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  1. Congratulations, patful! And you were a most charming host, movieman1957!
  2. *chipheartsmovies* - Thank goodness you posted your schedule first, because my SOTM was initially going to be Joan Blondell, with the theme of the night being Blondell/Farrell films- seriously! Great minds think alike, ha ha ha! The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle is my favorite Fred & Ginger movie, Douglas Sirk is one of my favorite directors, I've never seen any animated Asian films, and Barbara Payton definitely deserves a proper tribute. *Norma Desmond* - You're schedule was horrible. No, no...I'm teasing! You already know I love it. I would love any week with Queen Christina in i
  3. *October 18th-24th, 2009* *Sunday* ? The themes speak for themselves, and for the Silent and Import, I went for movies that were ultra-modern for their times. *Monday* ? My most creative (maybe crazy) theme ? showing films made by actors who are the sons of other actors and bear their names (specifically, Desi Arnaz, Jr, Lon Chaney Jr., & Alan Hale Jr.). I was originally going to show the movies with a father/son theme, but then I discovered that all of their mothers were in films, too (did you know [Frances Cheney|http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0151590/] was an actress? Neither did I
  4. _*Sunday, October 18th*_ *Sweet Girls* 6:00AM *Sweet Kitty Bellairs* ? Claudia Dell, Walter Pidgeon (1930, WB) 63 min 7:15AM *Sweet Adeline* ? Irene Dunne, Donald Woods (1934, WB) 87 min 8:45AM *Sweet Genevieve* - Jean Porter, Jimmy Lydon (1947, Columbia) 68 min 10:00AM *Sweet Charity* ? Shirley MacLaine, John McMartin (1969, Universal) 154 min p/s 12:35PM *Short* - The Car That Became a Star (1965, MGM) 10 min *Ben Movies ? Everyone?s A Critic* 12:45PM *In Caliente* ? Dolores del Rio, Pat O?Brien (1935, WB) 84 min 2:15PM *Blind Alibi* ? Richard Dix, Whitney Bourne (1938,
  5. Can I go ahead and vote for you, patful? I'm still chugging along with my schedule...
  6. It's here! It's here! 8 premieres, eh? ***I think I can, I think I can...*** And your post isn't sloppy at all! I even checked all of the links, and they work fine.
  7. In no particular order... 1. *Targets* 2. *Atlantic City* 3. *Easy Living* 4. *Hobson's Choice* 5. *The Crimson Kimono* 6. *Roller Boogie* & *The Giant Spider Invasion* (Tie. They're both at the same level of "quality") 7. *Craig's Wife* 8. *The Passionate Friends* 9. *A Man's Castle* 10. *Big Deal On Madonna Street*
  8. It Happened Tomorrow (1944) White Shadows In The South Seas (1928) The rare Kordas on the 5th! I am just loving all of these British films they've been showing lately (they're usually Bob's picks). Everybody Does It (1949) - Linda Darnell! Lured (1947) - Sirk! Conquest (1937) - Garbo! Not Grand Hotel! Zotz! (1962) - William Castle! The Fallen Idol (1948) - Carol Reed! That Uncertain Feeling (1941) - Lubitsch! Kind Lady (1935) - Aline MacMahon! The Long Night (1947) - Le Jour se l?ve remake + Vincent Prcie & Ann Dvorak! Mamma Roma (1962) - PASOLINI & ANNA MAGNANI!!! Room
  9. How crazy do you think [this party |http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?imgurl=f706017261cbc993&q=annamaywongsource:life&usg=__8vLOhGG0uxP8BnSCk17FxlSpDHg=&prev=/images%3Fq%3Danna%2Bmay%2Bwong%2Bsource:life%26hl%3Den] got? (If you search for Anna May Wong you can see [some more|http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?imgurl=32c04f28a46334e9&q=AnnaMayWongsource:life&usg=__hpqs6-ZA4zXNmdEW2dsM2uxTHPQ=&prev=/images%3Fq%3DAnna%2BMay%2BWong%2Bsource:life%26hl%3Den] shots from it.) ...And I can't resist [some Tallu|http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?imgurl=f2e19ef1b
  10. > {quote:title=yanceycravat wrote:}{quote} > I would even entrust them to create a new opening for all the Robert Osborne-introduced films. I believe that opening (the deco building with "Robert Osborne" on the marquee) is the last remaining piece from the very beginning of TCM. > Not anymore!
  11. I never payed much attention to him (I've always read that he was better on the stage) until I saw *Middle of the Night* when TCM showed it some months ago, and now I have "March madness!" He absolutely deserves to be SOTM.
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