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  1. SansFin, what a Beautiful Structure that was of the Cathedral that has since, been torn down . . . how sad. And Really? ... a public toilet in place of where the altar once stood ? How cold is that? It's comforting to know that a Fountain was put in it's place, instead . . . an international outrage would have accurred, I'm sure of it. And that is stupendous handiwork of the inside. Is that all Gold in-laid? I agree, this is worth seeing. It's too bad these beautiful structures have been destroyed ... but at least, there are still Pictures saved to show others what WAS . . .
  2. (SansFin wrote . . . ... I have often thought a pod home would be ideal as there would be no natural cut-off for carpeting so you would cover the walls and ceiling. It would be great fun to watch a hyperactive cat literally running up the walls. You might also use Velcro and imitate Fred Astaire! ... ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That would be humorous, SansFin ... or having to locate a 'designated' "Corner" for a misbehaving child to 'stand in', in a rounded structure such as this . . . But as fascinating as these ROUNDED structures are, I began thinking and reading
  3. Thanks so much, Scottman & Eugenia, for sharing those links of those Awesome 'Colorful' video clips . . . Scottman, that was interesting to know that that was Betty Grable dancing along with those other 'CowGals' . . . Little did she or others know that she would soon be the most Popular 'Pin-Up' Girl in the next decade. And @ 2:35, I noticed how the camera traveled in between the dancers' legs. That seemed to be a very popular 'shot' for the camera in a lot of dance numbers of the 1930's. I guess it was a chance and a 'daring' move, to see more of the ladies' legs.
  4. Hi SanFin . . . That type of structure is very 'Unique', to say the least . . and very interesting! . . . I would be very interested in knowing what the inside looked like. Rounded Walls ... No Corners ... I sort of visualize something like a 'Dr Suess' - kind of structure. All the homes in his world appear to be rounded ... no sharp corners
  5. Hi Thelma . . . I just wanted to Thank you for posting that Documentary of the Wilhelm Gustloff. I don't believe I've heard of the 'Wilhelm Gustloff' in the past. If I did, it was likely in passing conversation. I am not through watching it yet, but what I have watched, I found it to be profound and 'heart wrenching', knowing those innocent children being taken down by drowning or even just the frigid waters alone. What I understand was that the ship was only supposed to hold 1,800 people, but the 'onslaught' of a 'rushing' people onto the ship, trying to make their escape, totaled
  6. HamRadio . . . Those Pictures of those Buildings were just absolutely 'Stunning' . . . and the Hoover Dam 'Sculptures' are so 'Grandioso' . . . I, too, am an admirer of the architect of old buildings. They are so Unique and Glorious ! I am fascinated by them whenever I walk or drive around my city of Chicago. I also enjoy watching them in Old Movies. The other day I watched 'Ball of Fire' (1941) with Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper and I found myself just taking a fascination with the inside structure of the 'luscious' home at where Gary Cooper and the other profes
  7. Hi Stacylk . . . The story sounds familiar to me too . . . Could it possibly be 'To Each His Own' (1946) with Olivia de Havilland and John Lund ? ~~ SPOILER ALERT ~~ I think it involves her getting pregnant by the man she loves but then she finds out that he's killed during WWII. Not being married, she has the baby in secret and leaves it on the doorstep of a large family, intending to 'care' for the child, in secret, without letting anyone know she's the mother. But, as fate would have it, someone else adopts the 'foundling' instead, which makes the b
  8. I SO Agree with you, Gagman . . . this is 'Stunning Artwork' in this Poster. Dark Blues, Blacks and Bright Yellows Adds to the DRAMA being portrayed by the actors being portrayed on the poster. And those pictures are just 'Awesome' of Lon Chaney in 'Shadows' (1922). I just love the pink coloring of the girls dress and the yellow in the pillow and tea pot . . . And 'Quincy Adams Sawyer' 1921 . . . So Cool. Is this one considered a 'Lobby Card'. I love the 'touch' with the small 'head and chest' shot of both Bowers and LaMarr on either side of the Border of the Picture . . . G
  9. Oh, there's my girl, 'Pola Negri', looking as 'Exotic' as always, in those Lobby Cards of 'The Cheat' . . . Always Love the 'Antique-y Look' of these Lobby Cards ! . . . Just 'Awesome' ! And Mabel Normand . . . Always a 'Class Act' all by herself. She looks just Fantastic in her 'Sultan' get-up ! . . . And taking a 'Nature' walk along with her little 'Poochie' . . . She is just strikingly Gorgeous. Loved her especially when she played opposite of 'Rosco Arbuckle' . . . (I try my best to keep from calling him 'Fatty', ever since I read somewhere that he abhorred the nickname .
  10. Hi Thelma . . . I never really gave it much thought until you brought up . . . the fact that there must have been that 'probability' of Daisy and Violet Hilton having the 'fantasy' of having 'SOLO' mobility, such as in the 'Dream Sequence', where Only one gets up out of bed . . . I've heard of other 'Siamese Twins' stating that they would Never think of having their 'situation' any other way, being very 'content' how things are ... but obviously they don't speak for the 'others', who obviously wish and 'fantasize' otherwise . . . Just like in that 'Seinfeld' series, wher
  11. Hi Thelma . . . This was an interesting film, 'Chained for Life' about the Hilton Sisters. Daisy and Violet Hilton were such Lovely Ladies. And they Sang well, too. I had read somewhere that they only stood about 4'11" or less, but they 'held themselves' well. I enjoyed the Dream Sequence, where Only one of the twins gets up, out of bed and meets her lover in the garden, where they begin to dance. Obviously another girl was used for the long shot and for the close up, the twin stood behind a tree, beholding her lover. It 'played out' very well. But the ending of t
  12. Gagman . . . I'm just Loving those Lobby Cards ! They are so Authentic and such a 'Time Piece' ! Thanks for Posting !
  13. Gagman . . . How Awesome are those Olive Thomas Lobby Cards ? . . . And from the year 1919 yet ! . . . Just 'Grandioso' ! I've always thought her to be somewhat on the 'slight' side . . . but these photo portray her as having somewhat of a larger 'built'. But either way she looks Just as Lovely with her ringlet curls and beautiful smile. And JackFavell . . . Whoever that is, she certainly does look very intense and impressive. It's a gorgeous 'sepia' shot. Well, I just saw Olive Thomas with a Monocle on one of the Lobby Cards Gagman listed . . . maybe it's her (?)
  14. Thelma . . . Thank you for your elaborate response. So that's what's happening, huh ? ... 'Something Weird Video Company' . . . allowing us 'taste' the fruit by watching a little bit of a clip, before 'snatching' it away and wanting their 'due' for the rest of the viewing. Well, I guess that's the 'Business' . . . So with that thought, I would urgently ask your readers, if they haven't done so recently, to visit Thelma Todd's 'Vintage Exploitaion Films - Filmography' thread Located under 'Your Favorites' and go through the List of Movies that Thelma has provided thus far, (whi
  15. Hi Gagman . . . I'm loving that Oriental, green brocaded garb that's worn in your picture in 'Paths to Paradise' (1925). And I so enjoyed viewing your Vintage Lobby Cards of Billie Dove in 'Adoration' (1928) . . . not to mention those Foreign Posters. How Awesome is that ! And that's a different look for Eric Von Stroheim, appearing so pensive and deep in thought. With head in hand and 'exposed' arms, he looks so vulnerable . . . not at all as the 'stoic', rod of steel for a backbone in full dress uniform. He looks like a regular 'joe'! Good for him ! And I love that
  16. Hi Gagman . . . I'm back again, for a little while anyways ... I just have to tell you what an Awesome Picture that is of Dolores Del Rin in the Art-Decco setting. The Colors are just pleasing to the eyes . . . her pale golden attire, the light fuscia couch with lavendar pillaws and that circular window for a backdrop. Just Beautiful ! And I just love that Poster of Olive Thomas in 'The Glorious Lady' (1919). The Colors here are just as captivating. Her Yellow gown against that deep blue background really stands out ... Awesome. And I just have to say that I've
  17. Hi All . . . This Saturday I'm going to try my hand in preparing Sushi. It appears relatively easy ... I hope. It looks like all I'll need are the Seaweed Wrappers. I can prepare the white rice and slice up some avocados, cucumbers, cream cheese and smoked salmon . . . and sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on it. I also have to remember to buy ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. I don't have one of those bamboo rollers but I'm going to try using wax paper and see what happens. Anyone ever prepare this ? We'll see how it goes. Edi
  18. I am enjoying this discussion thread. Thanks, FredCDobbs, for creating it. I'm a lover of both Tea and Coffee . . . Hot or Cold . . . and All Various kinds. Questing: Can anyone tell me why the British have their Tea @ 4pm ? In the Movie 'Brief Encounter' (1945) with Celia Johnson, when they're served Tea @ the train depot . . . the Tea is served in the Cup, but the Sugar is left in the spoon on the saucer, next to the cup ... I guess leaving it for the customer to empty the spoon of sugar into the cup. I thought is was such a 'cute' custom, but somewhat strange.
  19. { . . . It's always been a dream of mine to own an English Tea Room . . . } Lavenderblue . . . What a Beautiful Dream ! What would your English Tea Room consist of ? I've never had the dream to 'Own' and English Tea Room ... but I've always had the dream of having an English Tea Party for a 'handful' of my dearest friends, complete with different kinds of finger sandwiches, scones and of course the delicate, robust aroma of the varioius Teas . . . not to mention the heavenly scents of different kinds of floral arrangements in the room, including lilacs, honeysuckle, lilies a
  20. Thelma ... Your explanation of the Tea and Coffee drinkers between the States and the UK makes so much sense ... and puts the Tea and Coffee 'business' into perspective. It's just as you've stated, " . . . It's a simple case of just "following the money trail" in an effort to figure something out. Pounds Sterling speak just as loudly as dollars . . ." How true ! { . . . both British and American commercial interests have since discovered and exploited tea and coffee in new markets. You will find a lot of gourmet coffee for sale in the UK, just as you find a lot of gourmet te
  21. Thanks, MusicalNovelty ... It feels good to be back ... for awhile anyways. But I plan to take 'advantage' of the time I have to be read and comment more.
  22. Hi Thelma . . . and All . . . Sorry for being away. This is the first time I've had access to this computer, being that there are now other users for the time being, making it just a little more difficult to use. And what little time I did have, I used it to spend going through the 'General Discussions', Gagmen's Silent Film Gallery & Crushes, Mongo's thread in Films & Filmography and Rohanaka's 'TCM Family Recipe' thread. But now, one of the users here will be away for a month, allowing me just a little bit more time to hopefully 'Respond', as
  23. Hi Everyone . . . As I stated in the other 'Silent Film' thread . . . I'm NOT having an easy access to this computer ... and AM able to make these entries, as it's free @ the moment ... and so am I. Well just let me say, as always ... Awesome, Awesome Photos here. Gagman, that Photo of Olive Thomas dressed in Gypsy 'garb' is just 'Stupendous', to say the least. Her intense brown eyes and thick dark hair set against that beautiful 'velvety' dark green background, just sets the whole tone. And I'm loving her beaded cap and her pale lacy outfit. Just so Rich and Beautiful
  24. Hi Everybody ... Here I am again ... I'm NOT having easy access to this computer like I'd like to have but just know that I AM looking over these Great Photos and Pics of everyones ! And, of course, Clara Bow is looking absolutely 'Patriotic' in her Uniform in 'Wings'. As does Ronald Coleman and 'The Geste Boys' ... in their Uniforms. And that's a Great View of 'Pirate Life' @ Sea with Harold Lloyd & his female Pirate ... And how Lovely Jobyna looks, all in Lacey White, being carried by a 'disbelieving' Harold Lloyd. And as always ... Awesome Photos Gagman
  25. Hi Gagman and JackFavell . . . That's a great shot of Clara Bow dressed in street urchin garb sitting on a stoop and her little ruffian doggie . . . really cute ! And that side shot of Pola Negri looks absolutely Awesome ... with her Gold Cape and penetrating gaze . . . Oh and that close-up portrait of Mary Brian (Little Miss Prim and Proper) is just Gorgeous . . . Love her 'sparkly jeweled' cap. And what Big and deep set Blue eyes she had ! And JackFavell . . . loved all those portraits of Mary Brian. She is very stunning. As much as I love Sepia, I especially l
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