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  1. Hi Gagman . . . Lot of Great Posts you have here ! First of all, thanks for that 'Harold Lloyd info'. And I Love that 'Jobyna in the Moon Glow'. I love that Special Effect of that circular lighting in the background. And that Photo of Valentino with his 'Cat Eye' hypnotic stare goes so well with his holding a very Cute but Growling, baby leopard . . . Ahhh ... and our Mabel Normand. She looks Fantastic with her long, brown, 'blown in the wind' look hair . . . Always loved her Eyes ! Love the Blue sweater, Gagman. And what Awesome Lobby cards, Gagman, from a
  2. Thanks for that Youtube clip, mr 6666 . . . That about sums it up about the possible 'Age Progression' look for Marilyn Monroe . . . I know we all struggle to 'Hang Tight' to our looks as long as we can but, alas, gravity eventually gets to us and everything eventually goes 'south'! . . . except for Joan Rivers . . . she's really 'tightened up' on her facial look.
  3. I've oftened wondered what her 'Age Progression' would have looked like . . . Would she have been the type to try to keep that Plantinum blonde look OR strive to maintain that 'Open Eyed' look Or her 'Make Love to the Camera' look . . . My feelings on that is that I don't think she was the type to 'Bow out Gracefully' or 'Leave while you're still @ the Top' . . . I believe she would have 'dragged' her career until it was 'runned into the ground' . . . unless she had some very Strong, Wise and Mature people in her life to FIRMILY Guide and Direct her . . . "You Left us TOO soon, Marilyn
  4. Eugenia wrote ~~ { . . . I didn't have any urge to burst out giggling, but I felt mostly like I was floating euphorically in another dimension. Nope, no pain at all! . . . } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That is 'SO COOL !' (no pun intented) . . . I'll have to check that out with my Dentist @ my next dental visit ! Thanks, Eugenia
  5. Eugenia Wrote: { . . . Recently I had it during a root canal. No root canal is ever considered pleasurable without a generous dose of nitrous oxide... } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hey Eugenia . . . Out of Curiosity . . . Did the Nitrous Oxide give you that 'Euphoria Feel' . . . Or did you have the URGE to Burst out Giggling . . . Bottom Line: Did you Feel any Pain ?
  6. Hi Gagman . . . That Portrait of Pola Negri is just Remarkable. She looks absolutely 'wild' with her long, black hair looking uncontrollable. I love her 'off the shoulder' Copper dress and her Tattoo .... or 'Shame' mark ... on her back. And Harold Lloyd appears 'Nerdy' in his usaual, comical way, holding the interest of that Blonde with long Ringlets . . . would that be 'Pollyanna' ? . . . And that's a Wonderful AD for 'Ladies Must Live'. Love the tinted coloring on the Players in the Movie . . . And those Lobby Cards are just Awesome. Colleen Moore is looki
  7. Hi Gagman . . . Thanks for that info on the 'Original' Harrison Ford. I'll have to look out for his name next time. That's such an Awesome Photo of Valentino. He has such a 'Pained Look of Tragic Love'. And that's such a daring shirt he's wearing. I love the color. And Alice Terry looks Lovely in that Teal Hooded Cape. And another Great Photo of 'Sally, Irene and Mary'. It's quite a 'busy' looking portrait with the Lovely Ladies (waiting?) and those fine dressed gentlemen @ their 'beck and call'. Clara Bow really stands out from that crowd in her bright, mint
  8. Dargo wrote ~~ { . . . Gotta say here, ugaate, that the first 10 minutes of the movie you just posted a still from(and in tribute to this grand old couple) is probably the BEST first ten minutes of ANY movie in a long long time . . . } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wasn't it though, Dargo . . . I'll have to admit, I couldn't help the tears in the beginning, especially the pa
  9. Hi Gagman . . . Here I am. I was busy doing Voluntary Work @ my Church working with the 'kiddies' with Vacation Bible School (VBS). Gagman wrote ~~ { . . . These rare Lobby-cards are beat up, torn, stained, and spotty, . . .} And I feel they ADD to the Vintage Look & Authenticity of these Gorgeous Lobby Cards . . . 'The Mating Game', 'The Great Moment', 'Her Temporary Husband' and 'Way Down East' . . . Thanks so much for Posting them, Gagman ! And Clara Bow looks believably 'out of sorts', sprawled out on her rattan divan . . . And that's a wo
  10. Hi Gagman . . . That's a great Photo of Mabel Normand holding onto the head of a 'Growling' Tiger . . . She always did possess those 'heavily lidded' Eyes. And that Poster of Mabel Normand with Roscoe Arbuckle is a 'Classic' . . . I love the artistic work ! And that is 'So Bessie Love' with her 'Wide Eyed' Look. I love the Mint green color of her dress . . . I think that GOLD CAPE has given Clara Bow 'AUTHORITY' over Harrison Ford . . . (What? ... there was an 'Original' Harrison Ford before Our NOW Harrison Ford ?) .. . . to 'chastise' him, as depicted by his ha
  11. What a Beautiful Story, Filmlover . . . I'm a Romantic @ Heart and so I hope they make it 10 or 15 more years filled with Plenty of Love & Joy.
  12. The First 'Old' movie I'd seen was 'House on Haunted Hill' (1959) with Vincent Price @ the 'Star & Garter Theatre in Chicago. I was Only 6 @ the time . . . and the Movie wasn't considered 'Old' yet .... not until wayyyyyyy later . . . But @ 6, I didn't remember anything else about the movie except 'The Old Blind Lady' . . . Even when I watch this Movie now, she still 'Creeps' me out!
  13. Mongo ~~ { .... Some of Sutherland's more notable movie roles included offbeat warriors in popular war movies such as The Dirty Dozen, MASH and Kelly's Heroes, as well as characters in other popular films such as Klute, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Day of the Locust, JFK, Ordinary People (outstanding performance) and, more recently, The Hunger Games as President Snow .... } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Mongo . . . I just had to make mention of one more of Donald Sutherland's Film that I Remember
  14. Hi Gagman . . . Those are Wonderful Lobby Cards with Viola Dana. It looks like it would have been very Interesting to watch. And John Barrymore . . . does he ever look 'Gallant & Regal', mounted atop that 'Whaite Stallion'! . . . Just AWESOME ! And that's a Great 'First National Trade AD' with a lot of the Stars from that ERA . . circa 1925. And Estelle Taylor looks 'well-proportioned' in her bathing suit & cap. I love her GREEN Robe . . . Wish I owned one like that. And Harold Lloyd looks 'comical' in, 'Grandma's Boy'. I would have enjoyed watchi
  15. Wow, Gagman ! . . . Is that really Marion Davies doing an 'Impersonation' of Pola Negri ? She's doing a Great Job of it. I hardly recognized her ...if it wasn't for the blue eyes and smaller face, I wouldv'e sworn it was Pola . . . And from a 'Pola Negri' look-alike, we go to the other extreme, a 'Lillian Gish' look-alike . . . And I'd have to say, that Marion Davis is a real Beauty, with her soft, curled hair, 'coiffed' in Pink Ribbons. Her profile, neck and shoulders look soft and smooth. And I love the advertisement for Clara Bow in, "Two Can Play". She appears very 'Trag
  16. Shuvcat ~~ (Off topic, why when you click the "reply to thread" link does it take you all the way back to the forum home, and then you have to click the subforum, the thread, and then reply to again?) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Like it did for me, just now, when replying to your question ? . . . I'm NOT sure why that happens but you're NOT alone ... it happens to me, too. Edited by: ugaarte on Jul 16, 2012 5:20 AM
  17. ~ ~ Finnegan Begin Again, an HBO TV movie. ~ ~ I just watched a small clip of it on Youtube ! Thanks a lot, Clore !
  18. There is yet, another Movie, starring Robert Preston and Mary Tyler Moore. But I can't, for the life of me, Remember the name of this movie . . . does anyone know what movie I'm talking about ? Edited by: ugaarte on Jul 12, 2012 4:22 PM
  19. Hello Gagman . . . Clara Bow looks exceptionally 'Sweet', in her 'sassy' Red hair, giving one of her 'Sugary', 'over the shoulder' Smiles, while sitting on the 'Dock of the Bay' . . . And that Portrait of Harold Lloyd in that Vintage Taxi Cab is just 'sheer' delight. I lovel that little, green lantern that's hanging in the window of the cab. I guess it was their form of Vehicle Lighting. And Nancy Carroll looks like she's dressed for the ARMY . . . NOT ! . . . How adorable is she ? ... with her sweet face framed in soft curls, surrounded by feathers and Pearls. And what
  20. Hi Gagman . . . Love the Norma & Gilbert Portrait in 'Bloomin' Love' . . . Love the Rich, Tapestry Colors used. I have to say though, she sure is giving him the 'Stink' Eye . . . And thanks for posting that Youtube 'clip', Bronxgirl . . . Lupe does such a great job impersonating Dolores Del Rio, with her 'chiseled', high cheek-bone and 'overbite' appearance . . . And Gagman, you did an Awesome job on the portrait of Bessie Love, 'I've a Secret about Love' . . . That's such a cute, off the shoulder top she's wearing with black fringes on the arm . . . and he
  21. Dargo2 ~ ~ { ... I don't remember Tony Curtis reprising his Josephine character bein' in this movie! ... } xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh, don't you, Dargo . . . He 'reprised' it under the new title, "Some Like it Hot @ the Top of the Stairs" . . . Edited by: ugaarte on Jul 12, 2012 3:01 AM
  22. I've often wondered about this Movie, too . . . and WHY it hadn't been shown. I hadn't seen it in quite a few years. I believe I was in the 8th grade or just starting High School and I had watched it with my Family . . . around 1966 or 1967. ~ SPOILER ALERT ~ Some of the lines I remember was when Dorothy McGuire's character tells Angela Lansbury's character, "I've always pictured you Blonde .... Hard." To which Angela answers back, "Well, I'm Not a Blonde ... but I am Hard !" And when he receives some disturbing news from his daughter, played by Shirley Knight, Robert P
  23. This is My Take on Black and White Classic Films . . . I, too, am a Fan of the 'Black & White' films . . . possibly a mild 'Sepia', if there is such a 'tint' for films . . . But I have noticed when I would see a film that has been 'colorized', that it makes it just a tad bit easier to differentiate objects in the background, that otherwise, would have been darkened or 'blurred' & hard to detect or make out what 'said' object is, in a 'congested' background, when in black & white. Of course, it doesn't really matter what the 'object' is ... It may have nothin
  24. Hi Gagman . . . I Love that Photo of one of my Favorite Comedy Team, Laurel and Hardy . . . I've always enjoyed their brand of humor. And the coloring is Awesome, especially that Blue . . . And that Lobby Card with Rin-Tin-Tin, is that really 'our' Jason Robards ? . . . a younger version of him ? That's just Awesome ! I Love this Lobby Card ! And don't Mary and Douglas look 'Awesome' . . . Just Wonderful ! I love their 'trendy' look of the times . . . his short pants and long socks and her short 'bobbed' hairstyle and shoes. But whenever I hear the name, Mary Pickford
  25. Hi Gagman . . . The photo of Marie Prevost with her little Pooch is adorable, especially the little doggie . . . he's just too cute. Yes, I quite agree . . . this doesn't really look like your 'signature' painting but great picture anyways. And Mary Brian on tippy toes. I've always been fascinated by ballerinas & their ability to hold up all their weight on their toes and still sway with their graceful dance. (...At one play, I had seen a ballerina pick up her dead lover off the ground and carry him off the stage . . . all done gracefully on her toes and never missin
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