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  1. Hi Gagman . . . Love the Portrait of Buddy Rogers and Nancy Carroll. If there were any endearing couples spelling 'YOUNG ROMANCE', this would be it ! And Dolores Hill . . . is she auditioning for 'The Maltese Falcon' ? . . . No, I don't think so. Her eyes remind me a little bit of Janet Gaynor. I love her Pink Coat with white collar fur and cuffs . . . And so loving those 3 Lobby Cards. 'Cradle Snatchers' . . . this had to be made in the early 20's, viewing their clothes and hairstyles. Great Pictures, Gagman !
  2. Good Day, Gagman . . . And 'Que Fabulosa' is Dolores Del Rio in such a 'S;panish Style' setting playing the Grand Piano. Just Love the Rich Furnishings and Tapestry, not to mention the Beautiful Sra. Dolores Del Rio . . . And Yes ! That does look like 'Peter Pan', by any stretch . . . or a 'Robin Hood' wannabe ... Great selection of Colors used, Gagman !
  3. Hi Thelma . . . It's so Great hearing from you. Thank you for your Response . . As always your Refresing 'Views' are just like this 'Cool Chicago Rain Storm' that just hit, coming after this triple-digit temperture Heat Wave ! 'Money in the Old Movies' in Your Favorites. Thanks for that Clairfication an for providing that Link, for others to check out. Very interesting, people! If you haven't checked it out yet, please click on Thelma Todd's Link . . . Hope to hear from you again, Thelma, and hoping to hear MORE of you. It's always a 'Refreshing'
  4. There used to be a community here that enjoyed exchanging plesantries like holiday greetings between one another. A thread like this one was often posted as a conduit for such polite (but ultimately meaningless) interactions. I'm still holding on to the illusion that kind of community still exists here, I guess. Kyle In Hollywood . . . Keep Holding On, Kyle . . . the kind of community still exists ! . . .
  5. When I started reading this thread, it brought me into rememberance of another thread . . . a 'topic' written by Thelma Todd . . . regarding 'Prices' and 'Dollar Amounts' in the earlier years . . . I can't remember what that topic was about, but what Thelma wrote about was very informative and interesting and I don't remember anyone 'Commenting' on what was being written . . . unless, of course, it was related to a 'movie' subject matter, which I don't remember . . . But my point is that the 'subject matter' had benn long forgotten, for me anyways ... but I still Remember the s
  6. Thanks for the info, MusicalNovelty . . . I just came back for Watching some More on Youtube. Thanks again !
  7. Hi Gagman .... Though Esther does have some 'Regal-ness' about her, I can still see the similarities. Thanks for that correction. Regards.
  8. Hey MusicalNovelty . . . I didn't want this thread to get too deep where I wouldn't be able to locate it Before I Had the Chance to make mention that I became quite fascinated by that 'SCOPITON' . . . I had never heard of this type of 'music-listening' before. I understand that it was invented in France in the early 60's. I'd have to say it's somewhat better than a Jukebox, because you get to 'VIEW' the people singing. Do you know if it held as many records as a regular Jukebox ? I wonder Why it didn't 'Take off' here in the United States ? Petula Clark singing '
  9. Oh, Willbefree, I Love the 'Owl Jolson/I Love to Singa' cartoon. It's one of mine and my brother's favorites. And now my sons love it too. Hey, that's great to know that Brass Ring Carousels may still exist. Let me ask this . . . Was the Brass Ring the Prize ? Or was it like if you got so many of them, you can turn them in for the final prize . . . like @ Chucky Cheese ? Thanks much for the info, Willbe . . .
  10. Gagman . . . Love it . . . Love it . . . Love it ! Mary Miles Minter gazing at us through her gilded Mirror . . . She looks absolutely Adorable in her hat with Tiny Florets and her golden hair in Ringlets . . . And that dress is so 'Turn of the Century' SWEET . . . Love the Pale Yellow. Just too Adorable ! And I love that velvet, green suede look of Blanch's tunic. I thought she may have been standing in front of a mirror but the 'reflections' would depict otherwise . . . it must be a picture of a something 'Foliage' . . . But it's still a great pose of
  11. Hi Gagman . . . That's an Awesome Photo of Lilliam Gish from 'The Scarlett Letter'. The light blue dress really matches her blue eyes and the white her virtuosity. And it's too bad that Greta Nissen has been forgotten, Gagman .... But she is extremely Lovely, especially as 'Norwegian Princess'. She possess great, Classical Features. Just Lovely ! And Betty Bronson appears as Sweet as ever in her gorgeous Pink dress and sheer shoulder wrap . .. holding a Boa Feather (?) . . . I'm looking forward to seeing your Lobby Cards, too ! Great Posts, Gagman. Th
  12. Looks like our Miss Clara Bow is struggling in Seaweed or Quick sand ... will one of you Gentlemen please jump in and help the gal out ? (hee hee ) Great Posts, Mongo and good to see back.
  13. TikiSoo ~ { . . . British carousels go clockwise because the riders can mount from the "proper" side of the horse . . . } Mystery Solved ! . . . And I'll wonder no more ! Thats right ! ... a horse is mounted on it's left side ! That brought me to the Rememberance of Mary Poppins in the Chalk Drawing, where they rode the Carousel that was going 'Clock Wise'. I found that scene on Youtube but the quality was quite bad. And I've always heard about trying to 'catch the BRASS Ring' . . . but have seen it Only in Cartoons, such as in the (1936) 'SomeWhere in Dreamland' . . .
  14. I'm in agreement with 1968B2 . . . sounds like 'Charleston Heston' to me, too . . .
  15. I was trying to Remember this 'eerie' program that used to show a while back, while this 'thread' was up. My son reminded me that it was 'Tales of the Unexpected', which had a Carousel Ride in it's openning credits. The tune wasn't too bad but the Carousel Horses looked 'malevolent' . . . along with a dark background. http://youtu.be/fs0Hr3otf2U !
  16. Hi Gagman . . . Greta Nessen is certainly wearing the right kind of dress, is she wanted a lot of her legs exposed . . This photo has Awesome coloring in it, Gagman. Those floral coloring in the carpet are so rich and intense. Great shot ! And I'm in agreement with JackFavell about Joan Crawford. Her looks seemed like they 'evolved'. But she always had that 'large eye' look .... and her strong jaw line. {. . .or perhaps there was an angle that she learned later not to be photographed from, . . . JackFavell } That could very well be the possibility of what coul
  17. Hi there, Gagman . . . I love the long coat that Corinne Griffith is 'modeling'. She wears it so well. And shot in front of those massive, burgandy drapes. And her Russsian dog has such a proud stance. And is that really Olive Borden, posing in that 'Rasberry' colored, Lacy gown? Something in her looks appears different. But I love that Floral 'settee' on which she's posing . . . (wish I could see more of it) . . . And doesn't Alice Faye look endearing with those Big, Brown EYES, which are so accentuated in the 'mirrored image' . . . Great Coloring on her
  18. Hi Gagman . . . The photo with Corrine Griffith in 'The Spke of Life' does appear 'soft' like you made mention . . . but that's OK ... It's still a great picture. We can certainly see what she's doing to that punch! . . . (wink, wink) And what a great shot of Valentino and Natascha ! I betcha hundreds of gals wish they were her @ that moment of time ! And that's an endearing picture of May McAvoy holding those tiny, white florets. Her 'bobbed' hair looks a little 'dry'. Could be from that antique hair curler they used @ that time. And here's another 'lithographi
  19. Hey there, Gagman . . . That's a great picture of Clara Bow with her 'sassy' haircut and whimsical smile. Great Pose ! And I just love Corinne Griffith donned in her very Lacy Wedding Veil and Gown . . . The tiny, pink florets she's holding and around her head really sets the mood. And what bluish eyes, too ... though she does seem a little 'hesitant' of her next move . . . should she go through with it or not ? And Billie Dove looks so 'Razzle Dazzled' in her sparkly get up. I love the plummed head piece ... though it possibly MIGHT be quite heavy and possible pull
  20. fxreyman ~~ { . . . The scary thing about this fire is how it was started. No one knows how it started. There were no active thunderstorms on Saturday so everyone is guessing that it was man-made. Hate to think that . . . } Hi Rey . . . I heard someone mention on TV that it was caused by someone firing a gun. When the bullet struck a rock, it caused a spark it ignite. But as dry as it's been it could have been a number of other things . . . But, all in all, it's good to know that you and your wife are alright, Thanks to God. We've been watching the fire burning and
  21. In 'Blondie Goes Latin' (1941), Dagwood Bumstead, played by Arthur Lake, plays the drums quite well . . . I had seen this movie so many times before and never realized that the 'bumbling' Dagwood could actually play the drums. ... and then again @ the start of this clip . . . ... and Blondie, played by Penny Singleton, does a Great 'Rumba' number beginning @ 4:55.
  22. Thanks ever so much, Fred and MissWonderly, for your search. I enjoy this music, especially the beginning, which seems to be the part played on 'Gaslight'. And I've heard this piece played in other movies, as well. I can't think offhand which movie, but my ears always 'perked' up whenever I hear this tume. Chopin's Ballad no. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 . . . got it ! Thanks again !
  23. My Goodness, Gagman . . . What a 'Treat' of Gallery Beauty, you presented here . . . Let me begin with Madge Bellany. Love the Spring-like hat, which she 'demurely & sweetly' 'eyes' from under the brim. And I love that light blue background which 'enhances' the brown hat & pink veil . . . And Colleen Moore . . . she has a 'No Nonsense' look about her ! Whoa ! Even though she's in her Pink Lounging outfit and NOT behind a desk ... she is reading the Paper, possibly checking out out where her Stocks stand ... she just doesn't look like she should be 'trifled' with, no
  24. Hi Gagman . . . That's such a Lovely Poster of Corinne Griffith in 'Millie Modiste' (1926). I love the lithographic background. Great shot ! And Raquel Torres looks 'Sweet' in her Spanish Veil. What a Stunning shot of Gloria Swanson, looking so intent ! Judging by the 'Rustic' walls and railings, it looks like she's in a cabin of some sort. . . . Ya think ? And I'm in agreement with you. That girl does not look like Lillian Gish. Hope you'll be able to find out who it is. And I love the 2 pictures with 'Ladies Must Dress' and 'Pajamas', especially th
  25. Hope someone can help me . . . I had watched 'Gaslight' yesterday on Channel 11 PBS and I'm trying to find out what the Name of the Song is that was played on Piano . . . I heard this tune in other movies too. It begins @ 2:25 http://youtu.be/bKcDeEcti70 Thank you !
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