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  1. Good Morning, Thelma. . . . What an Exceptional "Treat", to go along with my toast & coffee, this morning. . . Thank you, Thank you so much, for a Copy of Your Sheet Music for "Golddiggers of 1935", and the "Youtube" presentation....WOW !!!, if my java didn't do it, This Dancing did !!! Thanks again, for coming through, ....and, Oh yes, & moving forward, I'll try to remember to adhere to the '1920's' Era, too. . . . . Thanks again, Thelma : )
  2. Hi Mongo. . . I just have to tell you how much I'm enjoying all these Wonderful Pictures you've portrayed here. . . I'm trying to go through each one and read the comments of the other readers. And being a 'Peter Lorre' fan, I especially enjoyed viewing all the pics from his movies, too...I admire him immensely, as one of the Best Actors of all time. . . Ugaarte
  3. Thelma. . . . These Sheet Music are just out of this world. Thank you so much for displaying them and sharing them with all of us. Would you, or anyone else, happen to have a Sheet Music for the 'Golddiggers of 1935' ? -My Ultimate favorite of all the Bugsby Berkley's dance sequels... (Youtube) I first watched this when I was 6 or 7 - & the vision of all this glamor & steady, rythmic tapping overwelmed me immensley & has been stamped into my 'psyche' forever. Oh those Dancers !!!!. . . .And the angling of the camera, along w/ the light & dark shadows of the elon
  4. Hey Everyone. . . Just wanted to Thank all you Special People for Posting these Wonderful "Youtube" presentations. Its so Enriching to see these Music Sheets come to 'Life'. My Room has been enveloped in all these Beautiful Music from yesteryear. And it was surprising to see Ginger Rogers @ that age. I would never have thought it was her. I only wish that the Youtube with Chavalier & Claudette Colbert would have lasted just a few minutes longer, just to hear her talk @ her young age, but it was still a Great piece. . . Hats off to Calvinnme, Gagman66 and Thelma and any
  5. Thelma... honey...What a Surprise !! I just got back from lunch, openned the Message Board, to find 'Dessert'....Very Tasty !! Oh the Colors & letterings on these music sheets are Awesome. I'd love to get some for myself, just to wallpaper them all over my room & have visitors feast their eyes on them..... Of course I'll have to have a piano & have someone play some of these tunes for my guest....along w/ celery & olives, or whatever they served in those golden years. . . Thank you so much for Sharing. Ugaarte
  6. Hi All.... My hat's off to such Great Actor, who No Doubt, has weathered Hollywood's Good Times and Bad, & stll came out, firmly grounded. I enjoyed him as Puck (Midsummer's Night Dream), the Andy Hardy series, his & Judy Garland's putting on a 'home made' play in a some barn, I loved him in Boy's Town, and in 'Quicksand' w/ Peter Lorre & Jeanne Cagney, as an older actor in, I believe, "Black Beauty" or "Black Stallion" (help), and his memorable portrayal as a mentally challenged person, in "Bill". God Bless you, Mr. Rooney !!! Ugaarte.
  7. Thelma. . . . ". . . Ah those poor devils needing Letters of Transit. . ." Ha ha...oh this is great !! Will you be posting anymore of your Beautiful Music Sheets soon ? Ugaarte.
  8. Hey Gagman... That's alright...If 'Like Minds' cant't 'Vent' once in awhile, on this thread, then where can they ?? I'm sorry to hear about your losing your Program that you've been working on...I kept getting 'kick out' of mine, before I was able to successfully sign on. Hope all will soon be in order. . .Good Luck !! Ugaarte : )
  9. Ha ha...Thank you Thelma, Yes, Re my stay @ Casablanca. . "...I have many friends in Casablanca, but just because you despise me, you're the Only one I trust...." Ugaarte
  10. continuing. . .as I was stating, some of my coworkers have a hard time understanding the old movies that I enjoy so much, in other words, if its not in color, then they have no use for it. But I understand also, as its the kind of movie viewing they've been exposed to, growing up. You just gotta love 'em !!!
  11. Hi Everyone... Thelma, I just have to say, these are some Rich and Gorgeous Music Sheets you've posted. . . I hope we can Enjoy seeing more of your collection. Thank you for displaying them. I'm also a lover of old films and all for preserving them for generations to come. I believe it was the Member, Dizzy, who had posted the 'Youtube' selections. . . Dizzy, these were Soooo Enjoyable, of course I caught a glimpse of it @ my job. and of course, received the unavoidable 'snickerings' from some of my co workers, who I couldn't
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