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  1. I generally dislike westerns because they simply don't get anything right. The lack of even basic common sense when it comes to campfires means the Old West would have been constantly under a black cloud because of all the wildfires/grass fires/forest fires. I've been shot. It often happens only once in a person's life (usually right at the end), and despite my inexperience, I think I handled it well. That said, it was a small caliber pistol, and if it'd been 1/2" over, it would have missed me completely. (The reason it wasn't center-of-mass was because I ran for cover the instant
  2. Reminds me of how the world changes and still stays the same. In ancient times, broken glass was collected and sent back to where they made glass ('cullet' is important in glassmaking for several reasons). It'd be put in a barrel, and a slave would be given a heavy stick to smash it into smaller pieces so the barrel could hold more. When archaeologists find the remains of such barrels in ancient shipwrecks or abandoned sites, the job of piecing the glass back together is given to undergrads (the modern equivalent of polite slavery).
  3. June Bride (1948) is the lightest movie I've seen starring Davis. It's a good movie because of Montgomery. Generally, I consider movies with Davis as women's movies. Stanwyck movies are all over the map.
  4. In the late 1980s, a guy bought about 200 face casts at an auction. They'd been made by someone who created masks/make-up/prosthetics for movies. I don't remember exactly, but I'm fairly sure one of them was Vincent Price. (I got involved because the buyer wanted to scan them into a computer. The companies who could do it wanted too much money and a share of the copyright. I helped him (for a nice fee) pull together a team of university students to do it for class credit.) Up until the 1990s, buying and selling used books was a nice little sideline. I'd buy boxes of them at au
  5. It wasn't the first time I saw him, but I never paid attention to him before watching White Collar (2009-2014) on USA. He was great, like the role was written for him. You'd probably like the series if you gave it a try. It's available on Roku's free channel through your browser (https://therokuchannel.roku.com/details/0ad1597f1a5455d0b188f6820cbfe191/white-collar) and on IMDbTV (but I think you need to create an account). The series is bright and funny, and there's good fashion and architecture throughout. It's about crime, but the urbane kind which shuns guns and bloodshed.
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