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  1. Been off the boards for a long time but... Fred C. Dobbs is my input.
  2. 1954 version of Robinson Crusoe The Naked Prey Scott of the Antarctic
  3. First name that came to mind was Gloria Graham; already discussed. Stilll can't figure out how Chill WIlls was nominated for The Alamo. And, can anyone explain to me how Kim Bassinger was nominated and won for LA Confidential?
  4. Jackie Gleason - The Hustler Dick Smothers - Casino Bill Murray - The Razor's Edge W C Fields - Dickens Classic (sorry, having a senior momement) Danny Devito - Hoffa
  5. Any actress that lets out a sigh during dialogue with a actor. Dont believe I have ever seen a good actress use this "acting" technique. Very irritating.
  6. Dont think these were mentioned... 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. The Longest Day 3. Treasure of the Sierra Madre 4. Pride of the Yankees
  7. Nevada Smith Open Range The Charge of the Light Brigade
  8. This Thread is going to have legs. How do we love thee... Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voght - Midnight Cowboy Barry Fitzgerald - The Quiet Man Peter Boyle - Joe Peter O'Toole - My Favorite Year Bob Hope - Beau James Julie Andrews - The Sound of Music Shirley Temple - The Littlest Rebel Jimmy Stewart - Its a Wonderful Life Henry Fonda - My Darling Clementine Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman - Papilion Sidney Greenstreet - The Maltese Falcon Lewis Stone - Judge Hardy ( Pick One) Thelma Ritter (Pick One; I go for Rear WIndow) Russell Crowe - A Beautiful Mind Basil Rathbone - The
  9. Always thought COMBAT would be a good movie. How bout THE INVADERS, THE RIFLEMAN, THE FBI STORY and for the chick flick, MONA MCCLUSKY.
  10. My daughter is an art major in college and has really begun to enjoy classic movies. When she entered college she considered Film as a major but since has moved on to Graphics Design. A Christmas Tradition has become a stocking stuffer with a classic film. Two years ago I gave her Beauty and the Beast and got a lot of street credit for that one. Last year, gave her L'Age D'or. Her response was...interesting. This year I was considering "M" but she mentioned seeing this movie in school very recently Any suggestions from the TCM Gang on what stocking stuffer to include this Christmas
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