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  1. The great director turns 106 today! Everybody make sure to leave their birthday wishes! =D
  2. and sarah1493, i'll definitely be checking out your blog. Am i blind or do you not have a section for leaving comments?
  3. I have a blog I recently started at the beginning of the summer. If you're looking for a read, I'd love to get some feedback from people. http://ben-hur1860.blogspot.com/ Suggestions are wanted, since I am new to the blogging and all. Thank you!
  4. Can you post them up on this thread by any chance?
  5. It's a really great love story. I really enjoyed it when I saw it for the first time over winter break. Minelli knows how to make a great film, and Judy Garland is extremely cute.
  6. Thanks so much for all the information. I'll get back to you whenever I get going!
  7. I'm excited about this thread Popcorn, so kudos to your great idea! I have to disagree. I wouldn't say that A night to Remember is far better than Titanic, I would just say that they are for different tastes. Personally, I love the stuff that is produced between Kate and Leo in that film. I'm a plain old sucker for the sappy stuff, and there isn't much of that aspect in the older film. Then again, after viewing the film the other night, it definately deserves a lot of credit since Cameron redid so many of the scenes. I never knew that he did that until I saw it! Also, I can't wait
  8. Does anyone know more about this actress? I was captivated by her today when I watched The Garment Jungle (1957) for the first time. She was great in the film, and she is also really beautiful. Any great films that she starts in?
  9. Dewey, where do you suggest would be the best place to start with reading Pulp novels? I've been dying to get into them for a while now. I also can't wait for *MiMi*, sounds like a wild ride!
  10. Agreed, I as well enjoyed watching this film, just finished it. Crawford does a great job as a detective secretly climbing his way up to the top of the racket. The way the film ended though, it was so ridiculously silly, I couldn't believe it when "The End" flew across the bottom of the screen! *Lt. Banks: Be careful.* *Johnny Damico: Yeah, sure. I'll carry real bullets in my gun.*
  11. I'm pretty surprised they didn't choose something other then Three Days of the Condor. Didn't they realize that they aired that film last night for Faye Dunaway night ? ?
  12. Just to respond, your information was very insightful and much appreciated. All I was trying to say is that it wasn't a film that was made with the intention of making the U.S. look bad. A lot of the time when films are "based on a true story", there tends to be certain aspects that are left out, such as the info that you brought up. I can understand that I guess, because it's hard to make a film and be able to explain every little thing that comes along with it. If that was something that was required, we would have a lot less films "based on a true story".
  13. Thanks to both of you! And thanks for the MovieMorlocks, I never even noticed that icon before! Now I got a whole new world of TCM. Can't complain there!
  14. Even though I personally found it intriguing to hear about the S.S. St. Louis for the first time and learn how the United States didn't accept the passengers as refugees, I would never go as far to say that it "blames America for what the Nazis were doing". That's ludicrous! I mean, the only time the U.S. are actually mentioned in the film, besides the Roosevelt statements, is when the U.S. Coast Guards send them that message saying they are trespassing and will not be allowed in the territory. I suggest re-evaluating the film, because unfortunately, I think you missed the entire message.
  15. Thought I'd remind every one that there are quite a few film-noirs being aired tomorrow 7:00 AM The Garment Jungle (1957) 8:30 AM Affair In Trinidad (1952) 12:00 PM The Mob (1951) 1:30 PM The Lineup (1958) Have fun!
  16. Does anybody have any links to film blogs I can read up on for pleasure? Whether it's their own or another blog they read, I am just looking for some good reading material. Post away, thanks!
  17. Thanks a lot traceyk65, I appreciate all the help with that great list. Between your Pre-Code List and FrankGrimes Film-Noir List, I sure got my work cut out for me!
  18. Thanks Arkadin, I enjoyed your review very much.
  19. I got around to watching this David Lean film tonight, and I rather enjoyed it. Although I did enjoy Brief Encounter (1945), I'd say I enjoyed this one more. Here's [my review of the film|http://ben-hur1860.blogspot.com/]. Any one catch this when TCM premiered it the night Tim Roth was the guest programmer?
  20. Yeah, I haven't seen Judgment at Nuremberg, but when i read that he got a Best Supporting Actor nomination for a film he was only in for *7 minutes*, i was immediately impressed. Wanna catch that one sometimes.
  21. I'm also a huge fan of your list! I've always wanted to see "All Quiet on the Western Front" but have yet to have the chance, which is really unfortunate. I'm very excited to check out "The Best Years of Our Lives" for the first time when it airs. I've been wanting to see more and more Wyler films whenever I can. Would you consider this one of his best/ better films? I most definitely agree with you on Grave of the Fireflies. I was blown away by that film when I first saw it in my Modern Japanese Cinema course. I've yet to see an anime that can leave a stronger impact on its
  22. Can some of you guys give me the heads up on what some of the most well-known classics are of the Pre-Code era? Also, if anyone knows of any titles coming up on television off the top of their head, that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  23. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt in *As Good As It Gets*!
  24. Well, I wouldn't exactly say I'm brand new to the genre. I've seen classics such as The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, Touch of Evil, The Stranger, maybe a couple more I can't think of right now. Also, I enjoy neo-noirs such as Chinatown and Body Heat. More or less, I know that the genre is one full of little gems that don't get talked about so much, and that is the section of the department I don't know too much about. I'm really excited to check out all the films FrankGrimes listed, it's such an awesome thing for him to give us! Thanks for the kind welcoming! Can't wait to check
  25. I agree, Elizabeth Taylor's monlogue was really a great ending to the film. I enjoyed watching the story of the previous summer progress as she tells us what happened, and also the way the screen shows both the past events and Taylor telling the story. And please, let's not forget how hot she looks in that one-piece bathing suit! Sebastian has to get some credit there! I also really enjoy the two major scenes with Taylor walking around on her own through the Sanitorium. The one with the men grabbing at her legs, it's simply terrifying! And the one where she is contemplating jumping of
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