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  1. You get a reprieve. Just after chiding me for going to something I agreed to almost a year ago, she jumped at an offer to fly to Canada. My thing ended before it started because everyone agreed it'd be better to wait a few months. I was back home within 18 hours. She contracted for three days, but the last time she did this type of thing, it took weeks (it's fiddly tech stuff which laughs at completion schedules). Tomorrow's the third day, and she's finished with only 2 of the 11 sites . . . FWIW: The new storm door cost $218. Her new chair was $1185. One good thing (besides the squ
  2. I probably had it. Had a couple of meetings in late December, 2019/early January 2020 with a couple of techs who work with the University of Technology in Guangdong. About two weeks later, I dropped as hard and as fast as could be. Diagnosis was pneumonia (this was before COVID-19 was even named). I already had some pulmonary edema (in my 13th year of a replacement heart valve with an expected lifespan of 10), so they considered it serious (as did SansFin when the hospital broke protocol and told her I was there). High fever even the special cocktail of steroids couldn't knock out. On a
  3. Here's a question which has been bugging me for ages: When I was 18, it took me four trips from car to kitchen to carry in $20 worth of groceries. At 30, I could do it in two trips. At 50, one trip. Now that I'm over 60, I can carry $20 worth of groceries in one hand. So answer me this: how much stronger am I going to get?
  4. More likely, mom makes it by the pitcher while dad and kid make it by the glass. The larger volume and increased agitation means it dissolves more evenly, blends more thoroughly, and is much more consistent in taste. Tang by the glass often leaves little globs on the bottom, something you rarely see in a pitcher.
  5. Wrong tangent there, fiend friend. I meant optical perception, how the mind adds what's necessary to turn 24fps into completely smooth action. Ever see an Edgley Optica five miles away, in dying light? ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgley_Optica ) Even trained observers, if they've never seen one before, generally describe the central fuselage extending to the tail. They also give it a longer, sleeker nose. The mind fills in what it expects to see.
  6. I have over 4K flight hours (all pre-1976). Of course I've seen things which weren't identified or explained. None of them approached, even under generous definitions, sufficient oddness to justify suggesting they might have been an alien craft. Anyone who's been to an Osh Kosh fly-in knows aircraft come in all shapes and sizes, and airplanes aren't the only thing in the sky. Identifying anything at a distance is a challenge, and it's nearly impossible to note the right details so you can properly describe something totally unknown by you. OTOH, I'd never think someone is delusional, ins
  7. Both The Pajama Game (1957) and Damn Yankees (1958) recently became available for streaming on Prime Video.
  8. Before any of the self-righteous, self-appointed 'experts' jump all over me -- I was vaccinated as soon as it was available and have an appointment for a third jab next week (first available time). Why? Because I considered the pros and cons (as presented by real experts, not CNN/MSN/NBC/FaceBook/Twitter/etc. or the political parrots at the CDC) and decided it's right for me. I do, however, realize there's enough ambiguity, conflicting studies, and outright fascism in play to make other people think it's not right for them.
  9. Been there, done that. It's standard procedure (at least it was back in my day) that during a qualification flight, the check pilot, without warning, kills the engines. (You know it's going to happen, you just don't know when. The sneaky ones have you focused on some other task when they do it.) I think it'd have to be strange circumstances for a drone to use a municipal airport. They're too hard to see, and their movements don't conform to normal aircraft operations, making them a collision risk. They also need specialized support (refueling, swap-outs, etc.), and nobody wants the publi
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