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  1. Hi Calvinme... Thank you for your Youtube postings.....I enjoyed hearing Al Joson singing some of his famous songs.....and so thoroughly enjoyed hearing him sing the Kol Nidre Prayer.... Not too many Youtube postings come across....thank you for going through the trouble to do so.......I do so Appreciate it ! Hi Gagman.... I hope everything is Well with your Uncle.....I know how much a burden that can be on someone's mind with a love one having to go through surgery....Hope he'll be up & around soon. Ugaarte
  2. I just finished watching American in Paris on TCM and once again I found it just as enjoyable as the first time I watched it. I love his numbers with Leslie Caron, who was a professional dancer herself....They both complliment each other. And set against the backdrop of Paris, too. . . .how romantic is that ? I'm proud of TCM showing these beautiful Classics. Ugaarte
  3. Hi Gagman. . . That is a very lovely picture of this Jobyna Ralson. . . .I love her hair. I wish I could have mine the same way......But what kind of shoes are those ?? I think being by a pool of water, she should have been bare foot.... And @ first glance of the lone picture of John Gilbert, looking a little 'gruff' reminded me somewhat of Robert Downey Jr. ....what do you think ?? And I just can't say enough, how much Garbo & Gilbert make such a lovely pair......I love that setting w/ Gilbert in Uniforn & Garbo in a coach, mesmerized by flowers....and possibly by
  4. I couldn't agree with you more, Gagman... you did a wonderful job with both pictures. . . I love that lavender color on Jacqueline's dress... it's so captivating..... and that wisp of sea green color on Mareceline Day adds to her angel like appearance, softening the mood. Thanks again for sharing. Ugaarte
  5. Speaking of Buster Keaton in "Free & Easy" 1929... I So admired his dance number, choregraphed with the other dancers... His smooth & rythmic dancing steps, took me by surprise as I've always seen him only as a 'stone face' comic in a bumbling situation... How great it is to see other talents & abilities of some of our 'Classic' actors.... Ugaarte
  6. I have to agree that Cyd Charisse was an exquisite & beautiful dancer, with line & form and very long & strong legs, as she has always appeared.... I have the DVD and also watched it again on TCM today... But for one different reason.......Peter Lorre !!!! He had supposedly told the choreagrapher that he didn't dance, when filming the part with his commrades, the 3 lady dancers & Fred Astaire.... And that's when he came up with the idea to do that 'Russian Dance" (Kazaki, is it called ?), between the table & chair. And though he took a minor spill while o
  7. .....And they come across Just as Beautiful, Be it from Photobucket or the Real thing !!! Thanks, Calvinme, for Sharing them with us. Ugaarte : )
  8. Good Morning Calvinme..... I agree, that is such an entertaining Swedish ditty.....and there were many others being made in Europe during this era, as well. . .thanks for sharing. And I so Admire your Sheet Music, "Spring is Here". . . . I just enjoy these beautiful, exquisite Sheet Music. . . .they are definately a 'Touch with the Past". . . that they've actually Existed in that Time Era.... if you know what I mean. . . . . Would you happen to have others to post ? Thanks again, Calvinme Ugaarte
  9. Hi Film Fatale.... I've been Corrected.....Here is my 10 scariest: House on Haunted Hill The Haunting Exorcist Carrie Amytiville Horror Rosemary's Baby The Shining The Others Identity Stir of Echos Hi Prince Saliano....I know what you mean. I don't care for scary movies where body parts are 'hacked' off, or dead bodies keep coming back alive. The ones that catch my interest are the ones that deal with the mind, like 'Identity' & another one, Secret Window'. But I'm such a big baby. I have to watch these during the daytime with lights on & in control of the remote. . .
  10. ugaarte

    Mad Love

    Joefilmone..... I finally watched Mad Love in it's entirety, as I had been watching bits & pieces of it on Youtube. . . .but I would have settled for just that, if that's all I could get a hold of... because Peter Lorre is one of my Favrorite actors of all times. He has truly proven to be the Best in his field. I watched a little of Hotel Berlin, before I had left for work & a little bit of The Man Who Knew Too Much, when I returned....& then the rest of the evening was mine to watch the rest of his movies. . . . or as late as I was able to stay awake. The last mo
  11. sorry everyone. .. but for some reason that thread isn't taking Everything that I enter.... Oh well ! . . .
  12. ....continuation on my list: # 8 didn't take the 2nd line. // 8: the movie where Kevin Bacon is digging in his cellar because he has premonition of someone's death. 9. The Others w/ Nicole Kidman 10. another movie that evades me is the one wih Tom Cruise & various other actors, where they are all @ a motel on a rainy nite & it turns out that they are all figments of a killer's mind. . . .awesome. Message was edited by: ugaarte
  13. I so agree with you, Gagman... I love that dress she is wearing, I think its the color, that does it ! That is one of my favorite colors......sort of 'sea-green'. That color is so soothing & quiet to the eys. Don't you agree ? Ugaarte.
  14. Well, the ones that come to mind @ the moment are.... 1. House on Haunted Hill 2. The Haunting 3. Exorcist 4. Carrie 5. Amytiville Horror 6. Rosemary's Baby 7. The Shining 8. (And the one with Kevin Bacon where he's digging into his cellar...the name evades me) Message was edited by: ugaarte
  15. Hi Gagman... I have to agree with Mickeeteeze....an Artist can be their own worst Critic. I never noticed the 'bleeding' of colors on the 1927 Portrait of Marion Davies, until you had brought it up...... But nonetheless, it still is a very stunning picture of her And Micketeeze. . . just curious....what instrument did you play 20 years ago @ your 'Gigs' ?? Just curious because my brother plays the piano @ his 'Gigs' a household word we hear all the time....'gigs' : ) And it so true what you say about the audience never knowing when an error is made, maybe only a h
  16. I know I've said it before, Gagman, but those colors you've produced are so Rich and Empowering. . . I keep going back to view these pictures, and not only these, but the others you've posted in the other threads. . . I'm glad that others are being able to share & enjoy, in this delightful treat of yours !! The Pictures of Betty Compson & Dolores Costello are so Beautiful, (blue eyes or brown eyes)....they have the 'Turn of the Century' look, that I so admire. And that Rich Auburn & Gold in the picture of Jaqueline Logan is just captivating. Sometime in the nea
  17. Hi Arkadin. . . I watched a little bit of 'Hotel Berlin' this morning before I had to head of for work. I am an admirer of Peter Lorre, and TCM is showing some of his Best Works, all day today. . . .I will be able to see the rest of his films when I get home. I love that picture you've posted also. Thanks for posting. Ugaarte.
  18. Good Morning Everyone. . . . I'm a Happy Camper today......I know that this is a 1920's thread... But I just had to shout if from the rooftops. . . .but TCM is showing ''PETER LORRE'' All day today.....I just simply Adore him. I watched a little of Hotel Berlin, this morning before heading out for work..... And I'll be sure to catch the rest of him when I return !!! And Gagmam. . . another lst ....How Awsome is your work !!! Beautiful colorization on these Wonderful pictures. They are just totally Exquisite.....My hats off to you, again. And MovieDude....welcome aboard !!!
  19. Hi WhistlingGypsy....... I just have to tell you how much I enjoy going through your thread. I love the black & white picture of the 'Valentine Girl' 1917.....It's such a beautiful setting, complete w/ ferns, elongated windows, and a drop down candled chandelier. Is that a short stair case in the lower left hand corner of the picture ? I can't help searching out the smallest details. It's such a deep dark & beautiful 'Victorian' setting. And the picture of the 'Bond Boy' has a soft muted pinks & earthtones, which causes it to be so enriching. . . . G
  20. Hi Gagman.... Hey, I just had to let you know that I stayed up late, last nite, watching the Movie Clips, of "A Woman of Affairs" with Greta Garbo & John Gilbert. . . I so thoroughly enjoyed it very much....She was such wonderful actress. Her & John Gilbert made such a Romantic Pair. I also Loved your Pics of Norma Talmadge, "the Drama Queen'...I think those colors are amazing !!! . . .along w/ the colors in Corine Griffin & Laura La Plante and Bessie Love....I've always loved that hairstyle, before the 'Bob'...... so 'Turn of the Century-ish'. . .Ha ha ha Ug
  21. Hi Mongo..... I'm enjoying these pictures very much.....It's just Great to see Robert Mitchum, in a 'Oh - So - Homemaker' Environment, complete with kitchen, food preparation and surrounded by children...how wholesome is that ???...away from the 'street-savvy' look. I had just seen a movie with Robert Mitchum, not too long ago, with his actual son, who played his younger brother....I believe it was the little boy with the dark hair standing by his shoulder....the name of the movie evades me, though. And thats a Beautiful picture of Greta Garbo & John Gilbert.... I had just
  22. Hi Calvinme.... It's interesting to know that about Constance & Norma Thalmadge... It's funny how one's interests is 'Peaked' into another subject, when already reading about something else, as in your case with 'Buster Keaton's' life... I, for one, will be sure to ask around about these sisters.... and I just have to let you know that I LOVE that Picture of Constance surrounded with that Vast Array of Hanging Florals... Ugaarte
  23. Oh these Posters are just Fantastic.... Thanks, Gagman for sharing them with us !!! I keep going back to what you had mentioned before, that Tom Mix did his own stunts & had almost all of his bones broken @ one time or another. . . Now, this is someone who took his work seriously and took risks of doing it himself, (broken bones or no)....... Hope to see more of your colorful posts.......It would be wonderful to see this thread 'LIT UP' again with Fabulous Pics & movie clips once again w/ thanks to everyone. Ugaarte
  24. Calvinme... Thank you for bringing back these awesome movie clips from youtube... I so thoroughly enjoyed watching them, especially the 'Snakehip' one..... I've always admired the synchronized dancing of the 20's & 30's. Thanks for making them available to us, once again. Ugaarte
  25. 2 Very Painful Scenes for me would have to be: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Quasimodo is tied down & beaten on his warped, hunched back in a public square, as the people watched & laughed.... And the screaming boys as they're being raped by jail officials, in 'Sleepers'. . . . all is heard is the screaming in the darknes..... it tore my heart during this scene....made me want to leave & go home & hug my sons & protect them. .. . . Oh the Inhumanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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