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  1. Thanks for all the great photos, especially the one of the Lana Turneresque-looking woman. It brings to mind the memorable scene in *"L.A. Confidential"*: Guy Pearce begins with "A **** cut to look like Lana Turner is still just a ****" -- followed by Kevin Spacey's line "She is Lana Turner" -- followed by a drink being thrown in Pearce's face by the Turner character. Clearly one of the best scenes in a movie that has many great scenes, it underscores the potential pitfalls of mistaken identity.
  2. Actually there are new & used copies of the film in VHS format (both B&W and "colorized") for sale on Amazon.com, as well as an imported (from France) "PAL" version on DVD. But I too look forward to its availability in NTSC on DVD. I've admired this under-appreciated film for many years.
  3. Many thanks for the continued guidance. In the past, I have twice posted items as new threads only to later notice a more appropriate existing thread. Your continued encouragement that we look more closely before posting is appreciated.
  4. (FYI: I deleted this thread since it's also on the Hot Topics forum board) Message was edited by: ECUPirate
  5. Many thanks for the 2 photos! I never before realized how similar they look.
  6. Ben, Ben, Ben. How could you make such a glaring error? In your introduction to the film currently playing -- "Too Late the Hero" -- you described it as being set in the Philippines. But while this film was in fact MADE in the Philippines, it most certainly was not SET in the Philippines. And there are numerous clues to this effect. For example, several times in the beginning of the film it is mentioned that Lt. (j.g.) Lawson (Cliff Robertson) is being reassigned to a British base in the "New Hebrides" islands (i.e., Vanuatu). Also, the British military was not based anywhere in the Phil
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