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  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Darkblue ~~ ( . . . In the first-run houses (usually downtown) things were different with lights coming up between showings . . . ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Here in Chicago, we Could also watch the SAME Movie, over & over agin, in our 'Downtown' shows, as well as in our 'Neighborhood' Theatres. But sad to say, those Downtown Theatres are all Knocked Down now, except for the "CHICAGO THEATRE', which was Once
  2. UniversalHorror ~~ { . . . ...not to mention that why should they allow the same few people to stay in the theater when other might be waiting outside to get in to see the movie . . . } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Good Point, Universal . . . That's one 'Angle' I hadn't thought of . . . Other 'Patrons' waiting outside. (And Not just 'Waiting' patrons ... but Patrons with FRESH CASH ... ready to Hand Over to the Theatre upon their Entry). And the Managers seeing this . . . 'WISED UP' . . . as you
  3. I don't know if this 'Issue' has come up before in another Thread, but if it has, I apologise for bringing it up again . . . BUT ... Remember when you could watch a Movie in The Theatres, Over and Over again, in the SAME sitting ... and just Paying One Time ? Many were the times when we'd walk into the Theatre in the Middle of the Movie . . . Stayed till it Ended and then Watched it from the beginning ... sometimes leaving, once the PART came up, where we had come in . . . My LAST Experience with 'RE-Watcing a Movie in the Same Sitting' was when my sons were younger and w
  4. Hi Everyone . . . Well, it's good to see that I didn't have to 'dig deep' to find this Thread . . . it was Only on the 2nd Page. I just wanted to share with you all that this past weekend, I prepared Stuffed Green Peppers. It had been Years since I had prepared them and it was with Help then . . . But I had such a strong craving for Stuffed Peppers and just thought I'd use my 'instincts & common sense' & have a 'Go' at it. What could I lose ? 4 Large Green Peppers 3 lbs of Ground Beef (I sort of 'Eye Balled' it from a larger Amount) 1 cup of White Rice
  5. Hi Gagman . . . I Love that 'Whinsical' Look for La Plante in 'The Midnight Sun (1926). She appears to be a Ballerina on a Stand of some sort. She'd make a Great 'Statuette' . . . Gagman, that's an Awsome Photo of Gloria Swanson in 'Male and Femail' ... from 1919, yet ... WOW ! . . . She appears so 'REGAL' in her beaded costume and a 'feathery' ostrich on her head. And these Lobby Cards are just Awesome. And the one, 'Zane Grey' recently found in Russia, you say .... how Wonderful that we're so 'PRIVELEGED' to View it now. And 'Sinners in Heaven' looks Beautiful and
  6. Hi Gagman . . . Great Photo of Corinne Griffith on the Cover of 'Screenland'. She almost reminds me of Colleen Moore with her short, 'perky' hair style . . . I just have to say, though . . . 'CLASSIC' Magazines Portray the 'Stars' in a More, INTENSE & 'DEEP' Coloring ! As Does 'PHOTOPLAY' Magazine. Of course, to be 'FAIR' . . . This is just One of the 'Screenland' Magazines I've seen, so far. There may be Others with Such Coloring as I've mentioned. But, all in all, such LOVELY Portrayal of ALL the STARS ! Oh, Yes . . . Gagman . . . I wanted to make mentio
  7. Hi Gagman . . . I'm Enjoying your Posts. Our Collen Moore looks like a 'Ziegfeld Girl' from Russia. She definately appears 'Wary' of something ... 'on hand' ! And she definately appears Cute & 'PERTy', as a Maid, in 'Oh Kay' (1928). Oh and What a Lovely Portrait of Nita Naldi . . . Dark & 'SMOULDERING' . . . Love the Dark Chocolate Coloring with the complimentary color backdrop . . . 'ESTHER' . . . She is One, CLASSY Lady . . . LADY ! Love the Mint Green color of her 'Lounging Outfil' ! And what a Great Advertisement of Mary Pickford in 'Joh
  8. Gagman . . . These Vintage PhotoPlay Magazines are Awesome and 'Out of this World'. The Colors the Artist uses are Rich, Deep and Profound. And Actors facial features are Captured Beautifully with the Right Expressions, too . . . I Love These Vintage Magazine. Thanks again for Sharing !
  9. Hi Gagman . . . I don't think there's that much color in the 'Agnes Ayres' photo ... She definately has Large, Expressive Eyes . . . but the 'Blue' coloring seems to be missing. Love her Burgandy colored hat and Fur Wrap . . . And Lois Wilson looks 'Wholesome' and Sweet in her, what appears to be a 'Straw' hat with green binding . . . Beautiful Smile ! Great Posts, Gagman.
  10. Hi Gagman . . . Great Photos you've posted here . . . especially the 'Nancy Carroll' one . . . She looks all Delightfully Cheerful in her 'Fluff, Pearls and Curls ... And Sue Carol, bearing little, has an 'Anticipated' look in her Big Brown gaze . . . Awesome headpiece. And, as usual, Colleen Moore looks Cute in a 'Tom Boyish' way ... and ready to stand 'toe to toe' with any guy . . . Thanks for sharing . . . Btw ... I'll be sure to check out your 'Vintage Silent Film Artwork' thread . .
  11. Hi Tom . . . YES ! . . . 'Captain Courageous' has Always been One of my Favorite Classic Films . . . and I've passed the Love of this Great Movie onto my Sons and they've passed it onto their own Sons . . . All those 'Heart Ripping' scene that you all have mentioned have affected me just as profoundly . . . But one scene that 'grips' me just as hard, is when 'Harvey' is trying to hold onto Manuel when he's struggling in the Water . . . Making hurried 'unyielding' attempts to 'reason' with both Manuel and Captain Disko, not to 'cut' the lines ... But after his 'futile' attempts fa
  12. WOW, Gagman ! Those are AWESOME Posters of Tom Mix ! And with Colleen Moore, you say ? . . . She does appear different. I would Never have Recognized her . . . I guess it was that short, cropped, curly RED hair as Opposed to her usually dark, PIXIE-like bobbed hair cut that she usually 'sports'. Gagman, the 'Artistry' of both these 2 Posters are Beautifully Done. Thanks for Posting Gagman ! Edited by: ugaarte on Aug 18, 2012 5:05 PM
  13. Hi Gagman . . . Pauline Stark looks quite Fascinating in her 'busy' Brown hat ... she seems to have something going on, on her right shoulder, complete with curls of Ribbons and Saches . . . and what almost appears to be a little black & white kitten emerging from those furls (?) . . . (it could just be my glasses !) And Yet Pauline appears quite Stunning in 'Love Blindness'. Her Lovely face is 'Framed' just Beautifully in that 'Habit' garb . . . And the Picture Matte sets the Portrait just right . . . And Dolores Costello looks Lovely, as well with her Beautiful,
  14. This is my Cousin, Steve . . . He's always Enjoyed the Outdoors & Camping. Here he went Camping with Friends, 400 Miles North of Chicago Illinois . . . (I wanted to Print More Photos of his Camping Adventures but Unfortunately, for some Reason, I'm having Problems Posting them @ this Time . . . but anyways, I'm sure you all get the 'gist' of it all ! ! (I'll try again later ! Edited by: ugaarte on Aug 18, 2012 3:48 PM
  15. I'm so Enjoying viewing your 'Outdoorsey', Adventurous Pictures, JakeHolman . . . Thank you for Sharing . . . This Photo came across my Facebook just recently. This is a Family Member, related somehow, indirectly. They are located in the Southern part of Texas . . . and the Place that they are pictured at is called, 'Goose Island'. And this Huge Fish they caught is called, a 'Black Drum'. Tha'ts about the Only information that has come across so far ... sorry about that. But I just had to 'Share', too. Maybe someone is Familiar with the 'Black
  16. Hi Gagmen . . . Nita Naldi is another actress I admire . . . and sort of put her in the same 'Class' as Pola Negri . . . another Dark & 'Mysterioso' type of act . . . { In the Disney Movie, 'The Happiest Millionaire' with Fred MacMurray, there's a Song/Dance performed by Joyce Bulifant and Lesley Ann Warren called, 'BYE UMM PUM PUM', where Joyce's character teaches Leslie's character how to dance seductively ... that she would have to 'come across' the dance floor like NITA NALDI or THEDA BARRA . . . } Very Amusing ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  17. Hi Gagman . . Those Mary Pickford 'Test' clips were just Awesome. She gives a perfect portrayal of Beauty, Perfection and Professionalism . . . Her 'Coloring' is Awesome as well . . . Her Auburn Red hair goes so well with her 'Olive' colored Green Dress, if that was the actual color. But I do have to add that I 'miss' her long, Ringlet hair as that's the ways I've always Remembered Mary Pickford . . . But she's Stupendous, nonetheless . . . And You're right, Gagman . . . Her Niece does look a lot like Colleen Moore . . . In fact, that's who I thought it was @ first glance. S
  18. Hi Gagman . . . I just have to say how much I admire Claire Windsor's Doll Collection. She has all different kinds and types. When I saw this, I was immediately Reminded of Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle, which I had seen @ the Museum of Science & Industry, here is Chicago. It's good to see the 'Hobbies & Likes' of the Famous Actors & Actresses ... just to know what they are interested in. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And speaking of Colleen Moore . . . she appears Playful, hiding behind thos
  19. LILLIAN GISH IS TOO LOVELY FOR WORDS, with her 'Liquid' Blue Eyes and her Soft, Demure Expressions . . . Hi Gagman . . . Those 4 Photos of 'Our' Lillian Gish are just SO BEAUTIFUL ! Lillian possesses such an 'Ethereal' Aura about her . . . in a 'Wispy' sort of way but with an under lying STRENGTH of Character. GREAT PHOTOs, Gagman ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX And those Photos of Lon Chaney are Just Superb ! He certainly was a Talented Actor with many 'Faces' . . . "The Torture of Quasimodo" i
  20. willbefree25 wrote ~~ { . . . I like that. It would explain the compliant, stupid Judy who falls so immediately in love with a bullying bore. I'm sure Scotty was a legend in his own narcissistic mind, and hopefully women of 1958 weren't THAT stupid . . . } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I think it was Just JUDY . . . with her comment to Scotty in her Hotel Room: ". . . If I let you Change me, will that do it ? . . . Will you LOVE Me ? . . . " But, then again, I guess it's like you've
  21. Great Thread . . . I, too, enjoly Movies of 'Wall Street' and 'High Finance'. It really gets my adrenaline pumping. Thanks all, for some of your input of 'such' films . . . I'm writing them down ! Tapit . . . I'm sorry but I can't recall your film but I have to say that it does sound very Familiar. I hope someone will have the answer for you because I'd like to check it out, too. And thanks for the reminder of 'Boiler Room'. I'll have to check that out again soon, too, since it's been awhile since I've seen it. Another movie that comes to mind is 'Enron
  22. Hi Gagman . . . That's a Great Photo of Buster Keaton being sat upon by a Blonde, 'Leggy' Usherette (?) . . . Though he appears somewhat 'Floored', I don't think there was much Complaining on his part . . . And those Photos of Conrad Veidt are just 'Superb' . . . especially the one in a Blue Turbin . . . How Exotic is that ? And Valentino is just as Handsome behind the Camera, too . . . I just Love those shiny, Black Boots he's wearing. ***Bronxigirl*** I love that Black & White of Buster Keaton. He sure does appear 'Somber' looking. Is that Natalie Tal
  23. Hey VP19 . . . That was very interesting 'Read' on the Prediction of a '2000 Year Gal' . . . Whoa ! . . . All I can say is that they really ARE exceeding in Heights. Just have a look @ the Ladies Competition @ the 2012 Olympics with Swimming and Running and Volley Ball. The top of those Legs looks like it would reach up to my waist ... Not to mention some of the Guys, who are just as tall if Not taller. I'm 5'3" and I've always felt 'Tall' growing up, at least I was taller than my girl friends in grammar school during the early 60's. . . But a few years back, I boarded a ver
  24. TopBilled wrote ~~ { . . . Much of the cast in Glenn Ford's classroom seemed like they were in their early to mid-20s . . .} xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx They Probably were . . . and Still Struggling to finish High School . . .
  25. Hi Gagman . . . That's a great Photo of Buster Keaton in, 'The General' . . . And Marceline Day looks Prepared to start serving in a Beer Garten. Love her Rich, dark Brown hair . . . And what an Awesome Photo of Jacquelin Logan from, 'Children of Jazz' 1923 . . . She possesses such an 'Intense' gaze with her deep Blue Eyes . . . And what Beautiful Lobby Cards of 'Monsieur Beaucaire' and 'Colleen'. They are Extrordinary ! That is a very interesting 'Still' of Betty Compson and Mary Philbin in 'Love Me and the World in Mine'. They definately are 'Horrified'
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