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  1. I Love & Enjoy ALL this 'Talk' of 'CAROUSELs' . . . I can't help being reminded of the group from the '60s ... 'THE HOLLIES' and their Song, 'ON A CAROUSEL'. (...the Song is 'wafting' through my mind, as I type this ... ) { ...Riding along on a carousel Trying to catch up to you Riding along on a carousel Will I catch up to you Horses chasing 'cause they're racing So near yet so far On a carousel, on a carousel ....}
  2. I just Remembered another 'Carnival/Fair' Scenerio . . . The Ending part of 'GREASE' with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John . . . .
  3. I've always LOVED Carnivals since I was a little girl . . . especially @ night, with their Colorful Lights ! And have Enjoyed them in the Movies, too. Some that come to mind are: King Vidor's, 'The Crowd' (1928) with Eleanor Boardman . . . (beginning @ 2:20) 'IT' (1927) with Clara Bow . . . (first clip, beginning @ 8:20 .... and beginning of 2nd clip shows the rest, Though not much carnival 'action', 'Picnic' (1955) with Kim Novak and William Holden, do show those Colorful Hanging Lanterns
  4. Thanks for this thread, Misswonderly .... My Dad passed away in September 1999 and whenever I 'channel surf' and run across a WWII movie or Gangster Movies, I have to pause and can just hear my Father preparing to watch one of his Favorites, getting his beer and bag of peanuts & pretzels ready . . . he was in his element then. I think I preferred him watching Gangster Movies than War movies, where I would notice that he would become highly 'critical' of any of the soldiers in the movies the way they stood or addressed an officer . . . and then he'd go off on a 'mild' tangent how t
  5. Hi Mongo . . . I believe there is a 'Typo' on Harry Langdon's Year of Birth . . . On 'Google', they have his 'YEAR OF BIRTH' as: (June 15, 1884 – December 22, 1944). I Always Enjoy your Posts !
  6. I know this is just a little bit off Topic and the OPPOSITE of what this thread is about but does anyone Remember .... PIA ZADORA . . . and how Everyone was SURPRISED when she Won the Golden Globe Award in 1981 for her role as Kady Tyler in 'BUTTERFLY' ? (...but in all fairness, she is a very good singer ...) .... Okay, back to 'WHO SHOULDA GOT THE OSCAR' . . .
  7. What an 'Exotic Looking' Portrait of Gloria Swanson with those massive bird feathers in her hair . . . simply Stunning ! And it's good to see Dorothy Gish in pictures. Sometimes I forget that Lillian has a younger . . . and talented sister. And 'Rin Tin Tin' appears absolutely 'LOYAL', be he the real Rin tin tin or not . . . with ears all perked up and alert ! . . . Good Dog ! Thanks Gagman !
  8. That sounds like some very 'Interesting' READ about 'Alma Rubens', GPR1950 . . . The kind of Reading where I would find it very hard to put the book down . . . and about 'drug abuse in Hollywood' yet. Thanks much for sharing that info. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And Such Lovely Lobby Cards of Alma Rubens, too, Gagman. And I also agree with you on the 'Singed' Lobby Card being quite 'busy'. Plus I find that it's also Pleasingly 'Dotted' with Pastel Colors throughout the picture, with the ladies h
  9. Gagman, I LOVE that Picture Scenerio with Gloria Swanson . . . it Truly appears SOooo SURREAL ! And Tom Mix appears to be a real 'Swash Buckler' . . . but unable to withstand 'a woman scorned' ! The girl in RED . . . would she be Sally O'Neill or Molly O'Day ? At First Glance, I thought it was a younger Mary Astor. Thanks for these Posts, Gagman.
  10. What Awesome 3 Portraits, Gagman .... especially that first one, 'Vanity's Price' with Anna Q. Nilsson. Their gowns are just Gorgeous ! Thank you !
  11. I watched Priscilla Lane on MeTV (I Believe) yesterday in 'Arsenic and Old Lace, along with Cary Grant, Raymond Massey and my all time favorite actor, 'PETER LORRE' ! Always LOVED this Movie Peter Lorre and (somewhat resisting) Priscilla Lane 'clowing' around ....
  12. Hi Gagman . . . You made mention of the name 'Buster and Anita'. Is that actually Buster Keaton holding that umbrella. He does have the same 'sad' eyes ... but somehow he looks different ... I can't quite put my finger on it. But that is a great shot of both of them. And that 'card' of 'The Mark of Zorro' is NOT colorized, you say ? How did that 'Blue Shy' happen ? The silhouette of Douglas Fairbanks riding on a horse looks Awesome ! And great Lobby Cards, once again, Gagman .... especially the one with Pola Negri. And also 'Paid to Love' and 'Whispering Wires'. Is
  13. Hi Gagman . . . That's a Great Portrait of Lupe Valez gazing off into the distance ! I love the shadows on her face and neck ... it adds mystery and somewhat of a 'forlorn' feel to it. I love the Blue in her dress . . . and those Windows ! . . . What can I say about them ? ... They are SOooo 'UNIQUE' ! Well that photo of Clara Bow may be just "OK" ! . . . but she still comes across as being very 'Cute and flirty' . . . Love the Peach Color of her lounging pants and the PINK in her 'coverlet' . . . And Great Picture of Bebe Daniels in 'The Palm Beach Girl'. She sure i
  14. { . . . (did these guys have their minds in the gutter?) . . . } I certainly hope NOT . . . seeing the Jeffrey Hunter had just starred in the Role of 'JESUS' in "The KING of Kings" the year before . . .
  15. Hi Thelma Todd . . . Always great to hear from you . . . and your knowledge of 'Expertise' ! Hope to hear more from you.
  16. Gagman . . . How L-O-V-E-L-Y is May Philbin which such a Classic Look with her golden hair hanging down, before the 'Bob' craze came in . . . The floral 'tiara' gracing the top of her head, adds to her Beauty . . as does the posing of her hands, which seemed to be the style of the time. Sheer Beauty ! And Olive Borden looks delightful in her 'Wilma Flinstone' get-up. What a great film this must have been. 'Fig Leaves' (1926). And Clara Bow looks great as always, with her 'over the shoulder' glance of her wide eyes. I love the Golden Wrap around her ...
  17. WOW ! . . . Awesome Colors, Gagman . . . especially in the portrait of Dolores Del Rio in 'Mad' passionate Tango with Ricardo Cortez . . . Love the Emerald Green on her arm and neck. And that fabulous 'RED' background really intensifies the Mood . . . And Corinne Griffith looks 'chique' in her Lovely Lavender Coat . . . and standing by that AWESOME, Vintage, Classic Automobile. And I am SO Loving that 'Back Drop', with the busy lifestyle of the poorer, lower east side. It's so enriching and it speaks 'volume' ! And those photos of Harold Lloyd are just spectacular. And so is
  18. Shirley Temple was also one of my favorite child stars, too. I especiallly liked her in 'Heidi' and in 'The Little Princess', who also had another child star whom I also took a 'Liking to' right away . . . Sybil Jason ! What a 'Trooper' ! http://youtu.be/75YITfJJWMY
  19. Whoa . . . That is a very intriguing Photo, SansFin . . . A church you say ? . . . I wonder how the parishoners made their way to Sunday Service. I see something of a 'lift' like object to the side there. Could it be they were 'lifted' to service ? But it must have been a real 'Challenge' to bring the building material up there, in the first place, to build this 'Church'. How Awesome !
  20. Hi MissWonderly . . . It's not a bad idea if you did have this thread moved over to Favorites . . . welcoming Only the postings of these beautiful Places and Architecture . . . A sort of a 'get-away' place where we can 'escape' to, to see what Beautiful Sceneries have been posted thus far. But like Jake made mentioned that even though he's enjoying it now, he may tire of it later . . . and that may fall true with the other posters, as well. I'm enjoying it whether here in General Discussions or in any other Forum. So it would really be your call. And like Casablancalo
  21. SansFin ~~ { . . . I can imagine myself walking the aisles to chose truffles, exotic fruit, caviar and oysters . . . } Ditto on that thought, SansFin . . . And I can just hear my heels 'clicking' on that polished, tiled floors, too. What an Impressive and Elegant place to shop for fine cooking. It doesn't appear that shopping carts are allowed . . . probably too much 'clanging' noises for such an elite place. Looks like Only the hand baskets are used. I believe most of the European shopping is done in this manner, anyways. Am I right ? But this is just Superb
  22. THE CHICAGO THEATRE . . . Edited by: ugaarte on Jun 3, 2012 4:13 AM
  23. There's definaly something to say about the Architecture of Theatres and their 'Glories'. Chicago Theatre being one of them. There was a time, during the 70's when it was showing signs of decadence, with it's paint chipping & peeling and sticky carpets from spilled soda's, gum & candy. My son had, @ one time, skipped school and made his way downtown to see a Ninja movie, when the 'craze' was out . . . it was easy @ the time to get in, when one had 'friends' working on the inside. But Now, the Chicago Theatre has since been Remodeled to it's ultimate
  24. ~~ JakeHolman~~ { . . . The entrance you inquired about has etched in the stone: Fort Morgan and below it 1836 . . .} Thanks, Jake for that info . . . and yes, certainly, I would love to, one day, visit the Alabama Gulf Coast, along with other places I've been longing to visit. Thanks again, Jake.
  25. Wow, Jake . . . Those are mighty impressive Photos . . . especially that first one. I love that Ornate entraceway. Sort of reminds me of 'Petra', that place where that entrance way is carved into the mountain in Jordan, where 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' was filmed. Is there an inscription written down there ? . . . I can't quite make it out. Is it possible to get a larger 'shot' of that entrance way ? It seems that a fencing of some kind should have been built around the top edge there, preventing folks, taking 'midnight strolls' from tumbling in . . . And tho
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