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  1. Gagman, this is Great. . . . I would love to go see Colleen Moore in "Lilac Time". I'd just have to find directions to Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge IL which I can get by calling CTA / Pace..... It certainly would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I read a little bit about it in the web site you'd provided.......a Lilac Farm in France...... this would definately call for Wine, Cheese & Fruits...mmmm. I also read that these places have since been destroyed by bombings during WW I. Thanks, again, Gagman, for the info. Ugaarte.
  2. Hi Gagman....As always, those are wonderful pictures of Clara Bow, and I'm glad that you posted them. That is such a pensive pose, she gives in one of those pics. It's a different look for her. And that picture of Valentino & Rambova is quite 'Striking' ! I wasn't aware that he was married. Her breathtaking beauty just compliments his viril and majestic look..... Drednm, what was the reason why Natasha Rambova was Not welcomed on the sets ? Ugaarte
  3. Rohanaka, those were powerful words you spoke and I couldn't agree with you and Fxreyman, more. Your Youtube of Twila Paris, "God is in Control' really hit home.... I've heard this song many times before, but never with the visuals....and just having been part of a massive layoff, God's Word is truly my Solid Ground @ this time. I could Not keep a dry eye as the Bible versus came across with this Song......How true these words are ! God bless you all, and God Bless America. Ugaarte
  4. I value your comment, Fxreyman and ditto your sentiments regarding this election..... I too feel that, moving forward, we all need to band & work together in building up & maintaining this great country of ours, this country that God has Blessed. My sentiments also to Popcornanddots and Jackholman. Ugaarte
  5. These are great pics, Gagman.....That's such an adorable picture of Clara Bow in those coveralls, and Marion Davis looks stunning in that dress....I got such a better understanding of her life with Hearst in a movie that had shown, not too long ago. I believe her role was played by Kirsten Dundst (?)....The movie took place on Hearst's yacht along with others including Charlie Chaplin. (please correct me if I'm wrong with any of the above info...) There was an earlier post of Clara Bow, sitting up in bed, in a nightie. I thought the 'peaches and cream' color scheme in this phote was just
  6. I'll be watching it tonight, Movielover11... I, for one, love Tennessee Williams' plays.... I love Blanch's delicate style from paper lamp shades and spritzy perfume bottles, to Stanley's brassiness, his pushing his pals back down in their seats, when they get up out of courteousness, when Blanch & Stella walk into the room, & states, "Oh, please, don't get up...." and Stanley quips back, " Don't worry, no one's getting up.." I love Stella's gentleness in trying to appease her sister and making her feel calm & welcomed, to her earththiness, & her animalistic response t
  7. Hi Gagman. . . I absolutely enjoyed those pictures of Colleen Moore. I Especially loved that one where it appears she took a 'spill' onto the floor, (Irene 1926).....she looks Exactly like a Porcelain Doll, with her legs & arm extended out and her expression with large, round eyes. . . . how Cute is that ? Gagman. . . what is a PM ? . . . How do I go in there to see the message you sent me ? Sorry about not knowing about this. I've seen it mentioned a few times throughout the threads & posts with others, but never thought anything more about it. Thanks, Uga
  8. Hi All.... Happy Saturday (Oct 4)....I've been involved w/ family visitations & then down w/ the flu... I haven't had a chance to respond until now...... Gagman, that was Beautiful colorization on the portrait of Marion Davies...Loved that Green.. Especially her head band...that was your post on 9/28....and Renee Adoree....What a beautiful & luscious purple gypsy attire she wore! And Jacquelyn Logan holding that huge green lace fan & with burgandy lace draped across her shoulders...it was fascinating! And I remember Clara Bow in 'Wings' 1927, in complete military uniform.
  9. Why am I Not Surprised ?. . . The gods were certainly smiley down on Clara Bow, as her life was 'Charmed' as a Celebrity & a Movie Star. That Green Beret & Scarf, along with her peach colored top, contrasts beautifully with her Red Hair.... ...And it's great to see a color version of Clara Bow in 'Children of Divorce' 1927, -again with that Beautiful dark Red hair. Ugaarte Message was edited by: ugaarte
  10. I hope there's no problem in 'reviving' an 'old' thread...this is Not my intention . . . But I've been intending to respond back to Redhook47, ....way before this time. I just had to tell you that I, too, remember 'The Horn Blows @ Midnight', with Jack Benny, and how much I, and my brother Jimmy, enjoyed watching this when we were younger, and it brings back many memories, when I think about it. One amusing part that I remember, was when an Angel came down from heaven descending down to a Hotel & through the elevator, coming all the way down to the main floor......When the
  11. Dolores Del Rio certainly has a clamp-like hold on his Jaw, alright . . . But Charles Farrell doesn't seem to mind, at all....in fact, he appears to be totally 'Transfixed' by her dashing Beauty ! It's an interesting head piece & colorful outfit she's wearing, too. And those collections of silver plated spoons are also interesting. Thanks for posting those web sites......it was great observing them to see what they actually looked like. : ) Ugaarte
  12. Wow. . . .let me think now. . . .the first movie I saw with my first date @ 14, back in ' 67, was "Cool Hand Luke" w/ Paul Newman. . . .I don't remember much of the movie, since it really wasn't my type of movie, I just remember my date & a lot of the other guys in the theater, 'gawking' @ the scene w/ that blond getting all wet w/ suds,washing her car. Some time later he took me to see, 'Bonnie & Clyde' w/ Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway, which I so thoroughly enjoyed since I used to hear my Dad talk about gangsters of the past, and they were from Texas as he was. I wasn'
  13. Oh Gagman....What a Beautiful, colorized portrait of Billie Dove.... She appears Madonna-like, in her veil-like head covering and her arms filled with 'Lily of the Valleys'. . . . I, too, enjoyed her acting & speaking portrayal the other evening.... She carried herself quite well. And the Sepia tone pictures of her & the other Ladies is so enriching to say the least. . . Betty Compson appears so Noble, standing in that Marble Court, as does Jacqueline Logan appearing Regal on a couch with that feline, in 1927 King of Kings. I would love to be able to see Janet Gaynor
  14. I have to agree, Gagman, John Gilbert is rather 'dapper' in his green, smoking jacket & billiant smile....And there's something to be said about a 'clean shaven' man, too, (in the words of the song that Olyve Oil sings....) ANd Just look @ that shine in his hair....I can smell the Brylcreme...Mmmmm. : ) And those portraits of those 3 Ladies are just gorgeous. . . .Great Job ! Would you happen to know the name of the movie that Esther Ralston was in, as an English Waif ? Ugaarte
  15. Gagman. . . . I so agree with JackFavell...that Peach color dress w/ a touch of Mint green on Besse Love really becomes her. . . It's a beautiful combination. And Bebe Daniels in that harem outfit, with an Arabian desert setting, is so Exotic and hypnotic. . .I could almost smell the Olive Oil, dates & hookah.....ha ha. These are just simply gorgeous pictures.....Thanks ! And Drednm, I think it's a Brilliant Idea, to be able to come up w/ some Great Tunes for some of these Scores. . . . .Some scores from these Silents leave a lot to be desired.... and I think you're the pe
  16. DREDNM.......You Play by Ear ?. . . . How Awesome is that ? You are Fantastic ! I marvel @ anyone with the ability of being able to accomplish this feat....That's just Great. I say this because, it's all in your fingers, well...your ears first, but then to be able to listen to a tune & then play it !. . . I'm able to do that but only with 'One Finger' notes...ha ha ha. Not much listening to that but @ least I know which way the notes go : ) Well my hats off to you and everyone else who's has this special talent. Do you play a lot of the old songs from these classics ?..... G
  17. Well, Good morning, Everyone. . . Just taking a liitle time here to go through this post, as it's been super busy here, with familiy & friends, coming and going from Ohio to Texas, for 2 weeks and back again...... There will be one more week of it, before everyone returns back home, but for today, it's quiet & I'm taking some time to respond back, before going back to work...whew ! Gagman, those are great pictures of Dolores Costello, in Septia tone. It looks great as it is. Colors add depth & richness, and can be electrifying & exciting, but theres something t
  18. My brother, Jimmy, just informed me of another 'Coffee' scene.... In the 'Sands of Iwo Jima" the guy leaves the foxhole to get ammunition. He's offered some Coffee, which he takes back with him to share with his buddies in the foxhole, but comes back to find that they've all been killed...... Would anyone be able to tell me what this actors name was ? His name evades both my brother & myself, but this same actor would later star in the TV program, 'F Troop". Ugaarte
  19. My brother, Jimmy, just brought up another Classic with 'rain'.... "Midnight" with Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche & John Barrymore. This movie opens up with Claudette Colbert in Paris where it is Raining. and Don Ameche is a Cab Driver.......... Ugaarte
  20. The Sudden, Thunderous Downpour which brings some relief to a hot and humid Jury Room in '12 Angry Men' with Henry Fonda & Lee J Cobb along with 10 other superb actors. I've just finished watching this tonight on TCM and I never tire of the passionate arguments of each juror, and their justifications & reasonings for each decisions...... Great Watch !. . . . .But that downpour.....like any other downpour, always makes me very sleepy.....very lulled.....Thank goodness for those Passionate Arguments ! Ugaarte
  21. Good Morning Everyone... Gagman, I have to agree...that is a Beautiful picture of Dorothy Janis. She had such a natural, stunning beauty about her...and you say that she'd made only 4 films of which only 1 remains, before she exited the movies.... very interesting. When most people @ that time were clamoring to get into movies & become famous...she opted to leave, for whatever reason. She appears to be a very Classy Lady to be able to have done so. And Esther Ralson is another Beautiful lady...not Only does she share her name with my Mother, 'Esther', but she's such a gre
  22. Good Morning Everyone..... Ahhh....Rain & Thunderstorms....I love them ! "It's a Wonderful Life" when Mary & George are off to their Honeymoon in Ernie's cab. . . .when there appears to be a 'run on the bank' at the "Old Bailey Building & Loan" ........it was a real downpour then with all those black umbrellas all bunched together by the doorway..... And, ChelseaRialtoSt... Great One.....Public Enemy ! That was a great scene when James Cagney is walking in that Rain, with coat lapel pulled up & his fedora pulled down over his menacing 'look to kill' Ugaa
  23. HI Capuchin.... Thanks for the Correction......I should have know better, as this is one of my favorite Peter Lorre films. . . .The Mask of Dimitrios. . . Have you had the pleasure of seeing thiis movie ?? What did you think of it ? I've always enjoyed these type of 'Film Noir' movies, with such a 'Continental flair' touch added to it. . . . Ugaarte
  24. Hi Flowerjan... Welcome 'on Board'....I, too, Enjoy the Classic Movies (Silents, as well) that TCM offers, and will also 'plop' in my own DVD, if there should be something showing that is not really to my liking....which is very rare. Being a 'Peter Lorre' fan, I try to watch as much of his movies that TCM shows, which they happened to have done so, just recently..an 'ALL DAY PETER LORRE' treat !! And I try to collect as much of his movies as possible. My latest one was, 'Crime and Punishment' w/ Marion Marsh. It's with little wonder why I used the name of one of his char
  25. Mmmmm. . .Java !!! One particular scene that comes to mind is in, "The Mask of Demetrious", when after dining @ a Romanian Restaurant, Syndney Greenstreet & Peter Lorre go up to Greenstreet's place, to enjoy an after dinner, Cup of Coffee. . . Greenstreet prepares the Coffee, on his coffe table, and pours this Rich Concoction into a demi tasse & hands it over to Peter Lorre. Lorre takes a sip, and without any words, gives a slight raise of his eyebrows & his cup to Greenstreet, as in commending Greenstreet for his well prepared coffee....of which I could almost tas
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