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  1. Hi Gagman . . . Thanks for the Clarification about Mary Brian playing Wendy on 'Peter Pan'. I don't know why her face is 'etched' in my brain as the one playing Peter Pan. I even had to 'Google' it and search in Wikipedia. I also got a little 'gyst' of the movie on Youtube. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be the complete film .... only about 3 clips. But I also saw 'Tinkerbell'. I loved the way they were able to make her appear as an actual 'fairy' flying around and pulling Wendy's hair when she gave Peter Pan a kiss. Yep, you're right ... Mary Brian certainly played Wendy. I
  2. Hi Gagman . . . Wow ! . . . that picture of Norma Talmadge, 'Poppy' (1917), looks like an Actual Portrait ... I mean, one taken with a 'Regular' Camera . . Great Photo ! And I Love those Lobby Cards with Harold Lloyd, especially the one where he's holding up 'Grandma' . . . Too Cute ! And that's an Awesome Photo of Marion Davies ... I love the Coloring, especially the Pink and the Blue ! Along with the Photo of Renee Adoree & John Gilbert with King Vidor ... this is a Great Photo, too. Great Job, Gagman.
  3. I'm in agreement with you, Casablancalover . . . That is such a Unique structure . . . and by Frank Lloyd Wright . . . AND built over a Stream and Waterfall yet . . . What a 'Shagri-La' ! Thanks for Posting !
  4. Hi Gagman . . . Great Photos you've posted here. And Great coloring, especially Mary Brian with her deep blue eyes. Everytime I see her, I can't help thinking of her as 'Peter Pan' . . . And Betty Compson's stockings ... They don't make them like them anymore, with reinforced heels. Very durable, I'm sure. Great Photos, Gagman.
  5. Hi Gagman . . . That Vintage 'Lucky Stike' Ad with Betty Compson is just Superb. I Love it ! And so are those Fabulous Lobby Cards . . . AWESOME ! I also love that Poster of one Priscilla Dean. And You're right about her being almost forgotten.I had never heard of her and that's too bad . . . She certainly had that 'coyish' look about her, that would have projected through the camera lens straight to the viewers eyes. Awesome Photos, Gagman. Thanks again.
  6. SansFin . . . That 'Castle' is just 'Out of the World', overlooking that body of water. How thrilling it must be to visit such a place. Where exactly is this location? I find bodies of water always 'calling' to me. And I'm not a swimmer, at least I don't think I am . . . but I never want to fear water . . . Only Respect it! ~ Just like that Fall ! I love the movement. I told my sons that I want them to take me to Niagra Falls, one day, hopefully by my 60th birthday, which will be next year. I find the Rushing water so alluring . . . plus the negative ions it's supp
  7. Hi Gagman . . . That is an Awesome Picture of Ronald Coleman & Vilma. Especially Ronald Coleman. He looks so Handsome, especially in his Uniform. And I just can't get over Mr. Lewis Stone, in that 'womanizer' light . . . but he sure does appear 'dapper and elegant'. And I love that Purple in his lady friend's dress ! That's a great photo shot of Clara Bow and Alan Forrest, framed by a Wreath. The scenerio appears to be in a School Room Closet. And our Colleen Moore looks as cute as ever, with her bangs and hair tied back like that. I wonder if that's a larg
  8. Hi Gagman . . . Wow ! I couldn't believe that was Pola Negri. She's 'sporting' a different expression, somewhat. I thought, @ first glance, that it was Renee Adoree. Pola's eyes do have that 'haunting' look about them and she always appears so Fabulous ! And I love the Rich RED color of Norma Talmadge's wraparound 'sarong' ...it is very appealing. Also, the Color Blue in Laura La Plante's sheer dress . . . laced in Gold trimmings all around. And Clara Bow looks like she's having fun in the sun . . . With a bored Colleen Moore dressed professionally in an
  9. Filmlover ~~ { Yes, there was a Jewish influence, but when you look at the early comic books characters, many were created by Jewish writers and artists, such as Superman (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster), Batman (Bill Finger and Bob Kane) The Spirit (Will Eisner,) and Captain America (Joe Simon and Jack Kirby). Even Stan Lee (born Stanley Lieber) . . . } Thanks so much, Filmlover for that Clarification. Now the 'mystery' has been cleared up for me. Of course, the writers and artists were Jewish themselves. Kudos ! And thanks so much for your link regarding Fred Astaire. Tha
  10. SansFin . . . What a Glorious Home turned Museum . . . It is so Exquisite and Beautiful. I love the Archways and the Religious Pictures along with it's finite and intricate detailings throughout. It just takes my breath away !
  11. SansFin . . . What a Beautiful Picture of Reindeers or Elks ! These look absolutely Awesome against a backdrop of Snow.
  12. Dargo ~~ { . . . In the summer of '62 and when I was 10 y/o, my father drove me in his '59 Chevy station wagon back to his old stompin' grounds of Indianapolis from our home in L.A. to visit the family "back east"...just him and I. This was when I-40 had just started being built, and so it was pretty much on Route 66 we traveled . . . } . . . and driving that distance without Seat Belts, I bet . . . did we have seat belts back then ? I don't remember . . .
  13. That's an Awesome Photo of the Waldorf Astoria, circa 1900, Eugenia . . . sort of 'ties is' with Dargo's 'feeling' he shouldv'e been born around 1900, as well . . . (funny thing, Dargo . . . I, too, have always felt that I shouldv'e been born aroung the 'turn of the century' . . . but unlike you, I don't have the rest of my life 'mapped' out to every 'jot & tittle'. I guess I was just going to hang around until I fell into a 'Quantum Leap' of sorts and take if from there. You're well prepared, my friend ! )
  14. Thanks so much, Filmlover, for those Comic Book images. They are Spectacular ! And Kyle, thanks for introducing us to Filmlover's LINK . . . That was just Awesome ! I have a Jewish friend who had informed me several years ago that the Comic Book Superman (and I think he mentioned Batman, also) comic books had Jewish influence, even moreso, during World War II . . . with the 'bad guys' in the comic books being the Axis Power ..... being Conquered by the Allies or the 'Good Guys'! . . . . And whenever I watch 'Seinfeld' (who is Jewish himself) and I happen to see the l
  15. WOW ! Gagman . . . Lewis Stone ? . . . a womanizing Cad . . . Really ? . . . I'd never thought I'd ever see him any other way than his portrayal of Father/Judge in those beloved escapade movies of Andy Hardy .... I'm going to have to check out this film & see if I can find it on Youtube. Lewis Stone, though graying somewhat, he still looks Trim and Charming . . . even with a pistol pointed @ him by a 'jilted' female. And I so enjoy seeing the Mother and son Photo of Claire Windsor. They look so much alike. I also love the color of her dress ... the go
  16. Hi Gagman . . . I'm loving your posts of our Miss Clara Bow . . . She's such playful 'tease' with that Sailor trying to steer . . . but I'm glad he has his Eyes Straight Ahead ! .... I feel safe now ! : ) And I love her in the Post of "Lunch Counter Escapade". The Colors of her skirt & shoes are just 'ExtraOrdinary'. I really love that Mint color ! And her gentleman friend's suit and cap .... and bow tie ... he's really stylin' ! WOW! 10 cents for a hamburger ! ... Really ? ... Those sure were the Days ! Even the Proprietor looks eager to be @ our se
  17. Metsfan . . . What Gorgeous looking Posters you have here . . . Just Awesome ! Thanks you so much for Sharing.
  18. Welcome Back, Dargo 2 . . . Your brand of humor Posts almost always had me in 'stitches' . . .
  19. Hi Gagman . . . Your Post of the 3 Ladies . . . Loretta, Janice and Constance . . . is just Awesome! Their Beauty really stands out. I didn't realize how Green Loretta's eyes were . . . and I love the Plum color of Jamet's jacket.'' Lupe Valez truly does have that 'dagger' look. Not someone you'd want to 'trifle' with ! But I love her white gown with golden 'sequined' straps. And I love the 'Re-do' of Clara Bow's Pic ! Her short sassy Red Hair and Hot Pink dress really Stand out against that Teal Blue 'Plummage' behind her. Great Posts, Gagman !
  20. Hi Gagman . . . And as always, I admire your Lobby Cards. They are such a Treasure. The one with Lillian Gish in 'Annie Laurie' looks very interesting and would love to see one day. I'm not able to pull it up on Youtube. Whenever I hear the name 'Annie Luurie', I always think of James Dunn singing it in, 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' (19445) . . . And your 4 other posts are just Magnificently Colored. The one with Adolphe Menjou really stands out. And Betty Blythe appears 'helpless'. The hairstyle she is donning, seemed to be the 'style', in those days, sort of th
  21. ValentineXavier ~ (. . . Upside-down Christmas trees are an old tradition in the Catalonian region of Spain. . . . ) Is that a Fact ? . . . I didn't know this. That's very interesting, VX. Even when this 'phase' was Popular a few years back, I never heard this related to any 'tradition'. Would you happen to know what the purpose the Spaniards would have for hanging a Christmas Tree upside down ? Thanks much for sharing.
  22. Well, I'd have to say that it would be ready for the 'Upside Down Christmas Trees' that were the 'rage' sometime back. People would hang their Trees from the ceiling. I never quite understood the purpose of that unless it was to keep 'Fido' or 'Kitty Cat' .... or a curious crawling baby from playing with the ornaments. Oh, but wait a minute . . . Upside Down House . . . then the Christmas Tree would be 'right side up' again . . . right? Oh well . . . go figure . . . Edited by: ugaarte on May 10, 2012 3:45 PM
  23. Willbefree25 ~ (... Poor George, he was apparently a dumb youknowwhat, falling for the wife of a mobster/studio exec/same thing...) WOW ! Well this news has been cleared up for me! I had read somewhere (or heard ) that George Reeves was a Homosexual. So whenever I would see his re-runs, or on one of the 'I Love Lucy' episodes and even on his minor part on 'Gone With the Wind', 'vying' for Scarlett's attention . . . I would think, 'Great ACTING !' . . . But after your statement of his falling for the wife of a mobster, I 'Googled' his info and sure enough, it
  24. Gagman . . . Thank you so much for 'steering' me to this Awesome thread, 'Vintage Silent Film Artwork and Illustrations'. The Artwork on the portraits and Magazine covers are just 'Astounding' ! Nita Naldi and Pola Negri appear so 'Dark, Smokey and Beautiful'... And the 'Alice Joyce' by Leo Sielke Jr (1916) appears so 'hauntedly Beautiful', as well . . . They are all so stunning and I'm looking forward to viewing some more as you post them. Thanks so much Gagman !
  25. I agree with you, Metsfan . . . Ronald Coleman took my breath away when I saw this portrait of him, holding a demure Vilma Banky . . . He is positively very Handsome and 'suave' looking in his Uniform. I'm telling you, those mustaches really made a man back then appear 'daring and dapper' . . . Thanks for posting this, Gagman . . . And Gloria Swanson appears somewhat surprised being 'swept' up like that. But I don't think the gentleman holding her is Edward Everett Horton. It doesn't look like him. So it may very well be Wallace Reid, as you've suggested. Oh . . .
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