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  1. I watched a movie which I never heard of but I was aware of the actress who starred in the picture. The title of the film was "Lady On A Train" The actress was Deanna Durbin. I was really impressed by this picture and Ms. Durbin. I am going to give this picture nine stars out of ten. I am going to confess the only Deanna Durbin movie I remember seeing on TCM is "One Hundred Men and A Girl" and a movie short with Judy Garland as a young teenager. So I was taken back to see her as a charming young woman in this movie. I found her acting skills credible in this flick. She seem to hav
  2. The reactions of this thread seem to be "disappointment of the same old thing". I guess "My Fair Lady" is becoming the new "To Kill A Mockingbird" on TCM. There was a time when "To Kill A Mockingbird" was scheduled twice per month on TCM and there were complaints aplenty. Since I am not as obsessed with the TCM program schedule as some of my fellow TCM colleagues are I hardly ever notice or watch "My Fair Lady". I don't watch "My Fair Lady" every-time it is scheduled on TCM but when I do I enjoy it immensely. Watching Audrey Hepburn is a pleasure. With the just released 31 Days of Oscar
  3. I was re-reading my post about best party scenes and having a light chuckle about it when I remembered the party or "Ascot Scene" in "My Fair Lady". Everybody in this particular scene was wearing black and white. Then it dawn on me there was a famous party in New York City in 1966 called "Black and White Ball" or something like it. It was a high society event for the rich and famous. I remember reading there was lots of champagne and great food. It was not raunchy or wild as the parties in "An American In Paris" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's". It was a masquerade party which started a fad of
  4. My bad experience at the movies has some levity. I went to a movie theater in the late afternoon and paid my $5.50 at the entrance. I arrived early so the theater had some relaxing pop music playing over the loud speakers at a comfortable level and the previews had yet to begin. It was sort of dark in the theater so I took my seat in the back of the theater in the comfortable chair. The leg room in the theater was such that people could walk by without disturbing me. It was a nice location in the movie theater, I was comfortable, and I was looking forward to the movie. I do not kn
  5. I really love the idea of resurrecting a sixteen year old thread. Just great!!! We should do this more often!!! A couple of parties which I wish I had been an attendee have already been mention: The Artist's Ball in American in Paris, Holly Golightly's bash in her apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the office party in "The Apartment". I also want to give some publicity to a pseudo party scene in Some Like It Hot. The scene happen in the beginning of the movie when the police raid the speakeasy joint with the guy yelling for "another cup of coffee". Any party which is raided by
  6. I want to give a nine out of ten to the Glenda Farrell/Joan Blondell vehicle "Havana Widows". Rapid-fire dialogue, wise-cracks and one-liners galore, a great comedy. Supporting actor Allen Jenkins always gives a great performance. While watching "Havana Widows" I could not help to think how if one of the roles had gone to Thelma Todd if this would have been a better picture. I also want to give "Trouble In Paradise" a ten. Perfect film to display the prominent "Lubitsch Touch". The film gets you laughing from the outset with the garbage-man singing "O Sole Mio" in the night wh
  7. It has been stated TCM screens movies like Die Hard in theaters only. Do these titles eventually make it onto the TCM program schedule? I think I remember TCM screening "South Pacific" in theaters. I might be wrong. I have never seen South Pacific and I have always wondered why South Pacific, Oklahoma, and the Sound of Music are not on TCM. I thought these titles would show up during the 31 Days of Oscar. Does it have to do with channel/studio rights?
  8. Some of my TCM Nation colleagues have touched on this but I want to give you my pipe-dream idea on the 25th Anniversary celebration. Some of us do not have the time or initiative to go through the requirements of introducing films on TCM. I have this idea/wish that many of us could enter a contest for the chance to win a number of Best Picture DVDs for the 25th anniversary celebration. TCM sends us numerous e-mails about DVD specials they are having especially during the 31 Days of Oscar celebration. You submit your contact information to TCM to enter the contest to win Best Picture D
  9. This great liner is from "The Women". Joan Crawford speaking to Norma Shearer.
  10. I enjoyed watching Mary Carlisle in College Humor. I finally brought closure to a question in the back of my mind from one of my favorite movies, "Grand Hotel": Who is the actress playing the newlywed who walks into the lobby of the Grand Hotel with her new husband to register after Lionel Barrymore and Joan Crawford leave. I haven't seen a thread on George Formby yet but I will mention he was sort of hard for me to watch but I did. I did find his half banjo/half ukulele interesting. I have always wondered why TCM did not try to introduce its audience to actors "under the radar" of m
  11. I have my top ten favorite movies at this moment list. Ask me tomorrow and I will give you ten different movies. I, too, will cheat with my first listed favorite movie because I consider this movie, a trilogy, one movie. Similar plot in all three movies working toward a goal to bring closure to wrong-doing and injustice. 1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy 2. Unforgiven 3. Felicia's Journey 4. Run Lola Run 5. The Day of the Jackal (1973) 6. The Apartment 7. Mrs. Miniver 8. City Lights 9. The Searchers 10. Sunnyside Up
  12. I want to submit an unheralded actor who deserves admiration for his acting and longevity in Hollywood and Television. You don't know his name but you know his face. I first noticed Charles Lane in the James Cagney/Joan Blondell vehicle "Blonde Crazy" which I remember watching as a kid some fifty years ago. I do not know why his face and voice stuck with me then I realized this is the same actor who I see on every television sitcom almost weekly. Mr. Lane must have had the knack of being a reliable character actor because he was cast in such notable movies such as 42nd Street, Gold Dig
  13. I remember when TCM introduced me to this movie a few years ago and it became a favorite of mine. Elizabeth Allan looks better in this movie than any other movie I have seen her in. The first time I saw Carroll Borland on the screen my jaw hit the floor. I could not believe what I saw on my television screen. Its a shame MGM could not use Ms. Borland in a female vampire movie and showcase her talents and charm even more. Then again maybe Ms. Borland did not want to go in the direction MGM executives had paved out for her.
  14. I am somewhat tardy but I want to get my two cents in on this topic. I want to give a 9 out of 10 for the "Black Swan", a film starring Tyrone Power and gorgeous Maureen O'Hara. I have never seen this title on TCM but I am so glad I have now. Action, Adventure, Love-hate relationship between Power and O'Hara, great supporting actors in Thomas Mitchell, Anthony Quinn, and George Sanders. The best aspect about this flick is a lot was done in this film in a little under 90 minutes. I am looking forward to seeing this film again. It's a favorite of mine now.
  15. Thank you for posting this information. Everyone in TCM Nation should participate in the National Film Registry.
  16. I am terribly sorry for the misinformation. I thought I saw and read a post stating Carole Lombard was one of the two people being considered for Star of the Month for December 2018 by the Backlot Members. I guess I am the king of wishful thinking. I will cross my fingers hoping Jean Harlow is Star of the Month for March 2019.
  17. I wonder what would have happened if Carole Lombard of Paramount Pictures could have been paired with Jean Harlow of MGM in a movie vehicle. Its a nice thought but I doubt if either studio would consider loaning out their starlet to a competitor. I wonder what type of atmosphere would have been on the set? Would the ladies get along being friendly, cordial cooperative toward each other or would they be Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins? I will answer my own question and say yes I believe Carole and Jean would have gotten along well on the set. There would not be any phone calls to the direct
  18. I am not going to list a top ten character actors or actresses because most of them have been listed. I will speak of two character actors who I noticed as a young lad watching TV and later as an adult when I became a Classic Movie fan. Charles Lane seem to be on every television show I ever watched on television growing up in the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. He was everywhere and he did everything well. When I started watching classic movies there was Charles Lane. He acted in westerns, comedies, musicals, dramas always giving a guaranteed reliable performance. I guess he was Hollywo
  19. I would like to get to know Miss Torso featured in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Rear Window". I would also like to get to know Jean Harlow's character, Gwen Allen, in "Public Enemy" Jayne Mansfield's character, Jerri Jordan, in the film "The Girl Can't Help It" was worth looking up, especially when she is in the night club wearing her red dress walking to the ladies' room. In an underrated movie musical TCM features once in awhile, "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying", there is a character played by actress Maureen Arthur. The character's name was Hedy LaRue.
  20. I love "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". It is a masterpiece of cinema and I applaud TCM for having this title in their library. I saw for the first time "For A Few Dollars More" during "Summer Under the Stars" and I liked it. Great Film. Kept me entertained and engaged scene after scene. I am sorry to announce I have to nominate "A Fistful of Dollars" as the "Worst First-Time Viewed Film" for now. I tried watching it for forty minutes and I could not understand what was going on, why the characters were behaving in such a manner. I turned it off. Since "A Fistful of Dollar
  21. I often wonder where Jean Harlow's career may have taken her if she had lived past June 1937. I think she would have stop doing comedy/wise-cracking roles and try being a drama actress. But this is only speculation.
  22. For viewers like myself who knew what we were getting into when we tune-in for Harold Lloyd's "The Milky Way" I enjoyed it. It was my first time seeing this film. I especially like the sight gag of Harold Lloyd throwing/slinging his hat away an alley during the parade sequence going twenty feet and catching his hat when he reached another alley opening. I want to know how they did that gag.
  23. I have been associated with TCM since 1997 and I have been introduced and reintroduced to many great titles on this network. At this moment in time one of the best "First-Time Movies" I have been introduced was a little film from 1932 titled "This is the Night". Now it was Cary Grant's film debut but I remember it more for Thelma Todd. She had her dress torn off of her twice and it was about to be torn off again but someone saved her. Another "best first-time movie" title which I was introduced to was a Spencer Tracy/Joan Bennett vehicle, "Me and My Gal". What I remember about the e
  24. TCM broadcast a little film from 1929, Sunnyside Up, starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell a few years back. There is a musical number in this film called "Turn on the Heat". The musical number starts out with chorus girls in winter coats dancing around Eskimo igloos and transforms over the course of the song to scantily clad chorus girls with palm trees, bananas plants and fire coming out of the floor forcing the chorus girls to dive into a pool of water. I am watching this and I can't decide if this is strange or stupendously unique. I thought "Sunnyside Up" was a great film whi
  25. This photo is so intriguing and interesting. The movie marque has the theatre showing "The Last Train From Bombay", a movie released in August 1952. So we know the picture was taken after August 1952. Television was not a dominant medium in this town at this time. I believe some of the park cars in the picture have their windows down due to the warm temperature. The theatre has a "Air Conditioned" sign hanging in the entrance as a way to bring in traffic to the theatre on a hot summer day. But the most intriguing aspect about this picture other than the bicycles being in front of the th
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