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  1. These are 4 Glorious Portraits you have here, Gagman . . . The Coloring on each one are just Brilliant ! Renee Adoree looks absolutely Stunning in her Burgandy Colored Sequined dress. It goes so well with her Auburn Hair and Red lips . . And Lillian Gish is so strikenly Beautiful appearing 'pensive', posing with that urn . . . Such Beautiful Eyes, she has . . . And a 'Heavily Beaded' Marion Davies is just plain 'SPACTACULAR' ! I love the colors of her gown . . . Pink & Mint Green. Such a Striking Profile! And Miss Mary Pickford . . . I love the 'salmon' co
  2. Hi Swithin . . . Thank you for providing the Link about Zohra Sehgal. She is quite an impressive person. To be honest with you, I had never heard of her, But I do enjoy Indian movies, especially from the 60's and mostly the movies that portray them in their natural attire with all their colorful saris and traditions. In the 70's, I used to attend a theatre that showed only Indian Movies and I always enjoyed watching them. The Theatre always smelled of heavy incense. Very aromatic & 'intoxicating' . . . it made the movie much more realistic. But it has since been torn do
  3. Hi Gagman . . . I agree with you too, Gagman .... I love that Portrait of Colleen Moore, 'playfully' posing in that mirror . . . she appears so 'coy' in a very SWEET way! She's Fantastic ! And I love your Portrait with a very handsome James Hall 'wooing' a somewhat 'demure and shy' Vilma Banky. Great Colors too ! And that Green Color for Corinne Griffith is so Rich looking. I love it! She does appear somewhat 'forlorn' . . . maybe she's dealing with something on her mind. Great Colors Gagman. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi Gagman . . . I have to tell you, I love that Colorful Portrait of Lillian Gish and John Gilbert in 'La Boheme' (1926). I say this because I had just finished watching the Silent on Youtube, this weekend, as I had never seen it before. And the reason why I watched it was because of Yours and Metsfan's Posting those other Pics of Lillian Gish & John Gilbert just a few posts back (4/24) . . . . It was such a Beautiful and Poignant Story and Lillian gave a Glorious performance @ the end, struggling to get to 'Rudolphe' . . . And your other portraits, with Gary Cooper and
  5. SansFin ~ (. . .Mother always chose the best side of the best one to face upwards in the basket when we took them to be blessed. All of my other ones were always in the bottom of the basket. . .. ) Just like a 'Mom' ! . . . And what a Wholesome Tradition of having the Baskets BLESSED ! . . . Regardless of some of the 'imperfect' EGGs, I know this is such a 'RICH' Cultural practice and Wonderful Memories, for you ... I know I've enjoyed it ! Thanks again.
  6. SansFin ~ (. . . I remember that I was disappointed when I was given a quail's egg to do. It was much smaller than the goose egg my mother was doing and the designs on a quail's egg are simple ones and do not have many colors. I was also disappointed that it was so much work and that I made many mistakes. I believe my fingers would have fallen off and I would have been driven crazy had I attempted a goose egg. ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WOW! . . . That must have been an Experience! . . . Have you attempted trying
  7. . . . COULDN'T RESIST THIS ONE ! (...It's just part of my Excitement 'build up' for tomorrow ...) http://youtu.be/G6djgavbp7c
  8. Hi Gagman . . . These Clara Bow Pics are just a Delight to look at. And those intense Colors in the one titled, 'Beware, The Mystic Conjurer' are just captivating. And those 2 portraits of Rosie and her Brolly Babes & RoughNecks, are just Adorable ! No man would want to 'tangle' with Rose & her Rough Neck gals in some dark alley . . . now would they? hee hee : ) And your other portraits with Janet Gaynor, Bebe Daniels, Dolores del Rio and Joan Crawford being held passionately by John Gilbert are so 'Grandioso'! Great Portraits, Gagman, Thanks for Pos
  9. Hi Gagman . . . Those are Lovely Portraits of both Marion Davies and Norma Shearer. I love those 'Autumn' colors in Norma Shearer's Dress. And Gagman, Thank you so much for posting those Lobby Cards . . . For the Lack of a Better Word . . . They are 'SPECTACULAR' ! . . . The Lobby Cards with Dolores Del Rio is so Vibrant and Colorful. She has such a 'Striking' pose in 'Revenge'. And I just love that Rich, Yellowish undertone with Mary Pickford strumming her guitar in 'Rosita' (1923) . . . And doesn't Janet Gaynor look her usual, animated self all 'stre
  10. (. . . And have fun singing "My Old Kentucky Home" on Saturday. . . ) Thanks, Kyle . . . I always liked the fact that they have the Words to the Song in 'Sub-Title' ! : )
  11. ( . . . A pysanka is meant to ward off evil in the house. Only the women of the house were to be in the room when they were being made. There were never any visitors nor men. Any interruption meant that the kindness, goodness and purity flowing into them was disrupted. You could not talk of other things as the eggs might hear it and curse you for being a gossip! ) That is very interesting, SansFin. And these Eggs are prepared around Easter Only? So it would sort of be 'understood' for a man (or a 'stranger') to definately know, NOT to visit any homes, @ these times, S
  12. SansFin and Clore . . . Thanks Much for the Names of the Horses that will be Running on Saturday. (Somewhat) Funny Story . . . My son and his wife are going through a bit of a 'bad patch' and she took off to Texas (her hometown). My son followed to make amends and to try to work something out. But after two months, it has been to NO Avail . . . and upon hearing about the Races, he announced that he is going with 'DONE TALKING' ! ...
  13. TikiSoo . . . (...I use those as Desktop pics whenever I feel frustrated in life...) TikiSoo ... Those Photos are just 'Glorious'! I can definately see How they could 'Lift' your spirit on a 'down' day. It's an Awesome Build-up, especially when a Jockey can 'connect' with his Horse . . . It ends too quickly though, but for those few minutes, we're 'riding the wind' along with Horse and rider . . .
  14. Hi Kyle . . . Guess What ? While searching through 'Google', about Seabiscuit and Secretariat and about which Horses had won the Triple Crown, I happened across a PBS "American Experience - Seabiscuit", which I just now got throught watching. I think it may have been the same one that you and TikiSoo were talking about. And if it was, you are so right! It was a Beautiful Documentary of the story of 'Seabiscuit' and about his rider 'Red' Pollard. And in 1938, Seabiscuits being named 'American Horse of the Year', after his Victory over his race against 'War Admiral'. And you
  15. Whoaaa . . . I've just watched the Video you've posted, SansFin and also the Video Following . . . I am @ a Loss for Words ! . . . That was SOoooo INCREDIBLY made ! . . . And SOooo Beautifully, too ! You would definately need a very steady hand . . . and lots of QUIET! I would, anyways. Lots of Consentration, there. But anyways, what Artwork. I have to say it looks like it could be quite 'therapeutic', too. Thank you so much for sharing that. I won't look @ another Easter Egg like that without thinking about the Magnificent Work that goes
  16. I agree, MissWonderly . . . it was a Great Song! Simon and Garfunkle did a Wonderful job telling the story of Frank Lloyd Wright . . . and somewhat 'Melancholy' too ! And those buildings on the Video Clips, weather all designed by Mr. Wright, are just as Gorgeous and Handsome as ever. Thanks for posting.
  17. Great Clip, Fred . . . But I think that Telegram was meant for Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme . . . They would have had that Telegram De-Coded, Just Like That ! : )
  18. Thanks for the 'Heads Up' on that, Kyle . . . I heard on the News this morning, about the Kentucky Derby taking place this Saturday. But didn't really get a full report on what was being said because we have that 'analog' tv (no cable) . . . and it kept digitally breaking up because we're having some overcast/rainy weather here in Chicago right now. The rainy weather (according to the weatherman) is scheduled to be here all week . . . but I'm hoping it clears up by this Saturday. And I'm SO Loving Your Posters. Thank you for Posting them. I would just love to have that 1922 P
  19. (TikiSoo ~ . . . Funny what you don't see is that it's plunked right down in an inner city neighborhood, surrounded by modest 1000 sq ft homes. I bet those houses make a bundle selling parking on their lawns. . . . ) Something similar to the Parking here in Chicago, when the Cubs or Sox are playing . . . you have all sorts of people out in the street, waving drivers down with card board signs saying, 'PARKING HERE'. And Yes, I can imagine the money they 'rake' in for those parkings. And you're right about that movie, 'SECRETARIAT' (2010) with Diane Lane
  20. This is Just a General Question and has Nothing to do with 'Movies' . . But the Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday, May 5th and I just wanted to know if anyone had the Names of the Horses that are running that day. My Family & I enjoy very much watching these Gallant Creatures in their Magnificent Form, running full force . . . though it lasts all of 5 minutes. We'll usually Each choose a Horse, according to their Names, and 'Root' for our Horse to come in. We always have a Great afternoon watching the Races on TV, alo
  21. SansFin . . . Those are very 'Impressive' looking Steps. I see there are some wider steps to the side, I guess to 'Rest' in between climbing, as I see someone taking advantage & doing just that. And FredCDobbs . . . I enjoyed watching that Silent Clip on Youtube of those very same Stairs. I was Truly Impresses with that Video Clip, watching those people descending down those stairs, running for their lives, trying to escape the Cossacks.
  22. Hi Metsfan . . . That's a great portrait of Conrad Veidt in full armor, along with his army. Love the still. Hi Gagman . . . Of course, you know by know how much these 'Old' Lobby Cards appeal to me. They're such a 'Blast from the Past'. 'The Blind Goddess' with Esther Ralston is so Authentic looking. Not to mention 'The Shakedown' Lobby card with Barbara Kent. That is Awesome as well. And a great job in the coloring with Clara Bow & Billie Dove. That 'Lime' color dress stands out perfectly on Clara Bow with her Red hair. And such a Beautiful shot of
  23. Hi MetsFan . . . I just Love those 2 Portraits of Lillian Gish and John Gilbert. The portraits look absolutely Enriching in that Sepia coloring. And Gish & Gilbert make such a Romantic-looking Couple. Hi Gagman . . . Lilliam Gish is alway so Beautiful in all her movies. She has such Expressive Eyes. I've never seen 'La Boheme' but would love to. The Colors in the pictures you've posted are just Lovely. It would be wonderful if I could see this silent in the same coloring . . . So 'Method Acting' was practiced as far back as the 1920's too, huh ? I'm refe
  24. I just wanted to let all of you who have, so far, Posted Pictures of these Buildings, Homes, Mansions and Churches how Beautiful and Gorgeous and Magnificent they all are. This thread started out talking about some of our Magnificent Structures that had been torn down, only to be replaced by a more modern but lifeless structure. But the pictures I've viewed so far, just goes to show that, for every one those structures that have been razed, (as sad as that is, for it's great loss) ... a great many more have since been built and are still standing. And hopefully with the help of
  25. SansFins . . . These structures are just AWESOME ! . . . They look like 'Ornate' Wedding Cakes ! . . . Just Beautiful ! (for the lack of a better word) . . . I just love the 'Rose' Coloring on the one and the 'Yellow' coloring on the other building. I'm glad I'm seeing pictures here because 'One Picture can Tells a Hundred Words . . . ". Edited by: ugaarte on Apr 30, 2012 4:19 AM
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