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  1. Hi Gagman . . . You have Great Posts here, Gagman . . . I've enjoyed everyone of them ! I just Love Betty Compson in that Rich, Burgandy Gown in, 'To Have and To Hold' (1924). And those Lattice Windows are just Beautiful ! And Claire Windsor appears 'Whimsical' . . . Reminds me almost of a Joker in a Deck of Cards. And the Photos of Colleen Moore and Clara Bow are so Endearing and Enriching in their own Special Whimsical Ways. They sure knew HOW to 'Frolic' for the Camera Lens. I Especially Love that Portrait of Clara Bow and the 'Door Man' in his RED Uni
  2. Hi Gagman & all . . . Hope all is well. Haven't really been on the 'Boards' lately . . . But it's good to visit back every once in awhile. Gagman, you're 'Janet Gaynor' posts are just Delightful ! . . . Especially alongside with Charles Farrell. They make such an Endearing couple. Unlike the Photo of Harry Langdon and Joan Crawford. The Only movie I've ever seen Harry Langdon in was with co-actor Oliver Hardy who plays a Doctor attending an ailing 'Elephant'. And Harry Langdon performed with much baffoonery, not unlike Oliver Hardy. So to see Harry Langdon i
  3. Gagman . . . These Magazine Covers of 'Old' are just AWESOME . . . Such Life & Color in them . . . Lila Lee looks so Pixie-Like with her Large, Brown, 'Soulful' Eyes . . . And the attraction here is that the 'Primary' colors are represented in this Photo . . . RED, YELLOW & BLUE. And Leatrice Joy gives another 'striking' pose . . . her Beautiful Face Framed in a Flower . . . This seemed to be the popular pose @ that time... to have one's facial pose within a flower. I'm reminded of a Bar of Baby Soap that had a Picture of a Baby's Face on the inside o
  4. Hi Gagman . . . I'm back again, for a little while, at least . . . Just spending some Quality Time with my 'Familia' ! That is an Entertaining & 'Whimsical' piece you've posted on the 'Bearded Hollywood' . . . And that Portrait of Lois Wilson in that article . . . She looks 'dead set' serious holding that gun and aiming it @ the viewer. And that Trade Ad for 'Lilies of the Field' with Corinne Griffith is just 'Outstanding' . . . Is this 'Strongheart' or 'Rin Tin Tin' ? Strongheart reminds me of the Name of that Can of Dog Food. Maybe this is w
  5. Hi Gagman . . . Here I am ! . . . I've been spending some 'Family Time' before my son leaves for Texas for a short while . . . I was able to 'squeeze' n this time on my computer. I'm Not surprised to see the Top 8 'Most Beautiful Actress' Poll. But I was Surprised Not to find Lillian Gish as one the the 'Most Beautiful' . . . Just my Opinion. And that's a Lovely Picture of Colleen Moore . . and Yes ! she does look very Serious . . . More of a 'Determined' Look ! And Barbara La Marr appears 'Regal' in her Feathered & Beaded Headpiece.
  6. Whoa, Gagman . . . You bring up some Interesting Points regarding the fact that some of the More, or just as Prominent Actresses had been 'Over Looked' NOR even Mentioned in these Lists . . . It's a hard call to try to 'Pin Point' the Best 10 gals, but going over the First 5 Pages of these 'Beauty' Pics, My 10 'Picks' would probably have to be: 1. Mary Astor 2. Marion Davies 3. Betty Compson 4. Eleanor Boardman 5. Madge Bellamy 6. Enid Bennett 7. Helene Chadwick 8. Bebe Daniels 9. Anna Forrest 10. Elsie Ferguson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Hi Gagman . . . WOW ! Another Great 'Shot' of Baby Peggy . . . on the Front Cover of Picture Play . . . How Cute is she, with her 'pursed' little Smile ? And Photoplay Magazines have very 'Deep' Coloring. I've always thought that Pola Negri's eyes were brown, too. Who knows ? . . . But she's as Dramatic-looking, as always, and just as Beautiful. And the Pola Negri Doll, too, looks Beautiful .... with Brown or Blue Eyes. Awesome Magazine Covers, Gagman. Thanks for Posting.
  8. Hi Gagman . . . I'm truly Enjoying those Pictures of Baby Peggy Montgomery, especially in the One where she's 'impersonating' Pola Negri . . . How Adorable is that . . . complete with 'hand on hip' pose. Baby Peggy was just Super Adorable . . . and thats an Awesome 'Peggy' Doll Collection that she had collected, too. And those Advertisments are just as 'Stunning'. The one with Milton Sills in 'Puppets', 'A Thief in Paradise', and 'The Eternal City' . . . Just Fabulous ! And, of course, our 'Dapper' John Gilbert appearing Cool & Dashing with a 'dangli
  9. Hi Mongo . . . Was it Dick Powell that June Allyson was Married to, @ the same time she was with Alan Ladd ?
  10. Hey Tom ... You know, I think I can Almost visualize you with '50 Footer' like I can about Peter Lorre and Kaaren Verne (his 2nd wife) . . .
  11. Ahhh . . . Yeah, Yeah . . . Of Course, ... Sure Thing !
  12. Hi Gagman . . . Those Novels look like they would be some 'Fine Reading' ! Especially the 'Sinners in Heaven' . . . well now, taking a better look, I think BOTH would be Awesome ! And that Lobby Card, 'Women Love Diamonds' if Just GREAT ! And those are 2 Different Poses of Mary Philbin . . . One with her hair under great 'Control' as she herself, seems to be Portrayed. (Love that Teal colored background) . . . And the other with her gorgeous brown hair . . . ALL 'splayed' out Beautifully! BEAUTIFUL PROFILE, TOO ! Thanks for Sharing, Gagman !
  13. Hi CawkercityKid . . . And Welcome to the Boards ! Thank you for Sharing that YOUTUBE Video of 'Claire Windsor' Slides. Would this be another Example of the 'Vingtage Colored Lantern Slides' that Gagman showed on this Thread ? . . . Just Awesome ! Thanks again, Cawkercitykid . . . Hi Gagman . . . Those 'Vintage Colored Lantern Slides Showcase' are just 'EXQUISITE' ! What EXACTLY is 'Lantern Slides' ? I Believe, This is the First Time I'm hearing of it ! The Slides shown here are Just WONDERFUL ! And so are the Ones of Clara Blow . . . Thank you so muc
  14. Hey . . . 'Phineas and Ferb' .... How COOL is that, Capuchin ? I see there is SO Much FUN one can have with JELLO ..... I Just LOVE it ! NOT to mention, HOW Delicious & Mouth Watering the End Results are, too ! I'm going to have to look into Checking out some 'MOLDs', too ! It sounds tome that, that in itself Can be a lot of Fun, as well . . . Thanks a lot, Capuchin . . . And Happy 'JIGGLING' !
  15. Jake . . . That is such an Enriching Story about your cat 'Tomball' . . . or Rather, your Husband's Cat ! How Clever & WISE is that, to have 'Claimed' your husband's 'Head' as his . . . That is so Whimsical ! And very 'Territorial', I might ADD . . . You gotta Love 'em ! . . . Dogs, Cats . . . All GOD's Wonderful Creatures in the Animal Kingdom. They seem to possess an Extra SENSE that we are NOT aware of . . . BUT has Served to AID us (humans) when we Needed it. Thanks so much for Sharing, Jake.
  16. Hi Gagman . . . What an Entertaining Piece of 'Whimsical Caricatures' that have been drawn out here by 'Ralph Barton' for Vanity Fair . . I was able to make out some of the 'Actors' @ 'First Glance' . . . One of them being 'Colleen Moore', which was rather Easy due to the different, 'shaded' Eyes. Some of the Others would be: Charlie Chaplin Will Rogers Harry Langdon Louise Brooks John Barrymore Baby Peggy Eddie Cantor Adolph Manjou I agree, Gagman . . . It is a rather a 'Large' piece to try to Scroll down each time and Manuever the 'Sliding Bar', back &
  17. Hey Gagman . . . First of all, just let me say . . . What a 'Stark' Beauty, Claire Windsor is in her Portrait . . . Her Beautiful, short Red Wavy Hair goes so Well with her Lovely BLUE Eyes . . . that seem to say SO MUCH, just with her Subtle & Demure 'OVER the SHOULDER' glance, that I'm sure is 'Beckoning' every Male available around . . . Love her Pale, Lace dress that goes so well with her Coloring ! And what a great AD for 'English Clay'. I think those 4 ladies would testify in it's behalf. I enjoy knowing the 'toiletries' of what the Vintage Starlets used to use
  18. Hi Gagman . . . What a Delightful . . . and Colorful Poster that is for 'SIX DAYS'. It's very 'Whimsical' with those 2 'Lovers' atop of that Yacht. This is Awesome Advertising ! And those Photos of Pola Negri . . . even though the portraits are in 'Thumbnail' size . . . Her Dark Beauty still stands out. Though I have to say that in her 'smiling' picture, she does seem somewhat 'subdued' and not as 'dark' looking. And our Colleen Moore ? . . . Was she once a 'ballerina' ? She's standing on her tippy toes . . . unless she has help that we (the viewer) can't see.
  19. Hey Capuchin . . . I LOVE Gummy Bears ! . . . Thanks for Youtube Video . . . My mouth was watering when he Tasted them . . . Yum ! And the Great Part was that it was Quick & Simple to Make, too ! Thanks for Sharing. Edited by: ugaarte on Aug 30, 2012 5:17 AM
  20. Jake . . . That is such a 'Poignant' story you tell about 'LUCKY' the Cat. He is simply Adorable . . . and such a 'Survivor' during one of history's worst catastrophes . . . He appears so 'Precious' all Curled up in his 'Blue Box'. He's definately one of Nature's finest . . . as are the other animals that survived Katrina. They truly are a 'Testament' ! Thanks for sharing.
  21. Thanks, Capuchin, for your input . . . That is So Cool what you do with the Jello and the Test Tubes ... How Clever is that .... and FUN ! like you say ... to fill each one of the 'set' Jello with different creams. There were 2 things that I can Recall, my son telling me, when he was on the Atkins diet several years ago . . . That you can make a big bowl of Sugar-Free Jello and after it's set, apply a Generous amount of Whipped Cream . . . which he says is like partaking of a 'Heavenly Parfait' . . . and NO CARBs ! He remembers almost feeling guilty for eating such a '
  22. That's an Interesting Recipe's of Carol Lombard, VP19 . . . and found in a 1933 Magazine, yet . . . How Great is that ? But is definately sounds 'Light' and Yummy ! MMmmmm ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Just Wanted to Enquire to All who see this Thread . . . if there are any 'Low Carb' Recipes that you can share. My son has started to Eat 'Low Carbs' to bring his sugar down before a particular 'Operation' can be performed. I've decided to 'JOIN' him in his 'Low Carb' Diet as I really need to bring my Sugar down,
  23. Bildwasser ~~ ( . . . , we would go up to the balcony . . . ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ahhh, Yes . . . the Balconies ! I had almost forgotten about those . . . making 'speedy', Youthful decisions whether to 'WATCH' the Movie in the Balcony or Main Floor . . . Running and Scurring, up and down, with friends, trying to decide where the Best place to be ... and more often than not, The Balconies were often chosen by us . . . and later in our 'TeenAge' years . . . it became a 'Make Out' section . . . Oftentim
  24. Hi Gagman . . . That Poster for the 'Silent Avengers' is Just Awesome, Not to mention Whimsical, Humorous ... and CLEVER ! With all the talk & showings of the actual 'AVENGERS' in the Theatres, this is definately a 'Tweak' in the 'Scheme of Things' ... LOVE It ! And your Post of your 3 Gals, Bessie Love, Norma Shearer, and Eleanor Boardman are just Gorgeous. They are just Beautiful and Lovely to look at. Thanks again Gagman.
  25. Hi Gagman . . . Thanks for sharing that Clip of Corinne Griffith . . . It's rather 'Spectacular' . . . 'SIX DAYS' (1923). And if it was written by Elinor Glyn . . . I'm guessing that it had to be 'Explicite' for that time . . . Thanks Gagman.
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