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  1. Hi Mongo . . . Was it Dick Powell that June Allyson was Married to, @ the same time she was with Alan Ladd ?
  2. Mongo ~~ { .... Some of Sutherland's more notable movie roles included offbeat warriors in popular war movies such as The Dirty Dozen, MASH and Kelly's Heroes, as well as characters in other popular films such as Klute, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Day of the Locust, JFK, Ordinary People (outstanding performance) and, more recently, The Hunger Games as President Snow .... } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Mongo . . . I just had to make mention of one more of Donald Sutherland's Film that I Remember
  3. Looks like our Miss Clara Bow is struggling in Seaweed or Quick sand ... will one of you Gentlemen please jump in and help the gal out ? (hee hee ) Great Posts, Mongo and good to see back.
  4. Hi Mongo . . . I believe there is a 'Typo' on Harry Langdon's Year of Birth . . . On 'Google', they have his 'YEAR OF BIRTH' as: (June 15, 1884 – December 22, 1944). I Always Enjoy your Posts !
  5. { . . . (did these guys have their minds in the gutter?) . . . } I certainly hope NOT . . . seeing the Jeffrey Hunter had just starred in the Role of 'JESUS' in "The KING of Kings" the year before . . .
  6. *BetteDavis19 ~* *But, I have some exciting news. You see I'm over here shaking and freaking out and crying because I just realized the most spectacular thing- I'm related to Bette Davis! I just checked my family tree with hers and we ARE RELATED! We're cousins! I'm the happiest person in the world! You never know who you're related to in this crazy world.* How AWESOME is this ! Congradulations are in Order here ! Did you have any sort of an 'inkling' of any kind, before this, that you may been related to Bette Davis ? What made you check it out ? Are there any Similarities in L
  7. *•Where Davis' work in "Baby Jane" was one of the high-points of her career, it led to one of her lowest: while attempting to publicize the film by appearing on "The Andy Williams Show," she also attempted to SING the supposed title song -- an atrocity which simply must be seen to be believed:* I just now checked out that Link to hear her sing, and an 'ATROCITY' ? ... No Way ! . . I thought she sounded fantastic. I mean, her voice is it's usual, 'gravely' sounding, but wasn't bad at all. She was on key, had the right timing, hit all the right notes . . . I was expecting a 'Roseann
  8. I think Bette Davis' homes are so Beautiful. I Love the house where she grew up in. And I also love that it was painted Pink, with Green Shutters. And what a Lovely Cottage surrounded by all those colorful flowers. And with a stone walkway. Just Lovely ! And that is such an Awesome Baby Grand piano with thick legs, sitting on what appears to be octogon tiled floors. Was Bette Davis of a tiny stature, or was the furniture just BIG, because she seems to be 'dwarfed' by that Piano & stool she's sitting on. Also that bed too, appears to be gigantically huge, with her s
  9. I'm enjoying all your Bette Davis Photos ! . . . And I especially enjoy your photos with James Cagney and Bette Davis in, *'The Bride Came C.O.D.'.* I so enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh so hard ! I think Bette Davis met her 'Waterloo' in James Cagney. I think his 'Roughness' and 'don't take NO stuff' attitude helped to 'sandpaper' some of her 'brassiness' that she seems to display, on some of her other films. I had mentioned on another thread that there was one particular scene that, I think, took Cagney by surprise. It was when he was locked up in jail, he sees Davis making a 'get aw
  10. I remember watching 'The Bad Seed' for the first time when I was about 6 years old and remembering what an impact this little girl made on me. I remember getting scared when her sugary sweet expression would 'contort' to malevolency. And I also remember wanting a dresser just like hers, that had a little drawer where I could put all my little 'trinkets' into. I also remember my brother and I, nervously laughing with relief when 'Rhoda Penmark' finally got hers !! .... It wasn't until I was older, & became a mother myself, that I began to see the inner turmoils that Christi
  11. *Boyer, The Razor's Edge is one of my all-time favorite books. I haven't seen the movie because I don't want to think of the movie when I read the book again.* That's a very interesting thought, Eugenia. I've had that happen to me, when after I finish reading a book, and then watch the movie, the characters are all wrong. They are not the same people who have been 'running' around in my head. And the discription of the interior of a home, in my book ... never seems to be the same when I finally see the movie. Everything is all switched around, including the door that should be on t
  12. Besides trying to stay 'atop' on reading (and sometimes responding) to these post, and/or trying to catch a TCM film, I'm currently doing some 'down-sizing' and ran across one of my Mom's paper-backs by Taylor Caldwell, called 'Captains and the Kings'. It's like reading it for the first time, having read the book so many years ago. But I've only covered a couple of chapters, since I'm still on my project of 'down-sizing'. Mom & I were always interested in reading Caldwell's books. She would pass it on to me when she'd finish reading. Most of Caldwell's books dealt with
  13. Hey, thanks for the 'heads up' on the sheet music idea, *MusicalNovelty* ... I didn't think about that. I'll be sure to try that route . . . I used to go with a friend to a music store that carried 'old sheet music' ... I would buy them for the pictures on the front covers alone. I always admired them for the aged antiquity of the drawings. And I think Lobby Cards are just as fascinating. And that's interesting facts about *Dorothy Dells* being 'bumped' from second to fourth on the billing. I didn't know that. And I see, in the openning of that movie, Shirley Temples name
  14. Hi MusicalNovelty ... A Big Thank you too, for your Response, as well, and all your hard work ... And to provide the Titles to the Songs sung in the movie, too ... Awesome ! And besides *"Low-Down Lullaby",* the other song in the movie that I found Captivating was, *"I'm a Black Sheep Who's Blue"*, sung by Bangles Carson (Dorothy Dell) @ the 'Horse Shoe Cabaret". The Movie Opens and Closes with this Song ... at the end, when after Steve, the 'Strong Knight', gets on the elevator, the Song begins playing with a 'Punch', bringing the movie to an end. When I had learned ab
  15. Thank you, *Kyle,* for providing that TCM Link for *'Little Miss Marker"...* it's quite interesting and informative. I see that the tune, *'Low-Down Lullaby'* was written by *Ralph Rainger & the lyrics by Leo Robin*. It has a 'sultry' melodic sound ... even the stringed instruments have a 'dragging' sound to it ... Thank you much for your response.
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