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  1. Has anybody noticed how every single one of these men (except perhaps Yul Brynner) has substantial hair on their chest
  2. Mmmm. Ty Hardin doesn't look so bad. Does Yul Brynner have muscles? I can't remember.
  3. Noooo problem Oh wow, looks like Kirk Douglas had it going on as well... Message was edited by: bijoubelle
  4. So yeah.... Did we forget about BRANDO'S muscles? Who can forget him in that white t-shirt on streetcar named desire? Seriously. And yeah. Kelly so exuded sexuality when he danced. And he was adorable hehe...allllllthough Mr. Astaire always amazed me, because he was a beast at dancing gracefully even as he got pretty old.
  5. He was a strict disciplinary because he knew what he was doing and not everybody else did lol...and how can you not like his teeth? They were perfectly lovely and his smile was dashing. But to each their own, I personally can say I don't mind his ongoing ****, and I have a slight feeling I'm not the only one...
  6. The only pic I could find of his fine behind....such a shame Message was edited by: bijoubelle
  7. Houseboat! Definitely my favorite movie of hers. It's sexxxay.
  8. Yeah I know. She seriously kept her beauty -- because to see her in Pal Joey, as weird as it was, all I could think was dude...she was in *Cover Girl* thirteen freaking years ago lol, and she really doesn't look THAT much older. And still beaaaatiful. I adore her in that movie...
  9. Oh yeah...Carole Lombard got him to come to that one...I forget which one it was, or what it was, that he refused to come to, was it the awards? Can someone help me out here lol? I haven't read his bio in ages.
  10. Doesn't she just have the most adoring beauty like...ever? She's one of the only actresses ever that can be so absolutely stunning and beautiful and at the same time be cute and adorable. The only role I don't like her in -- don't hurt me for saying this lol -- is *Pal Joey*, just because she played an oldish woman....although in the scene where she's singing Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and her hair is down, she looks at least as young as Kim Novak, at least while her hair is down. She played the part well, the whole concept of it is just weird.
  11. What I think of when I think of Jean Harlow is....idk, Clark Gable's little sister. He was so sweet to her, even at her funeral...
  12. *The Pirate* was an absolutely amazing movie....spectaaaaaacular. What's even more interesting about it is the state that Judy Garland was in during the filming of that. And I read somewhere that that movie wasn't received well? Who in the world could resist Gene Kelly in such a Scaramouche - ish character?
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