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  1. I vote for Film Noir!!! Where did it originate? Who is the definitive "Film Noir" Director(s)? Is "Film Noir" relevant film subject matter in the 21st Century?
  2. Some classic movies I would like to see on TCM: Chicago, Gladiator, L.A. Confidential, Fargo, Schiendler's List, Unforgiven, Tombstone, Silence of the Lambs, James Bond films. A majority of my titles are under contract with other networks but it would be nice to see them on TCM. Also if I had the power to locate a copy or partial copy of Convention City. The notoriety of this film fascinates me.
  3. I saw this movie on TCM in January 2011 and again in December 2014. The title was "This is the Night". Thelma Todd is in this movie and she impressed me with her character, Claire Mathewson, so much that I wanted to get to know her immediately. Thelma Todd's character has the great misfortune of having her dress torn off of her twice, and nearly a third time in this movie. I would love to know a woman who has the looks of Thelma Todd under those circumstances. I would probably have to tread lightly and be very cautious because in this movie her husband is Cary Grant and he plays an Olympi
  4. I love classic films and I love the musicals genre. I watched for the first time "Stormy Weather" with the gorgeous Lena Horne and legendary Bill Robinson. I just saw the dance sequence with the Nicolas Brothers. I believe I have seen the best dancing sequence ever placed on film. What the Nicolas Brothers were doing was not humanly possible. It was a work of art. The acrobatic jumping, jumping over one another doing the splits on the staircase, the way they came out of the splits without using their hands, sliding down the staircase while in a split. In the immortal words of Baseball H
  5. I believe TCM schedules "Gone With the Wind" two or three times per calendar year. It is not like they scheduled this film in the way they scheduled "To Kill A Mockingbird" a few years ago. "To Kill A Mockingbird" was scheduled every three weeks at one time which was much too often. I believe "To Kill A Mockingbird" has been scheduled once this year maybe in February when they were showing Oscar films in alphabetical order.
  6. It would be nice to hear June Lockhart speak of her memories of Golden Age Hollywood and 1950s and 60s television if she has her health.
  7. I apologize. I do not have any documentation of the automobile I believe is worth a second look. The car which I love to see and wish were in my possession was featured in "The Graduate". A 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600. Dustin Hoffman's character abandoned the vehicle after it ran out of gas just blocks from the church where Katherine Ross' character was getting married. If I ever meet Dustin Hoffman I will ask him if he left the keys in the Alfa Romeo after he abandoned the car, whatever happened to that beautiful automobile and what were the last line(s) of dialogue which were written fo
  8. I saw many reports about Powers Booth's death on the Internet, notably Yahoo and MSN. I am not clairvoyant but I bet CBS Sunday Morning may have said something about his death and if they didn't they will next Sunday morning. They are good at announcing the passing of actors and celebrities on this program. I confess I do not know much about Mr. Booth with the exception he contributed mightily to the classic western "Tombstone". He was not one of those people who you would find on the cover of the gossip and celebrity magazines. I take it he was married once and did not have affairs a
  9. I am a bit late in contributing to this conversation. I would not mind seeing some black and white films colorized. I would like to see the color schemes of the Jean Harlow films. TCM has been running the Jean Harlow tribute narrated by Melanie Griffin. You look at the films spotlighted in the tribute and you see Jean Harlow's hair platinum blonde, I believe she is a redhead in "Red Dust". I would love to see the color schemes in the Gable, Harlow, Berry film "China Seas" out of curiosity. Marlene Dietrich in "Shanghai Express," "Grand Hotel" with Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford and "Ar
  10. I just want to clarify to my esteemed colleague Spence that the charming Ms. Catherine Zeta-Jones was mentioned in my list of beautiful actresses. You may have overlooked her name because I sort of piggy-backed my list off of Fletcher Christian's "Current Hollywood" list. I also would like to add that I wanted to add Scarlett Johansson's name to the "Current Hollywood" list of beautiful actresses. As I was writing my list I could see her face, I just could not think of her name. Thanks to Sagebrush for jogging my memory.
  11. I was going to make my own beautiful actress list but why be redundant. I agree with Sepiatone's list and I will include Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Ann-Margaret, Raquel Welch, Jane Greer and Tuesday Weld. Special mention to Fletcher Christian's list. I would add to the "Current Hollywood" list Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, and Catherine Zeta Jones. Maybe I should have made my own list after all. All actresses are beautiful. It is their charm which makes them so attractive to us. Class and Style.
  12. I would like to see at least one Jean Harlow movie per month, preferably not overnight or at 6:00 A.M Eastern time. TCM use to schedule Jean Harlow movies on or around her birthday March 3rd or on her death-day June 7. None of her titles have been scheduled recently.
  13. The one movie which is great cinema but I will not watch again, though I have been tempted, is "No Country For Old Men". Javier Bardem's portrayal of Anton Chigurh still scares the living hell out of me. His portrayal of death walking on earth, a death angel, was extremely painful and made me writhe. Mr. Bardem deserved the Supporting Actor Oscar and the movie was an Oscar winner. Honorable mention goes to a TV movie: "The Burning Bed" with Farrah Fawcett. In 1984 I was awaken to the fact that a man could be so utterly abusive to his wife.
  14. Some film-makers do place importance on the plot. A few examples I can think of right now where the plot was just as interesting as the dancing and singing: "Small Town Girl," "Chicago," "Bye, Bye Birdie," "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying". I understand your point. Some musicals are filmed for the sole purpose of auditioning singers and dancing to the movie going public.
  15. I do not have a favorite film genre. I love film. Its depended on the plot of the film. For example, I love musicals but if the plot of the film is less than stellar I will change the channel so quick.
  16. We have fun with Polls and Lists on the TCM Message Boards. Some of us love them and some of us bemoan them. Throughout the years of the TCM Message Boards we have all sorts of polls and lists announcing the best actor or actress, best character actor/actress, top 10 movies in a particular genre, best one-liners, etc., from different websites. My question to TCM Nation: Has TCM ever released a poll or lists on anything about Classic Movies? Attention TCM Programmer: Turner Classic Movies will have its Silver Anniversary in a couple years. To help celebrate this event would it not be
  17. I really like Ann Miller as Lois Lane in "Kiss Me Kate". But when she is dancing in front of that mirror in the "Its Too Darn Hot" number and there are three images of her I see a fabulous dancer at the top of her craft. I watch "Kiss Me Kate" just for that number. I wonder if Cyd Charisse was considered for "Kiss Me Kate"? I could picture her dancing and singing "Its Too Darn Hot" in her own special way.
  18. There are a couple films I would like to see on TCM: "This is the Night" from 1932 with Cary Grant, Roland Young and Thelma Todd. I remember enjoying this film when it premiered on TCM a few years ago . I also remembered Thelma Todd having her dress torn off twice which made the viewing experience extremely pleasurable for me. Another film which I would like to see this year: "Me and My Gal" from 1932 with Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett. I have not seen this title on the TCM monthly schedule recently. I remember seeing this film for the first time and remember one scene where we could
  19. Wow JamesStewartFan95!!! June 7th should be renamed "the Birth Date of Superstars". I envy you!!! I was proud just to share my birthdate, April 1, with Debbie Reynolds. You share enough names to field a football team!!!
  20. April 1 is my birthday. I share my birthday with: Annette O'Toole Ali McGraw Toshiro Mifune Lon Chaney Jane Powell Debbie Reynolds
  21. I originally brought up this subject in another thread which smacks of what is being spoken of in this thread. I wrote: "It is grand that TCM is devoting time to the great career of our friend Robert with his long-form interviews and such. With April 14, the anniversary date of TCM, coming around and falling on a Friday, would it not be special to air "Bob's picks" this particular weekend with his introduction to the movie and thoughts after the movie? His love for film would be displayed through the screen and appreciated by all of us who watched him all these years." Granted my suggesti
  22. I love Westerns films just as much as I love Musicals. I can't argue with such titles such as "Unforgiven", "High Noon", "The Searchers", "Shane", "Stagecoach", "Red River", "The Westerner", "Shootout at the O.K. Corral", The Ford trilogy. I love all of these movies and always try to watch them when they are scheduled on TCM. I believe "Unforgiven" is a Top 5 Western film of all time. I know any "best of" list is just an excuse to start an argument. Since we do not know what titles are on this particular "All Time Best Westerns" list I would assume that the following movie made it
  23. The one speech which gives me chills leading up to his speech and makes me want to watch the entire movie is "The Wilcoxon speech" at the end of "Mrs. Miniver". If you are a classic movie fan you know Henry Wilcoxon played the Vicar in this movie. He nailed that speech. It was well written, well delivered, and the last scene of the airplanes flying overhead while "My Country Tis of Thee" is playing is just perfect. If there is a top ten speech category in film history I would rate this one in the top three. Just inspiring.
  24. Maybe this is not the right time or thread to state this. It is grand that TCM is devoting time to the great career of our friend Robert with his long-form interviews and such. With April 14, the anniversary date of TCM, coming around and falling on a Friday, would it not be special to air "Bob's picks" this particular weekend with his introduction to the movie and thoughts after the movie? His love for film would be displayed through the screen and appreciated by all of us who watched him all these years. Thank you.
  25. I want to include my vote for Noir Alley, a great idea, mind you, but a poor time slot. Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M. Eastern time? That's 7:00 A.M. Pacific time. May I suggest Saturday or Sunday evening at 6:00 P.M. or Sunday Night at 10 P.M leading into Silent Movies at midnight Eastern time.
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