and see the people preparing the meals. When a person would take a plate out of the compartment it would be less then a minute that another plate would appear in the same compartment.
  14. I was walking down the street the other day and I saw this gorgeous young fit woman walking down the street with some middle-age man who looked like he was entering his third trimester and had taken one too many fist to his face. I thought to myself what is this woman doing with a lug like that? Why is she with him? She ought to be hanging around with me. Anyway, the term "lug" means a stupid, pathetic looking person. I was standing in a fast-food line with a co-worker who was born in the early to mid 90s. The line was fairly long and I blurted out, "Instead of standing in this long line I wish we could go to an "Automat". She looked at me with a puzzled look and said "Why would you want to go to a car wash for lunch? An "Automat" is a self-service restaurant where after you deposit some coins or dollar bills you can open the small compartment and take out some hot or cold food.
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