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  1. Nice work, as always. Thank you so very much. Tomorrow sounds fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Nice colors in the posters for The Man With Nine Lives and The Devil Commands. (Wish TMC were showing one or more of my favorite Karloff's, such as Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein, or The Mummy.) The Nosferatu posters are horrific. The creepiest and most striking of all might be The Match King. The giant circle with red lettering at the top spelling out the title reminds me of a match head, with the two lovers chin-to-chin forming the matchstick. The girl looks up wi
  2. I enjoyed the documentary. But... - There's always a but w/this guy. - I am going to but heads here perhaps as no one else complained about this. Two words: Jeanine Basinger. Basinger is apparently an esteemed historian on Hollywood, and may even be a good writer I don't know as I have not read her, but she is one lame talking head. At least she was on the day she was filmed for the doc. Which wouldn't have been so bad except she easily gets more much comment time in the doc than anyone else. And everyone else with a voice here was better than her. Her points were OK but not enlighten
  3. Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002) TCM, Friday, November 28, 9 AM A TCM original documentary that examines Crawford's life and unparalleled movie career.
  4. I didn't see it listed below here, and I found out only today... TV PARTY TONIGHT! Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star (2002) TV PARTY TONIGHT! ...Most of us may have to set our VCR/DVR/Tivo's. * Turner Classic Movies, Thursday, Sept. 25, 4:30 AM ET * A TCM original documentary that examines Crawford's life and unparalleled movie career. * Narrated by Angelica Huston. * BW-87 mins, TV-14 [blue Oyster Cult - Joan Crawford (Has Risen From The Grave)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHzIG_iZRWY] [J o a n C r a w f o r d M I X (Dan-o-rama)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm9
  5. Miss M - Thanks for the welcome. And you're welcome for your thank you. Sarah1943 - I obviously can't get anything by you. And to the judges in the crowd, I will touch on this once more & then leave it (unless challenged on it - oh, look out! )... Not that I think Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan have done great harm to anyone, but today's stars are seen as much more human because they are exposed to a ravenous media and general public. And the amount of open, hating on them knows no bounds. Who really knows what happened behind the scenes back in Audrey Hepburn's Hollywood glam
  6. Well, I was just about to post this really hot double-pic of Lindsay Lohan side by side w/Audrey, but looking down I saw the intense negative reaction to Paris Hilton's tribute to Audrey, I guess I am in the wrong place. I personally think that Audrey would not find it wrong that Lindsay and Paris are paying homage to her, keeping her image alive long after she's gone. I know she would have too much class to talk in public showing such outward hating on. She was a charitable person. On the plus side, MissMusical, I quite like that top pic of Audrey in that huge headpiece. Hats off to
  7. Thanks for the welcome, Kyle. Oh, I quite agree about the portraits on *The Clock* poster. The art on the poster is what I meant by my comment of, "glorious." BTW, I added the song lyrics of *"Heartbeat"* not only as reference to the movie tag line, but to the portraits as well. The pics of the two leads popping through the face of the clock reminds me of the line in the song, "You came like the sun breaking through the clouds..." Much obliged for your compliments on my *Flickr* page. Thanks for the explanation on your *Flickr*. Yes, I did come to discover you have a private account
  8. Mike Burns here. This is a very fine thread. I love poster art. Great work, Kyle. Thanks so much. Your latest poster post piqued my interest into taking in The Bitter Tea tonight. I could go on & on about some of the older posts (I've left a bunch of comments on your public Flickr page, Kyle), but for easy reference I'll stick to one on just this page. Even at the risk of making everyone sick of me right out the gate but what the heavenly hell... Re: "The Clock" (w/tagline on it, "Every second a heart- beat--") Glorious. [Paris Hilton] "You came like the sun breaking th
  9. Thank you so much. I had a problem before remembering where to find the link. I did look hard for it yesterday but not hard enough apparently. I sure do appreciate the timely help. Cheers! Mike
  10. Does TCM still longer offer this option? It was my favorite part of the site. A 1-page printout w/each night of the month's highlights listed. I was able to print it up through this past month of May. I still see options to check daily and weekly schedules, and to print the entire month's schedule. And I can find the page that shows this month's features. But I can no longer find the button to print up this month's highlights. I know that without it I am less likely to watch TCM. Anyone have an answer? Thanks. Appreciate it. Mike PS Great channel - watched "Too Many Hus
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