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  1. Many were (often poorly) transferred to Beta or VHS in the early flush of modestly-priced video players but never converted to DVD format for commercial sale. Will Warner's recently announced downloads of their vast backlist inspire others to do the same with their archives? Any insider insights out there? http://http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/markets/industries/entertainment/warner-bros-begins-selling-old-movies-tv-demand-dvds/
  2. I feel certain I'd remember William Powell. I also don't recall the tone of the film being a Kaufmanesque comedy though there was some amusing dialogue. I've been crawling around the IMDb site and combing through their keywords search and have found a few faint possibilities. I've never seen The Senator Was Indiscreet but will seek a copy!
  3. B&W pic, premise political campaign. NOT "Last Hurrah." Circa '40s to very eary '50s. Female to male dialogue: "Let's go get stupid Hal !" (or was it Hank ?) She was on campaign staff, I think. Hal/Hank was a reporter. Any help welcome!
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