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  1. I am pretty sure I saw "The Wild Party" on TCM between 2000 and 2005. TCM Programmer had this title on at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and Robert Osborne introduce it as part of a month-long spotlight of Women Directors or Women in Cinema. This title was shown to spotlight the director, Dorothy Arazan, who invented the boom mike. She had a technician tie a microphone to a fishing pole and hold it over their heads out of the camera's range to receive better audio of the actors.
  2. Looks like a great movie. Maybe TCM Programmer will take note and acquire the rights to show it as part of the "TCM Imports" series. Maybe consider pairing the rights of this title with another title, "Rififi", which TCM showed a couple times a few years ago.
  3. "Red Headed Woman", starring Jean Harlow with Chester Morris, Una Merkel, Lewis Stone, May Robson, Leila Hyams, Henry Stephenson, and Charles Boyer is probably one of the films which gave reason for the start of the enforcement of the Hays Code. You know what you are in for at the beginning of this fast-pace 80-minute film when Jean Harlow's character is standing in front of a sunny window after trying on a dress and she ask the store clerk "Can you see through this dress?" The store clerk replies "I'm afraid I can Miss." Jean Harlow snaps back without hesitating "Great, I'll wear it."
  4. I really don't pay much attention to teen idols now but once when the "Decades" network was running a weekend of "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" my eye was caught by this pretty young lady. Tuesday Weld.
  5. An absolute perfect example of wife material. Dawn Wells.
  6. There were many a time I did not care about the TV/movie she was featured in. I just looked at her and enjoyed hearing her speak. She makes me happy. Michele Carey.
  7. Peter Ustinov was great in Quo Vadis. I really liked seeing him show his writing skills along with his acting chops in "Hot Millions". I thought Mr. Ustinov was magnificent in "Topkapi".
  8. It was keen to see Robert Osborne performing the original intro and outro for "Gone With the Wind" on TCM's opening night broadcast. I noticed a lot more camera movement and use of multiple cameras with his intros than what they do now. Anyway, I have a TCM historical question: "Gone With the Wind" was the first movie shown on TCM. What was the second movie shown on TCM? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. I have not watched the Oscar telecast in over forty years and I do not miss it at all. But with the way movies are made now why not have a CGI host(s) who would appeal to everyone's needs and wants to what a Oscar host should be. It would be fun to see how the powers to be would handle this. Would they CGI on the stage a Bob Hope? Bette Davis? Marilyn Monroe? Pearl Bailey? James Dean? John Wayne? Judy Garland? A generic man/woman? I bet the ratings would be sky high for this particular Oscar telecast. Its a shame it would be impossible to do this because you would have to be granted
  10. I want to review "Dulcy", a screwball comedy which I saw for the first time in March 2019. Ann Sothern portraying a scatterbrain girl trying to help her boyfriend with an invention with a chance meeting with a possible investor who happens to be her brother's future father-in-law. The movie is fun, the writing and situations comical but the real star of the show is the over-looked supporting actor Roland Young. He was the bright spot in the film and he supports this film along with Ann Sothern with the greatest of ease. I do not know much of his acting background but when he is on cam
  11. Everyone in TCM Nation!!! I think the Duke is tops and Kookie of 77 Sunset Strip is the most. You are the tops and you are the most means you are the best. The hippies and surfers use to say this and it ended up on a Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs record: "They're L7". You don't want to be "L7". "L7" when place side to side resembles a square. Don't be a square. I was going to have my license plate say this but I was afraid nobody would figure it out: DONTBL7.
  12. May I nudge TCM Programmer and see if they will consider giving Gene Hackman a day in their Summer Under the Stars tribute? Please TCM Programmer and thank you.
  13. "Everyone who has contributed to the archaic expressions thread I really like you. Why? Because you have moxie. Anyone who has moxie is all right by me". "Moxie" is an archaic movie term meaning you have "courage and nerve". The word "Moxie" is still being used in the Northeast United States because there is a soft drink which goes by this very name and has been selling since 1876.
  14. I am fully aware that "31 Days Of Oscar" is basically reruns and a lot of the same for some of you. For some of us it is an introduction to films which we have never seen before. This was the first time I have actually sat down and watched "South Pacific". I found the music just wonderful. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The acting was good. Mitzi Gaynor did well in her portrayal of Ensign Nellie Forbush. I found the main story plot interesting but the sub-plot was blatant racism. The use of color filters was interesting but sometimes contracted from the story. Do we really
  15. I often thought the reason TCM Programmer schedule four star movies overnight Eastern time is because they knew I liked this title and they wanted to annoy me and make me fume. They did this just recently when they scheduled "The Bicycle Thieves" two hours before dawn on the East Coast. All seriousness aside, titles such as "The Last Picture Show," "Network," are habitually scheduled by TCM Programmer for 2:00 A.M. and 3:00 A.M. starting times on the East Coast due to subject matter and language. Personally I believe TCM Programmer should realize we are adults who are mature enough to
  16. Hey!!! Don't let any of these archaic expressions from films make you cringe and get uncomfortable. Buck up man!!! Buck up!!! "Buck up" meaning brighten up. Cheer up!!!
  17. Eleanor Parker in the 1950 movie "Caged". In the beginning of the movie she has this adorable, innocent, girlish, vulnerable and caring persona. By the end of the movie she is hardened, callous, unemotional, somewhat sinister, and uncaring persona. Eleanor Parker showed what a magnificent actress she was at that time with her depiction of how being incarcerated can poison a person physically and psychologically over time. Ingrid Bergman in the 1944 movie "Gaslight" is also worthy of notice. Her character is a timid and vulnerable woman in the beginning of the movie who by the middle o
  18. I have a few favorites: "Coffee and sinkers". If you asked for coffee and sinkers today at Dunkin' Doughnuts you would get a blank stare. Sinkers are slang for doughnuts. Another one: "Don't be Ridic". "Are you sure it won't be any problem having me over for dinner tonight to meet your folks?" "Don't be ridic. You are more than welcome. I will pick you up at seven." "Ridic" is short for "ridiculous". One more: "Here, have a snifter". Someone, possibly a hick, another archaic expression not used today, is offering you an alcoholic drink, possibly illegally produced.
  19. I remember when I first join the TCM Message Board some 10, 12 years ago, if I made a remark like "I give TCM Programmer a rating of "4" for scheduling such a magnificent movie such as "The Bicycle Thieves" two hours before dawn for East Coast viewing" TCM Programmer would provide an answer and explanation why this happen. That does not happen anymore and I wish TCM Programmer would start communicating with TCM Nation again like he/she use to.
  20. There are "9" and "10" rated films if you want to rate them that high and you can if you wanted to. For example, I was angry I missed "The Bicycle Thieves" due to the fact that it was scheduled just before dawn on the East Coast and I overslept. The plot is simple: A man gets a job hanging posters. To hang the posters he needs a bicycle. The bicycle is stolen and with the help of his son he goes searching for the bicycle. This film is so powerful as it shows the desperation and harshness of life in post-war Italy as a father tries to provide for family. It is also a Father and Son
  21. I am going to be brief in my review of a movie which I am going to rate a 9 for the cast but only a 5 for the script. This was the first time I had seen this movie: "That Uncertain Feeling" with Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Eve Arden, Harry Davenport, Alan Mowbray. Ernst Lubitsch was the Director of the film. TCM has made me a great admirer of the films of Ernst Lubitsch and the infamous "Lubitsch Touch". I did not see it in this film. I can see the Lubitsch touch in such films as "The Love Parade," "The Smiling Lieutenant," "One Hour With You," "Trouble in Paradis
  22. I give up. What is her name? Also if you have the time, you stated you were a professional "colorist". Can you give TCM Nation an example of what this photo would look like colorized? Please and thank you.
  23. I use to hold the opinion it would be nice to colorize black and white movies. I received a two-by-four verbal beating on this message board for holding that opinion and I saw the error of my ways. I really do not believe colorizing would be a good idea. Film Noir classics such as "The Spiral Staircase," "Murder, My Sweet," "The Big Heat," "Out of the Past," "Detour," "Gun Crazy," and so many other Film Noir titles would lose that certain edge of suspense and drama if they were presented in color. One film which I believe was great as a color semi "Film Noir" film but would have been
  24. All list of anything start arguments. I looked at the Starz Legendary list and was surprised to find one actress not listed who seems to bring more attention for her outside interests than her acting: Angelina Jolie. Granted she has won awards for her acting prowess, "Gia," "Girl, Interrupted", I wonder why she was not given her due on the Starz Legendary list. She seems to be nominated for enough acting awards but does not win. I guess its better to be mention than it is being ignored. Another actress who might not be quite a Starz Legendary type but flies near the "Legendary" radar
  25. I don't mean to digress from the actual subject matter of the 2019 inductees but I would like to throw a couple tidbits out for discussion. I often wondered how one gain's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Do you have to have a hot streak of consecutive years of excellence, for example, five, six years of great singles and/or albums? Does the band stay together for 15 years after having some successful singles/albums over a short period of time? This is just thoughts mind you. I have looked at Connie Francis' discography. She had a five year hot streak of singles and a
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