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  1. That is interesting. I've been wanting to see it...not for vilifying communists. I'm not for vilifying the left...but made this thread (knowing it would likely attract some hot-headed discussion) for the sake of talking politics in classic movies...and to say that TCM is helping me get a better view on how things were....not quite the apple pie and sunshine I had (subconsciously) expected. This Indiana Jones sounds interesting because of the folklore, danger and customs of distant lands. Where does it take place? BTW...though it vilifies communists...does it not equally vilify others
  2. I have never seen the Great Ben Hur on film. ...but I read the book. Fortunately, I have The Ten Commandments! It is a newer version. Another good movie is 'Barabbas!!!' Has TCM ever shown it? If they have, then I must give them "props and kudos". As for communism being dead, I do not think it will ever die completely....though it would be nice to have a balance of University professors...both left and conservative. As for now, they are leaning left with Hollywood. Aw, well....we are living in interesting times. In some ways, it's exhilarating....both good and bad. Eith
  3. Thank you! I think, overall, the National Legion of Decency had done a good job. Though I'm not for censorship (completely), I happy to have a channel on my t.v. which is free of the bad language and negative propaganda. It is good the NLD let some things slide...so we can see the views of these earlier times. I'm fascinated by the progressiveness of what I had earlier considered "the innocent times". And it is interesting to see the seeds that led us to where we are today.
  4. You're right. There probably weren't many, due to the blacklisting....but there was one with Sidney Portieh (sp)....he played the good railroad boss that was murdered by an evil railroad boss. (hmmm, I'm thinking there was no communist theme that one). But there was another rail-road themed movie that showed all the rail-road owners as evil men in suits. Maybe it was that way before the unions came in and fixed it. Anyway, I'm sure these movies were made in the 50s....as well as the one about a Swedish woman that ran for governor.
  5. I know there was a cold war in the 80s...but do not know when it started. If the "red scare" was some time in the 50s, I'm guessing that's when the cold war started... Please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area. I'm finding that the more I learn...the more I realize how much more there is to learn.
  6. It depends. Are you willing to admit your were having a hissy fit? You may reread my opening post and see there is no whining, spewing, screaming, nor self pity.
  7. Dearest CineSage_jr, LOL. Don't forget to give your straw-man a kick for me, too.
  8. Thank you, mickeeteeze. Your post makes alot of sense. I can understand how the depression may have started all the communist sentiment. I don't remember the name of the movie...but it was about a Swedish girl that ended up running for governor. The movie spoke well of (Franklin Delano Roosevelt?) and the founding of the United Nations. I nearly fell off my chair! It was called something different than the United Nations...but, I'll think off it later.... Anyway, I bet even FDR is spinning in his grave, seeing what has become of the U.N....or maybe not... The anti-Christian message
  9. Who's the actress that looked like Claudia Schiffer? I vote for her.
  10. I'm new to classic movies, but have been watching TCM alot, lately. What amazes me is the communistic themes in some of the movies...even the oldest ones! My impression of history has been that the fifties had capitalist and pro-Christian values. Now I see movies from the fifties and even older that show me communism and anti-Christian values showed up in abundance. I expect that of movies from the sixties and later....but from the fifties and earlier??? Wow....just....wow.
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