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  1. This may be a Simple solution for some of you, but for myself, which I don't consider myself 'Computer Savvy' . . . I am getting way TOO many E-mails from Postings from ALL the Threads from TCM. I have to go into my E-mails twice a day and Delete All the Postings, as these postings are Not for me, but Every entry everyone makes into ALL the Threads. If I miss a couple of days of Not going into my E-mails, I finds that I've been bombarded with at least 100 TCM entries. . . And being 'in-between' jobs, right now, I will have to 'Pause' my internet usage until further notice. My co
  2. Hi Poinciana. . . I'm glad I found another lover of this wonderful, yesteryear saga, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", as I've mentioned in another thread how much this movie comes so close to my own life..... I've always said that my Dad was the 'many colorful, helium-filled balloons', but my Mom was the 'anchor' to which the balloons were tied to . . .but they worked together very well, as my Mom helped to solidify his 'dreams', Dad helped her to come out of her 'shell'. And of course there was my younger brother, to whom I was very close to. We grew up in the City of Chicago and
  3. Hi Gagman. . . I loved the clip of 'The Wedding march 1928, 'Shower of Blossoms' . . . What a different role for Stroheim. . . .So Romantic and Loving ! I'm glad I got to see him in this 'light'. And the girl with a crutch, was that Lillian Gish with him ? Ugaarte
  4. Hi Gagman. . .it's me, again. . . I thoroughly enjoyed those pics so much. . . I especially loved Marion Davies as a Dutch girl, in 'The Red Mill' 1926 . . . -And you are so Right ! That is a Great Vintage Poster of Clara Bow in 'Wings'. and I've always felt that she possessed such lustrous, auburn red hair.. . . Hey, Delores Del Rio looks pretty 'saucy' with that Gold Earring dangling down, Not to mention Dorothy Janis with such beautiful hair and smile. . . . -And dig those massive, gold goblets, Ronald Coleman is drinking from, filled almost to the brim with Red Wine.
  5. One of 2 Movies I remember seeing was, "House on Haunted Hill" with Vincent Price. It was in the late '50's and I was about 4 or 5 years old. . . . My older female cousins had taken me along to the "Star and Garter" Theatre on Madison Street in Chicago. . . That theatre has long since been torn down, but I remember that most scary part @ that time was that old woman with White hair ! ....and also a lot of kids running back & forth to the concession stand for candy & popcorn. And the other movie I remember seeing @ the Star & Garter was a War movie, that Mom and Dad had t
  6. Dear Gagman. . . Thank you so much for that Special GAOH Presentation of 'Bardleys the Magnificent 1926 - The Boatride' with John Gilbert and Eleanor Boardman. . . . That was such a Romantic Boat ride down a soothing river with weeping willows hanging over them. . . and then to have the clip complete with a swashbucking scene.... Thank you again Gagman Ugaarte : )
  7. Hey, I just had to let you all know that I watched 3 films of Mary Pckford, this past week, from Netflix. The movies were : 1. "Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley" 1918, 2. "Through the Back Door" 1921, which also included a 2nd video of "Cinderella" 1914, 3. And 'Sparrows" 1926, which I was surprised to find myself a little on the edge of my seat, as she is the oldest orphan child who escapes from a 'baby farm' where the children are mistreated and starved. . .She leads 10 smaller children with her, with a baby strapped to her back. . .They travel through swamplands and t
  8. Happy Valentines Day Everyone . . . Today, I went to see Casablance with Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman...I love this movie. Even though this movie was in black and white, I wore a pair of my prescription glasses that has a Sahara tint in the glass, giving everything I look at, a Sepia tone, and made the movie, 'Casablanca' that much more enjoyable for myself. It's great to see a classic like this with a larger audience because one gets caught up with laughter with the little 'quips' that come up in this movie, like when Bogart is asked what his nationality is, and he a
  9. The Fervent, Desperate Prayer of a tormented Man, whose life is about to 'Fall Apart', is passionately portrayed by James Stewart @ Martini's bar, in "It's a Wonderful Life". With both hands clenched together @ an attempt to a Prayer, @ the bar, George Bailey begins his plea in a desperate whisper, "Dear God, I'm not a Praying Man...." A very Powerful Moment. . . It gets me everytime, knowing that we've all been in that particular, dire straights @ one point or another, sometime in our lives, Seeking GOD, grasping for help. Ugaarte
  10. It would have to be "Scarlet O'Hara" (Vivien Leigh). . . I would have loved to have been "Swept up" by Clark Gable and carried off, up a flight of Red Carpeting. . . . Ugaarte : )
  11. There are so many out there that I would have liked to spend a day in . . but the one I'd pick would have to be "A Treee Grows in Brooklyn" with Peggy Garner, only because it showed last night on TMC and it is one of my all time favorite. . . This story is not unlike my own life growing up....except my life was in Chicago. I enjoyed my school years. This is when the desks and chairs were bolted to the floors, not movable, and the overhead lighting with the white frosted bowl coverings, which gave off a pale yellow glow. The teachers were wonderful. The smell
  12. Hi Gagman. . . Just had to let you know that I enjoyed those clips of the "Cossacks" 1928. . . (there were a couple of those links that I was unable to get into...), but all in all, it was very enjoyable . . .and such a great score, too. And those pics of Janest Gaynor & Charles Farrell were just wonderful. They look so wonderful together. I also liked the picture of Janet Gaynor dressed in plaid, w/ a green beret. . .she looks very Sottish. Also the picture of Laura La Plante all dressed n Lavender Ribbons and Bows, She appears so Sweet & Endearing. And those oth
  13. Peter Lorre, for sure. .. 59-years-old was just too young for him or anyone else, to meet their demise. I would have tried to help him 'ween' himself off of morphine and would have helped him to connect with professonal doctors, who would definately help him. I would have told him the great years he could have with his only daughter. I believe she was only around 10-years-old when her daddy passed away. He often yearned for the Old European/Bohemian ways of acting in movies, stage and plays. . . What a terrible loss...my heart just aches for him, not only for the pain that he
  14. I agree with you, Gagman. . . Jobyna Ralston does possess that frail, haunting Beauty, as many of those frrom the 1920's possessed, along with their 'upward-looking' soulful eyes, & the fullness of their long hair, before the 'bobs'. . . Wonderful pics ! And Clara Bow. . What a Gal !...... I just adore that sparkling outfil she's wearing. . .it appears to be half of a harem outfil, and half, 'Santa Clause". It's quite different and Unique, to say the least. And what a great shot of her in that boat. Besides being alluring to the average man, she could also act like 'one o
  15. Hi Everyone. . . Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to this board, as being in between jobs, I've been constantly job searching on the internet and outside. . . . "Whew !" I haven't ' had to do this in years, getting back on the old, "Job Search" wagon, but something will come up soon. . .I'm sure of it. But, anyways, Gagman, once again, please allow me to admire you for all the posts you've graced this thread with... One of the post I saw was of Eleanor Boardman. I saw her in King Vidor, "The Crowd" 1928, which aired just recently. She was totally awesome as the 'long
  16. Hi Gagman. . . These are just Wonderful pictures of the great "Lillian Gish". . . She possesses such a Beauty and Strength in an Endearing way, which she carried with her, onto her later years. . . I love her in the Scottish garb, especially her head gear. Very good ! And yes, I did have the great pleasure of viewing your other fabulous post and pics from the previous pages of Clara Bow and Renee Adoree, just to name a few. . . and as always, they are just So Wonderful. . . Thank you Gagman, Ugaarte
  17. Gagman.... Those are great pics of Bessie Love, too...... Especially the one you state, "Love on the Shelf". . . .That is such an interesting mirror she's posed in front of. I didn't see these poses before, in my previous post. . . .There were Only red ' X's ', with the word 'Photo Bucket'. . .When I went back into the thread, the pictures were than available to view. Ugaarte.
  18. Gagman... That is quite a 'Valiante' pose of Pauline Starke, 'The Viking' 1928..... Looks like something straight out of "Flash Gordon" with Buster Crabbe. And that definately is a New and striking look for Colleen Moore, as a platimun blonde. . . . but she always appears to look Sweet & Endearing, no matter how she poses. Great Pics. Ugaarte
  19. "Oh No. . .I Shot my Eye Out !. . ." - when a be be ricochets & hits Ralphie under the eye. Ugaarte
  20. The Great Classic movies,in itself, allow us a Nostalgic touch with the Past, to see the aged actors now, in their youth & vitality back then. . . not to mention the 'surrounding' such as, countries, houses, clothing and cars,...the way people existed back then. . .Sort of looking through an Old Family Album...the difference... these 'Classic' people ...MOVED ! Also these Great Classice Movies, Even the 'Silents'...serve as a basis and sounding ground for the movies that would fortunatly progress to some the the Best movies of today..... The Great Acting & Camera Works could
  21. Oh, a Powerful movie indeed. . . I couldn't agree more with your posts ! The cold, gray marshes leading to the graveyard, in the beginning, can truly be felt...very chilly ! and the deterioration of Ms Haversham's existance, from rotting wedding gown & Cake and stopped clocks to the revelation of Pip's true benefactor, this movie always holds me spellbound, no matter how many times I've watched this. It's also good to see such a young Sir Alec Guinnes...and everytime I do, I always remember him as 'Obe Wan Ben Kanobi' (Star Wars). And 3 Years later, John Mills (Pip) and Val
  22. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone. . . I have been having some problems with my terniminal and am surprised that I was able to get this far. . . for a few days now, I've been receiving the message, 'Internet Explorer Not Available'. Other time, such as now, I'm able to get in. . . .but then sometimes I'm cut off 'll have to wait for my son to look into it for me. Have a Great Day, Everyone. .. .In this tight economy, We have SO Much to be Thankful for. God Bless you all. Ugaarte
  23. "Young at Heart". . . I totally missed this one. . . I just happened to be channel surfing and found that a "Star is Born" was just beginning, and just settled in and began enjoying Janet Gaynor. I didn't realize there had been a movie before a Star is Born. I hope TCM will show "Young @ Heart" again, one day, which I'm sure they will. Well, I'm certainly glad that you were able to see it and enjoy it, too. She definately is a 'Sweetheart". . . . .She was rather tiny, wasn't she....about 4'11" maybe ? Ugaarte
  24. Well, it certainly was a 'Janet Gaynor' night, last night. . . First one, "A Star is Born" 1937 with Frederic March and Andy Devine. What a performance she gave and it was in Color, too. . . .Just Great ! The 2nd one was "Small Town Girl" 1936, with Robert Taylor, which was totally enjoyable and delightful.... And the 3rd one was the Silent Movie, "Sunrise" 1927, with George O' Brian and Margaret Livingston, which I found to be just totally awesome. And I enjoyed the 'Score' to this silent movie, as well. It was extremely superb and I am so glad that I was able to catch al
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