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  1. For those of you who are not knowledgeable about Dionne Warwick's discography and radio programming, Dionne Warwick's music, beginning in the mid to late sixties, was always played on Rock and Roll stations. Ms. Warwick had a number one hit with The Spinners in 1974, "Then Came You". She also had numerous hits in the late 70s which were played on Rock and Roll stations. I remember a popular hit from 1982 she did with the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb called "Heartbreaker". In 1985 she, along with Elton John, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Wonder, sang a very popular song "That's What Friends Are For".
  2. Back in February 2019 TCM Programmer finally gain the rights to schedule "South Pacific" for a one-time only broadcast. TCM is showing the "Ten Commandments" in movie theatres across the United States at the end of March 2021 but has never scheduled this title on the network during the 31 Days of Oscar in the past. Why? It would be helpful if TCM Programmer could explain this phenomenon?
  3. I would like to see TCM schedule "South Pacific" at least once per calendar year. Presently TCM Programmers schedule "South Pacific" once every fifteen to twenty years. It was last scheduled on TCM in February 2019, before that early 2000s. I would also like to see "Oklahoma" from 1955, "Moulin Rouge!" from 2001, "Mamma Mia" from 2008, "Chicago" from 2002, "Dreamgirls" from 2006, "Across the Universe" from 2007, and "La La Land" from 2016 scheduled on TCM.
  4. A beautiful, charming and special human being is in heaven. May she rest in peace!!!
  5. Welcome to the TCM Forums!!! Just think, in a little while you will have over 1000 posts.
  6. I really don't want this film to be remade, just a few minutes added at the end of the film. The movie I speak of is "Notorious", directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains. After Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman drive away to the hospital, Claude Rains' character, Alexander Sebastian, is standing out in the driveway and is called back into the house by the Eric Mathis character played by Ivan Triesault, "Alex, will you come in please, I wish to talk to you". Claude Rains nervously, sheepishly, walks up the stairs into the house and the door closes behi
  7. This may not be the right thread to announce this but I am a semi-fan of "The Dick Van Dyke Show". I watch the show off and on but I do admire the writing and acting in the television series. A favorite television hobby of mine is to watch the very first episode of a television series, that is, if I like the series. I thought I had seen the first episode in the series of "The Dick Van Dyke Show". I was wrong. I have never seen the original pilot which became the "The Dick Van Dyke" television series, "Head of the Family", which was turned down, rejected by television network programming
  8. I would like to cast my vote for Star of the Month for September for Roland Young. I do not believe TCM has ever honored him for Star of the Month.
  9. I understand you are speaking of Debbie Reynolds as an actress. I want to spotlight her other talent. One, I think she is, was, a wonderful human being. Second, Debbie and I share a birth date, April 1. Third, Debbie was the perfect choice and had the perfect voice to sing one of Rock and Roll's most popular songs of the 1950s, "Tammy", from the film "Tammy and the Bachelor". "Tammy" spent almost 6 months in the "Top 40" charts and spent 5 or 6 weeks as the number one song in the United States. "Tammy" was also nominated in 1957 for an Academy Award for "Best Song". She didn't win but i
  10. I was sitting in my residence watching the Adventures of Superman in 2016. The Police Commissioner calls on the intercom for Sargent O' Hara to come into his office. The door opens and this gorgeous, heavenly woman walks into the picture. I was like a Tex Avery wolf cartoon character. I almost jumped out of my chair, my eyes popped out of my head, my jaw hit the floor. I had never heard of or seen Joi Lansing until that moment. I was extremely disappointed to discover that she past away at such a young age in 1972.
  11. Enlightening!!! My how we have changed. What was once handled manually by a human punching the correct number on cards is now handled automatically by a microchip.
  12. I have lived through the rotary to touch-tone days and the speed-dial and automatic redial technology. One piece of technology, if you want to call it that, has escaped me. They no longer make this type of telephone but I will try my best to describe it. Back in the late 60s and early 70s there were telephones which would dial the phone number you wanted automatically. You had to take the receiver off the hook, place a small card which had holes strategically placed on them into the telephone and somehow this made the telephone dial the phone number. I have seen this type of phone on te
  13. I did not ask college student at the time but I think she was confused by seeing a picture image on vinyl and that's why she thought it was a Frisbee or plastic toy. The picture disc was "The Beatles' Abbey Road" by the way. Millennials download their music, see a thumbnail image of the artist on their phones and hear their music on their earbuds. They may not know how it feels to hold a brand new vinyl album, read the album notes, go to a listening party to hear and experience the album with their friends as the album rotates on the turntable, the entire room filled with music from two sp
  14. I recently had a college kid in my residence. I think you can call her a millennial. I had a vinyl record album, more specifically, a vinyl picture disc album on my desk. She thought it was a Frisbee and started handling it like a Frisbee. I quickly took it away from her fearing she would break it. I played the vinyl album for her on a turntable and she was amazed and confused. This was the first time she had ever seen a vinyl record album played in her life.
  15. I enjoy "Red Shoes", it is an extraordinary piece of cinema, but the type of ballet movies which intrigue me are the full-length ballet movies which have no dialogue, just ballet and music. This might be the wrong thread to be inquiring about this but TCM showed two or three of the "No dialogue, just ballet and music" full length movies a few years ago in succession. I believe TCM has three full length feature movies of just ballet and music, no dialogue, and the other is a movie short in their inventory or use to have them. If anyone knows the titles of these movies I would be deeply appr
  16. A nice little write-up. Well written. Kept my interest. The closes I get to writing movie reviews is on a TCM thread called "What Movie Did You Rate a 9 or 10 this month". That thread doesn't seem to be as popular as it use to be since there hasn't been any activity since my last review in January 2020. I guess there hasn't been any movie screenings on TCM since January 2020 that rate a 9 or 10 which would cause a member of TCM Nation to bring it to our attention in this particular thread.
  17. This is a nice little review. Is this your movie review? Your ten star movie of the month?
  18. Just to set the record straight I was not demeaning or questioning my dear colleague's TopBilled personal taste for marathon movie choices. I was pointing out that TCM would probably never schedule the Columbo programs for viewing on the network. I am also a big fan of the Columbo television series and I would welcome watching a marathon of this classic television series on DVD as well. After many years of waiting for METV to place this classic television show back on its network and finding out they have it schedule at the ungodly hour of 3:00 A.M. on Sunday I just purchased for my ma
  19. A marathon of Columbo TV movies would be keen but I do not believe METV and COZI cable channels would permit it. Would TCM make an attempt to show a marathon of "movies made for television" like "Trilogy of Terror" or "Roots" or any Emmy Award winning TV movie series when they have been branding themselves for over twenty-five years as a channel featuring "movies released through movie studios" is a matter for interesting discussion. I do think it is ironic, if you are aware of TCM Programming history, that TCM would not consider and probably cannot have an all-day marathon of Columbo T
  20. I know there are many of you, including those in assisted living quarters, who abhorred the Japanese movie marathon. The subtitles must have driven many of you crazy. I rather enjoyed watching "Stray Dog", "High and Low," and "Seven Samurai". I would like to see a marathon of movies which have a running time of not more than 90 minutes. TCM Programming did this a few months ago and it was great. People who produce movies today could take notice that you do not have to make every movie close to three hours to make it an entertaining story.
  21. Hedy Lamarr: A Genius, a lovely voice to listen to, and Absolutely Gorgeous to look at. A Triple Threat!!!
  22. Someone touched on a fight scene in the first Matrix film. I don't have a film clip to give you but I found the best fight scene in the second of the Matrix trilogy, "Matrix Reloaded". Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, meets "The Oracle" , played by Gloria Foster, in the playground area. When "The Oracle" leaves the playground area Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, enters the playground area. After a bit of chatter between the two adversaries another Agent Smith enters the conversation, and another, and another, and still another. A fight ensues between Neo and too many to count Agent Sm
  23. I understand TCM Programming is usually planning the programming for the network six to eight months in advance so I really don't think my two choices will be considered for this year's "Summer under the Stars". They might be considered for the 2021 edition though if they agree in the leasing arrangements of their films: Gene Hackman and Anthony Hopkins. Both are Oscar winning actors and they bring so much to their roles. You forget who they are and believe they are actually the character they are portraying in the film.
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