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  1. Hi Gagman . . . You have Great Posts here, Gagman . . . I've enjoyed everyone of them ! I just Love Betty Compson in that Rich, Burgandy Gown in, 'To Have and To Hold' (1924). And those Lattice Windows are just Beautiful ! And Claire Windsor appears 'Whimsical' . . . Reminds me almost of a Joker in a Deck of Cards. And the Photos of Colleen Moore and Clara Bow are so Endearing and Enriching in their own Special Whimsical Ways. They sure knew HOW to 'Frolic' for the Camera Lens. I Especially Love that Portrait of Clara Bow and the 'Door Man' in his RED Uniform. Is that the MOON by his Cap ? . . . AWESOME ! Great Photos and Coloring Gagman.
  2. Hi Gagman & all . . . Hope all is well. Haven't really been on the 'Boards' lately . . . But it's good to visit back every once in awhile. Gagman, you're 'Janet Gaynor' posts are just Delightful ! . . . Especially alongside with Charles Farrell. They make such an Endearing couple. Unlike the Photo of Harry Langdon and Joan Crawford. The Only movie I've ever seen Harry Langdon in was with co-actor Oliver Hardy who plays a Doctor attending an ailing 'Elephant'. And Harry Langdon performed with much baffoonery, not unlike Oliver Hardy. So to see Harry Langdon in a somewhat 'affectionate' embrace with the 'No Nonsense' Joan Crawford, seems to go against the 'grain'. But that's 'HOLLYWOOD". But I shouldn't Judge until I've seen this movie, 'Tramp, Tramp, Tramp' (1926). And John Gilbert is looking Romantically 'Dapper' in his Russian Uniform, holding a lit cigarette and with his deep, dark eyes and his mustache. As Always, Awesome Posts, Gagman !
  3. Gagman . . . These Magazine Covers of 'Old' are just AWESOME . . . Such Life & Color in them . . . Lila Lee looks so Pixie-Like with her Large, Brown, 'Soulful' Eyes . . . And the attraction here is that the 'Primary' colors are represented in this Photo . . . RED, YELLOW & BLUE. And Leatrice Joy gives another 'striking' pose . . . her Beautiful Face Framed in a Flower . . . This seemed to be the popular pose @ that time... to have one's facial pose within a flower. I'm reminded of a Bar of Baby Soap that had a Picture of a Baby's Face on the inside of a 'budding' Flower. And Vilma Banky with 'Orange' hair, is only 'amplified' by those luscious, rich, oriental colors as a backdrop . . . All these faces are Just Rich in color with Glowing faces and Rosy cheeks. Not to mention the rich Highlights in their hair and the Colorful background. These magazines are just too Beautiful for Words. Thanks Gagman.
  4. Hi Gagman . . . I'm back again, for a little while, at least . . . Just spending some Quality Time with my 'Familia' ! That is an Entertaining & 'Whimsical' piece you've posted on the 'Bearded Hollywood' . . . And that Portrait of Lois Wilson in that article . . . She looks 'dead set' serious holding that gun and aiming it @ the viewer. And that Trade Ad for 'Lilies of the Field' with Corinne Griffith is just 'Outstanding' . . . Is this 'Strongheart' or 'Rin Tin Tin' ? Strongheart reminds me of the Name of that Can of Dog Food. Maybe this is where it came from . . . but anyways . . . This is a very 'Handsome' German Shepard. . . . with his Bright Brown Eyes and 'Alert' Ears. And I betch' his Nose is Wet & Cold, too ! And I Love that Article of the 'Handsome Men on the Screen'. I'm glad to see the Hollywood's ACTORS, here . . . We don't see enough of them . . . They've been Outnumbered by All the Beauties in Hollywood. And I Love that Portrait of Barbara La Marr and Lewis Stone. What I find intriguing is their Portrait in the OVAL Framing. I've always found that an OVAL Framimg adds much Elegance ! And what a 'STRIKING' Pose that is of Pauline Starke and Antonio Moreno in a Passionate Embrace . . . He Looks so 'Dashing' and she, so Captivated by his Embrace . . . Lovely Picture ! And Those are Wonderful Magazine Covers of Valentino. The Artist never fails to Capture his Well Chiseled Profile and Physique . . . a very Handsome Man, indeed ! Thanks again, Gagman !
  5. Hi Gagman . . . Here I am ! . . . I've been spending some 'Family Time' before my son leaves for Texas for a short while . . . I was able to 'squeeze' n this time on my computer. I'm Not surprised to see the Top 8 'Most Beautiful Actress' Poll. But I was Surprised Not to find Lillian Gish as one the the 'Most Beautiful' . . . Just my Opinion. And that's a Lovely Picture of Colleen Moore . . and Yes ! she does look very Serious . . . More of a 'Determined' Look ! And Barbara La Marr appears 'Regal' in her Feathered & Beaded Headpiece. Great COLORING on the Mary Miles Minter Pose . . . Those are Great, Contrasting Colors used . . . Burgandy, Forest Green and Blues . . . And Renee Adoree looks so Beautiful with her Blue Eyes & Dark hair in both Portraits of her that you've posted. And those Photos of Corinne are just AWESOME . . . In her 1st Photo, she appears very 'Prim and Serene', in her Beautiful, White LACE Dress . . . with a Rich Blue Background. And there's something 'TRAJIC & BEAUTIFUL' running hand in hand in her 2nd portrait . . .I Love her Rich, Dark & 'WILD' Hair . . . and that Deep Green background. And such a different 'light' to see Billie Dove in, dressed in 'revealing' tattered clothes, with a bandana around her head & holding an apple . . . and appearing as though she's communicating with the gods . . . Great Portraits, Gagman. Thanks much !
  6. Whoa, Gagman . . . You bring up some Interesting Points regarding the fact that some of the More, or just as Prominent Actresses had been 'Over Looked' NOR even Mentioned in these Lists . . . It's a hard call to try to 'Pin Point' the Best 10 gals, but going over the First 5 Pages of these 'Beauty' Pics, My 10 'Picks' would probably have to be: 1. Mary Astor 2. Marion Davies 3. Betty Compson 4. Eleanor Boardman 5. Madge Bellamy 6. Enid Bennett 7. Helene Chadwick 8. Bebe Daniels 9. Anna Forrest 10. Elsie Ferguson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next 5 Pages of Ladies (Pages 6-10): (Were we suppose to Choose 'OUR' 10 Picks from Each Group ?) (Well, here goes, anyways . . . ) My 10 Picks for the Next Group would have to be: 1. Lillian Gish 2. Lila Lee 3. Colleen Moore 4. Nita Naldi 5. Pola Negri 6. Mabel Normand 7. Alice Joyce 8. Doris Kenyon 9. May McAvoy 10. Martha Mansfield ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Final Set of Ladies (Pages 11-15) (I'm going to Pick 10, instead of 8 . . . ) (I'm having FUN & Loving this . . . ) 1. Mary Pickford 2. Mary Philbin 3. Aileen Pringle 4. Jobyna Ralston 5. Florence Vidor 6. Claire Windsor 7. Mimi Palmeri 8. Gloria Swanson 9. Lois Wilson 10. Blanche Sweet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I have to say, Gagman, that this was a lot of FUN and I can hardly Wait to find out WHO made the TOP 8 and just WHO was Number ONE (1) on the List . . . Oh, I also 'Googled' the info on Martha Mansfield and Barbara La Marr on how they 'MET' their demise . . . They sure were Young when they died . . . very Sad ! And for just that Alone . . . My 'hats' off to ALL these Beautiful, Silent-Screen, Movie Actresses who've helped make the watching of their films that Much More Pleasurable ! Thanks, Gagman !
  7. Hi Gagman . . . WOW ! Another Great 'Shot' of Baby Peggy . . . on the Front Cover of Picture Play . . . How Cute is she, with her 'pursed' little Smile ? And Photoplay Magazines have very 'Deep' Coloring. I've always thought that Pola Negri's eyes were brown, too. Who knows ? . . . But she's as Dramatic-looking, as always, and just as Beautiful. And the Pola Negri Doll, too, looks Beautiful .... with Brown or Blue Eyes. Awesome Magazine Covers, Gagman. Thanks for Posting.
  8. Hi Gagman . . . I'm truly Enjoying those Pictures of Baby Peggy Montgomery, especially in the One where she's 'impersonating' Pola Negri . . . How Adorable is that . . . complete with 'hand on hip' pose. Baby Peggy was just Super Adorable . . . and thats an Awesome 'Peggy' Doll Collection that she had collected, too. And those Advertisments are just as 'Stunning'. The one with Milton Sills in 'Puppets', 'A Thief in Paradise', and 'The Eternal City' . . . Just Fabulous ! And, of course, our 'Dapper' John Gilbert appearing Cool & Dashing with a 'dangling' cigarette . . . and brimming with Confidence ! Great Posts, Gagman.
  9. Hi Mongo . . . Was it Dick Powell that June Allyson was Married to, @ the same time she was with Alan Ladd ?
  10. Hey Tom ... You know, I think I can Almost visualize you with '50 Footer' like I can about Peter Lorre and Kaaren Verne (his 2nd wife) . . .
  11. Ahhh . . . Yeah, Yeah . . . Of Course, ... Sure Thing !
  12. Hi Gagman . . . Those Novels look like they would be some 'Fine Reading' ! Especially the 'Sinners in Heaven' . . . well now, taking a better look, I think BOTH would be Awesome ! And that Lobby Card, 'Women Love Diamonds' if Just GREAT ! And those are 2 Different Poses of Mary Philbin . . . One with her hair under great 'Control' as she herself, seems to be Portrayed. (Love that Teal colored background) . . . And the other with her gorgeous brown hair . . . ALL 'splayed' out Beautifully! BEAUTIFUL PROFILE, TOO ! Thanks for Sharing, Gagman !
  13. Hi CawkercityKid . . . And Welcome to the Boards ! Thank you for Sharing that YOUTUBE Video of 'Claire Windsor' Slides. Would this be another Example of the 'Vingtage Colored Lantern Slides' that Gagman showed on this Thread ? . . . Just Awesome ! Thanks again, Cawkercitykid . . . Hi Gagman . . . Those 'Vintage Colored Lantern Slides Showcase' are just 'EXQUISITE' ! What EXACTLY is 'Lantern Slides' ? I Believe, This is the First Time I'm hearing of it ! The Slides shown here are Just WONDERFUL ! And so are the Ones of Clara Blow . . . Thank you so much, Gagman, For Introducing this Technique . . . to me, anyways! And How Great are the 'Boudoir Dolls' that Leatrice Joy is holding ? Such Outstanding Colors . . . and Vintage Style, too. Your Posts are Wonderful, Gagman . . . Great Coloring, too ! Thanks again !
  14. Hey . . . 'Phineas and Ferb' .... How COOL is that, Capuchin ? I see there is SO Much FUN one can have with JELLO ..... I Just LOVE it ! NOT to mention, HOW Delicious & Mouth Watering the End Results are, too ! I'm going to have to look into Checking out some 'MOLDs', too ! It sounds tome that, that in itself Can be a lot of Fun, as well . . . Thanks a lot, Capuchin . . . And Happy 'JIGGLING' !
  15. Jake . . . That is such an Enriching Story about your cat 'Tomball' . . . or Rather, your Husband's Cat ! How Clever & WISE is that, to have 'Claimed' your husband's 'Head' as his . . . That is so Whimsical ! And very 'Territorial', I might ADD . . . You gotta Love 'em ! . . . Dogs, Cats . . . All GOD's Wonderful Creatures in the Animal Kingdom. They seem to possess an Extra SENSE that we are NOT aware of . . . BUT has Served to AID us (humans) when we Needed it. Thanks so much for Sharing, Jake.
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