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  1. Well, you've sold me, Gagman . . . I've just ordered 'The Doll' & 'The Oyster Princess' on Netflix and I'm totally looking forward to watching these 2 delights. Another silent I've ordered thru Netflix is, "The Last Laugh", with Emil Jannings. This has been one of my all time favorite German silent movies. Thank you, Gagman, for your synopsis of 'The Doll'. It really sounds totally fanciful & enriching. Ugaarte
  2. I Just LOVE those 2 additional Magazine Covers, Photoplay & Classic, Especially the one with Marion Davies wearing the 'Art-sy' Beret. Both of them so Rich & Colorful. And thanks, Gagman, for posting that Lobby Card of The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg .... Just Fabulous ! I enjoyed watching it on TMC late the other night. Ramon Navarro & Norma Shearer were just fantastic. I enjoyed the score as well. And JackFavell, that German silent, "The Doll" 1919 looks Fascinating & Highly Entertaining. I hope I have the chance & pleasure of seeing it one day
  3. Hi Gagman . . . Those Photoplay Magazines are just Stupendous ! I Enjoy those like I do the covers of Music Sheets from the 1920's & 1930's. Those were great copies of Norma Talmadge, Marion Davies & Anita Page. Thanks for Sharing. Ugaarte
  4. Experiencing problems with posting again ! Hi Gagman . . . What wonderful colorization on Norma Talmade and Olive Thomas . . .Just Beautiful ! And such Wonderful pictures you have here. How Glamorous is Greta Garbo ? And such a Beautiful Drama Look for Miss Lillian Gish . . .Lovely as always. And that is such a Wonderful picture of Ronald Coleman & Constance Talmadge. Enjoyed viewing Clara Bow in 'Wings' on the Website you provided. Thank so much Gagman for your continued contributions. Sincerely, Ugaarte
  5. Hi All . . . I've been experiencing some difficulties posting on these threads lately - Thelma, it's good to hear from you on this thread agian. For how long, who knows ? But for Now - it's Great. Much Regards and I hope all is going well with you and yours. And Gagman, Once again, my hats off to you for a Great job for those wonderful pictures of Grata Garbo and Renee Adoree. Great Colorization ! I just love Renee's elaborate pose ! I caught a glimspe of her in "The Blackbird" 1926, on one of those websites you provided. I also saw the one with sweet, adorable Clara Bow
  6. Hi Mongo . . . I Really Enjoy Viewing All your Photos, But I just have to Ask . . . .Is that Really Joan Fontaine ? I've always felt that Joan had a more 'angular' face with high cheekbones, a classic beauty . . . . The face on this girl, in the picture, appears more softer and rounder. I could be wrong . . .I have been before. But anyways, Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures. Ugaarte
  7. Is it Samuel Horowitz . . . . Shemp Howard, from the 3 Stooges ? Ugaarte
  8. These are Great Pictures of Colleen Moore and Renee Adoree, Gagman . . . Colleen Moore looks simply Elegant standing on that Marble Staircase and I just love Renee Adoree in the Spanish Dress . . . And I have to agree with JackFavell, that straight hairdo on Renee makes her appear so Elegant . . .I almost didn't recognize her. And as always, Great Colorization, too ! Ugaarte
  9. Gagman, these are such Exquisite photos of Renee Adoree & her 'leading men'. It's Great seeing pictures on this thread once again . . . for Now anyways. and it's always Great seeing your 'Signature' Prints as Well. Thanks for Sharing ! Ugaarte
  10. I so Sweetly Remember that little 'Ditty' . . . "Let's All Go to the Lobby. . " It Evokes Memories of One,Large, Open Theatre, before being converted into ' sectonal, smaller theatres. . . being more profitable to show other movies @ the same time. Memories of Sticky floors, kids running back & forth to the Lobby, except during certain scenes, scary, suspenseful or funny. . . And those Red & White Striped, rectangular Popcorn boxes, which after the popcorn was gone, we'd make 'eyeglasses' out of the empty boxes, by tearing out something reflecting a pair of glasses, complet
  11. ". . .He got a 'Poison Ivy' instead of a 'Clinging Vine'. . . " Oh...(Ahem) Excuse Me...Ah... Great, Great Stuff, Calvinmme ! . . . This was Just So Wonderful !. I remember, a few years back, going to Music Store where they sold "Old" Music Sheets from the 'Turn of the Century' to the 'Golden Era'. I just fell SOooo in Love with the Styles, the Colors and the Pictures on the Front of these Music Sheets, and I had bought Quite a few. . . Seeing this piece just Reminded me of that Store and ALL those Lovely Music Sheets. Oh, and that Dancing Sweeties, 1930 Hullabaloo . . .was just A
  12. Mae West possessed that 'In Your Face' persona she flaunts, which I truly Admire . . . She was Truly a 'Ground Breaker' with her 'Sultry' look and Famous Walk . . . . What I've noticed in a lot of other actresses during that era, when in a Dilema, How much "HAND WRINGING' there was, and eye glances going side to side, liked a trapped animal. NOT Mae West . . .NO Hand Wringing here ! Her hands could usually be found on her Hips, as she walked her Famous Walk, to solve any Problems. She may not have possessed that 'Svelt' and 'Wilty' look of most other actresses, b
  13. I've Always Admired & Respected Mr. Mickey Rooney as one of the Greatest Actors . . . I, too, witnessed that part of the interviiew, where Mickey 'ravaged' about his ordeal with that director . . . I felt my own jaw clenching and fingers curling as that tormented look flashed across his face. For a split moment, it reminded me greatly of my Father's telling of the War, where he witnessed many of his comrades go down . . .that same look had flashed across my Father's face, as well . . .and it would make me feel terrible ! I had another thought, as well . ..that if this inciden
  14. Ditto . . . I find that our whole family 'perks up', with invisible antennas go up, before and especially after a movie, when Mr. Osborn begins his 'bits' and 'tads' on bio info on certain characters . . . 'Very Informative !' A Special 'Thank You' to Mr. Robert Osborn. Sincerely, Ugaarte
  15. Hi Calvinnme . . . Great to see this old 'Stomping Ground' being Revived, once again . . . I enjoyed the 2 videos of Queenie in 'Showboat' and such a Wonderful poster of 'Showboat, as well . . . . And those videos of 'Puttin' on the Ritz' were just Fantastic The 1930 clip may have been somewhat on the poorer, quality side, but it still portrayed that 'Great Nostalgia' feel . . . And even though 'Taco's Puttin' on the Ritz' showed more clarity and variety, in a 'Dracula' sort of way. . . . I still found myself 'Gravitating' towards the Clip from 1930's ! Thanks for S
  16. Hi Gagman . . . Yes, I for one, will be sure to see this Silent Movie of "Chicago" @ the Portage Theater, on Sunday, April 26, 2009, @ 3 pm, as I had Received a Notice thru the mail. I knew there was an earlier film of "Chicago" called "Roxie Hart" starring Ginger Rogers. But I didn't know that the Movie "Chicago" went back ever further . . . I am Excited and looking forward to catching this Classic, also. Ugaarte
  17. I couldn't agree with you all, more, regarding TCM's lineup for April 8th . . . AND it;s my Birthday, too . . . How Great is that ! I though earlier this year, my Birthday falls in the middle of the week . . .'Blah !' But TCM has now 'Remedied' that for me ! "YIPPEEeee" We ALL love TCM here @ my house, ALL the Old Movies, Silents and Classics So this day will certainly be filled with 'All-day' continuous viewing, complete with Crepes for Breakfast, Fingersandwiches for Lunch and a Wonderful Cake to see this Wonderful Evening off . . . . Thanks, TCM Ugaarte
  18. I have to agree with JackFavell, Gagman . . . Those Posters of 'Wild Oranges' are SO Vibrant and RICH in Color . . . How did you Enjoy the Movie ? And those pictures of Colleen Moore are Simply "Fabulous" . . .great pictures. . . I love seeing her in those different hairstyles . . .She just looks absolutely Sweetly Gorgeous in all of them. That's an interesting Collage of all her Facial Expressions. And those pictures of Renee Adoree are just 'Stunning' . . . . That Rich Purple Color just sets the 'tone' making her Breathtaking, Dark & Mysterious. Ugaarte
  19. Whistlinggypsy. . . I just love that Beautiful picture of "It's Cherry Blossom Time", And Gagman, those posters and lobbycards of '6 Days' and posters & Pics of Pola Negri are just 'Stunning'. I see that 'Sunrise' 1927, with Janet Gaynor will by showing tomorrow night, Sunday on TCM. Thanks again for sharing. Ugaarte
  20. I, for one, have been looking forward for tonight, Monday 3/16, to watch these Great Silents... especially with the ones with Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle. . . . Got my Popcorn ready ! . . . . Ugaarte : )
  21. Well, Georgiegirl, I think we got it . . . . I waited until today, Monday, and checked my E-mails and so far, NO more TCM entries. Thanks again for your Help & input . . . And Cinemaven, Thank You also. . . as that thread, 'General Issues' was a Big Help, as well ! Much Regards, Ugaarte
  22. Well that Explains a lot, MDFFYX. . . In the Film Noir, "Three Strangers" with Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet & Geraldine Fitzgerald, (on Youtube, under the Clip "Meeting of Strangers"), Peter lights Geraldine's cigarette, and then his own, and then proceeds to hold up the match to Sydney, to light his cigarette, but Sydney backs up and Peter blows the match out and 'snickers' at Sydney, "Whats the matter, Three on a Match ? ". . . .and Sydney just states, " We all have our Silly Superstitions". . . And also another Peter Lorre Movie, "Crack Up" 1936, (on Youtube, under the
  23. These are just Wonderful Pics, MDFFYX . . . One of your Pics, posted on 3/13/09, has Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak & Bette Davis, in, "3 on a Match". . . I had inquired on a another thread about the term, "Three on a Match". Would you happen to know what this 'Term' means ? . . . It seemed to have been used quite a bit. I noticed it a lot in some of the Peter Lorre Movies I had seen. I'm really curious to find out. And that is such an interesting photo of a blonde Claudette Colbert, too. Thanks again for sharing your Wonderful photos. Ugaarte.
  24. Thanks SO much, Georgiegirl . . . . I'm on my way to try it out . . .I'm SO Excited ! I'll let you know how thinks turn out. Thanks again. Regards, Ugaarte
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