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  1. Hi Everybody . . . Here I am ! I apologize for not being online. This computer is now being shared with a few more people here @ home. But for now, I have it for awhile. I've also been dealing with a bad tooth. It's 'calmed down' for now, until I can see an affordable dentist . . . but I have been checking the Pics and Posts that periodically here. And that picture of London after Midnite looks awesome. Especially the coloring, as in the 1928 'Beggars of Life' with Louise Brooks. Great Coloring ! But that Bonnet just doesn't do it for her . . . I sort
  2. Gagman ... Yep ... it sure sounds like food poisoning to me. I've been through that awful mess too ... not very pleasant. Any smell of food would start me wretching again. I could only sip on ice chips for a couple of days ... and waited for that 'growling' sound in my stomach, telling me I was hungry ... that was a sure sign that I was much, much better . . . . Well let me just say that Bessie Love looks incredibly young and vibrant. What beautiful long hair she had and a smile to match . . . Awww Youth !! And Billie Dove looks 'Classy' in her Blue Outfit and Pin
  3. Hi Gagman ... Oooo ... Food Poisoning ! ... That's not good ! (Been there/Done that ... yuck ! ) Well I'm happy to hear that you are over your dilemma and up to posting pictures again . . . Wow ... what a Cigarette Holder, Adolphe Menjou is holding. At first, I didn't know what he was holding. To me, it appeared to look like a cigarette being held in a 'rolled up' hankerchief. Not until the feet and legs began taking form that I finally realized that it was a naked lady 'hugging' his cigarette. How 'Cool' is that ? . . . Question: Where
  4. We'll be watching it here ! I don't fully understand Football but get the general 'gyst' of it all. The same goes for Baseball and Basketball. Living in a house with a Brother and 2 Sons who are avid fans, I'm bound to get caught up in it . . . Plus the fact that I'll be preparing those special goodies during these occasions. We're having Barbequed Chicken Wings, Hot dogs with Chips and 3 Pizzas . . . And I agree with Miss Wonderly ... there is something 'Cozy' about it altogether ... especially when my Family is gathered around. I get that 'Cozy' feeling during the Summer time whe
  5. Hi Gagman . . . I'm sorry to hear that you've been 'under the weather' but it's good to know that you're getting better. Thanks to God ! I can understand about not being on-line too much ... I know how that feels when you're just not 'up to it'. But Rest is very important, too. Let me just say that that is such a Lovely shot of Barbara Kent. She looks absolutely 'Charming & Endearing'. And Esther Ralston has such a 'Striking' Smile ... She is so Beautiful. And I see her Lovely String of PEARLS ... I Love Pearls ... I think they are so Elegant ! And t
  6. Hi Gagman . . . I just Love the 'Mint Green' Coloring of Esther Ralston's Gown . . And Dorothy Sebastian looks serious, toting that pistol .... Remind me not to 'tangle' with her ! And that's such a Cute and 'Animated' Clara Bow in 'Rough House Rosie'. Looks like you've just posted these . . . That's a Great Picture of Clara Bow & a Gentleman Friend @ a Park Bench. And Colleen Moore on the Cover of Photoplay Magazine looks Awesome. But it appears that both her eyes are Brown. ?:| And what a Glorious Picture of Colleen in front of that
  7. That's an Awesome Poster of Dorothy Gish, Gagman . . . I always thought that she was sort of 'under her sister Liilian's shadow' ... but I guess she also made it on her own ... huh ? Great Poster !
  8. Hi Gagman ... I Love the Picture of Ronald Coleman and Vilma Banky. Ronald Colman has always taken my breath away . . . He is so 'Dapper' and Hansomely Romantic . . . I can just hear his 'wispy' sounding voice. And his mustache really puts the 'icing on the cake' ! And Mary Astor appears so Stunningly Ravishing in her Pale White dress and long dark tresses. And Great colors in the Lon Chaney portrait, too. Thanks for sharing, Gagman !
  9. Hi Gagman . . . Love that Pink coloring on Betty Compson . . . and such an Awesome Portrait of a Sweet Adoree being Loved and Protected by the strong arms of the man in her life. And KUDOs on that 'Moving Picture' Magazine ... January 1924 ... How Awesome is that ? . . . Great Illustration. Thanks for posting, Gagman !
  10. Gagman . . . What an Absolutely, Stunning Portrait that is of Pola Negri . . . She is so Breathtakingly Beautiful . . . in such a 'Haunting' way ! She is by far Exceptionally Exquisite ! And that Christmas scene with a very cute Alice White in white fur has just the right coloring going for it . . . And Great Colors too in 'Her Night of Romance' 1924 . . . Ronald Colman is so very Handsome in his Mustache & Fedora. And I so love that AD for 'Stella Dallas' 1925. I Love the Picture. Is that Barbara Stanwyck ? And do you know who the Gentleman is ?
  11. Thanks, Gagman, for posting that 'Cinema Art' Magazine with Marion Davies . . I Love it ! And I love that 'Flaming Youth' Montage poster . . . Are those ALL Colleen Moore ? . . . I doubt it. But nevertheless, it looks Awesome, Gagman ! And that Picture of Wings looks absolutely Fabulous . . . Love that Deep Red in the background. Also Renee Adore and Mary Minter portraits look Fabulous ! Mary Minter doesn't appear to be wearing any make-up. That's a 'First' and exceptional to see a beauty from that era without any make-up ... and get to view their natural beauty !
  12. Hi Gagman . . . I'm loving the Photoplay Magazine with Bebe Daniels on it. What Expressive Eyes she has ! Just like the Eyes of Pola Negri . . . very Deep and Expressive. Great Colors in your Pictures with Mary Astor and also, Bessie Love. I also have to comment on the Picture of Dorothy Janis . . . Awesome 'muted' colorings . . . Love the long Ringlet look in her hair ! Great Pictures, Gagman !
  13. *The famed Orient Express went through Hungary on it's way to Istanbul, and was often taken by honeymooners, as depicted in the film. Visegrád was one of the stops on the way to Budapest, which lies a few miles to the north of the capital city. It features a spectacular view of the Danube river taking a tight, virtually 90 degree turn from east west to north-south.* Hi Thelma . . . You Paint such a Beautiful and Scenic Picture of Hungary, especially the view of the Danube River . . . How Breathtaking that must be. Is that Train Ride still available today ? I'm sure it's suc
  14. Hi Gagman ... I have to tell you how much I love that Portrait of Pola Negri in that 'Silken Gown' ! . . . and the combination of Blue and Pink. Great Colors, Gagman. And Ramon Novarro looks 'ruggedly' Handsome as Always with Marceline Day in 'The Road to Romance'. And, of course, I'm a lover of 'Lobby Cards' ... 'Code of the West' with Constance Bennett. And Constance again with Edmund Lowe. Great Pictures !
  15. Hi Bronxgirl . . . Thank you for your Well Wishes ! . . Yes, I'm feeling so much better, though the flu is running it's course here, right now . . . but I can see the 'tail end' of it leaving ! And yes, I so agree with you about Gagman's photo . . . I've always found them a delight to view and always look forward to coming to 'this end of the neighborhood' . . .
  16. Hi Gagman . . . What Beautiful Homes Marion Davies had in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills . . . Exquisite ! I wonder if either of her homes were gifts from her 'gentleman friend' William Randolph Hearst . . . Hmmm !? Though I wouldn't be surprised if she bought them herself as, I'm sure, she made enough to purchase them herself. And lovely Posters of Marion in 'When Knighthood Was in Flower' and 'Buried Treasure'. And that Photoplay Magazine picture of her is a Classic. Thanks for posting, Gagman ! Edited by: ugaarte on Jan 18, 2012 6:15 AM
  17. Hi Sansfin . . . Your Recipe for 'Capuchins Recipe for Eggs' sounds very Delicious ! I'm a lover of Eggs and try to find different ways of preparing them for my family. And this one sounds like a winner and something my family would enjoy having for breakfast. Question: After the preparation time, should the eggs be soft, like a soft boiled egg . . . or firm ? And will the Yoke be 'Runny' or fully cooked. My guys tend to like a 'runny' yoke . . . (I'm getting hungry as I type this . . think I'll stop here and go scramble a couple of eggs for myself !)
  18. Hi Gagman / JackFavell / Bronxgirl48 Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile ... between the 'Holidays Doings' and having been 'under the weather' and my sons using my computer, it's kind of 'limited' me to comment everywhere. But I've had the chance to view and ENJOY all these Wonderful Pictures & Portraits . . . And Happy Birthday, Gagman ! I hope you had a Great One and may you be Blessed with many more ! I love your many Pics of Colleen Moore. She's as Fabulous as always ... One of her pics she reminds me of Ruby Keeler. And JackFavell, I love your silent p
  19. Talk about finding Parking CLOSE to the Theatre ! . . .
  20. Hi Sansfin / JackFavell / Casablancalover . . . I'm @ the 'tail end' of a bad cold and hadn't much desire to sit @ a computer ... just wanted to sleep. But I'm feeling quite better now after plenty of chicken soup and hot tea with lemon and reading these fabulous stories of Spider Webs and Fireplaces ! Sansfin, I just have to say that I am so enthralled with your stories of Father Frost and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, as also told in the Cartoons you've posted before. They are deeply enriching to read. Also the story of the Spider Web being used for decoration on a poo
  21. One day, many years ago, I had heard that Debbie Reynolds was going to be in Chicago and would be @ a particular store downtown. (The name of the store escapes me.) But upon hearing that she would be there, I rushed downtown to see her. I guess I had gotten there earlier than expected because I was expecting to see a 'throng' of people trying to get in, but instead, there were maybe a handful of folks, myself included, that were a tad bit too early. And we got to talk to her and shake her hand. I told her how much I enjoyed her movies ... and in my nervousness, I asked if I could take he
  22. Hi Wouldbestar and Casablancalover . . . I have to Agree with you . . . Happy Family Memories are the BEST ! ... Especially when 'Food' is Involved ! I have to say that the TUNA substitute for ground beef is a very 'Welcome' idea . . . I'm going to have to try it the next time I prepare my sons' version of 'Slop', which as you've rightly stated ... 'It is NOT !' Aaaah, Memories ! . . . I Remember, many years ago, my Mother had the Milkman to deliver, along with our Milk, a Gallon of Grape Juice, as an added bonus, every Friday. When my brother and I were home from Grade Schoo
  23. Hi Everyone . . . I hope your New Years 2012 is starting off on the 'Right Foot' ! We're on the 6th day and have 359 days to go for 2012 . . . So let's make the MOST of it. SanFins, I wanted to respond to you before this time. That was a very interesting article on 'Reindeer Pate'. I never would have thought that it could be made from a large mammal ... but then again, it is the Liver. It seems to be very popular in Sweden and in other colder climates. Very interesting indeed. I've only seen Liver Pate prepared with Chicken Liver. But then tonight on TV, I watched J
  24. *~~ Dargo ~~* *Hands down for me is the mirror scene in Duck Soup.* *I've watched that baby a GAZILLION times(okay, okay...maybe 30 times) but I swear I STILL laughed as hard the last time I watched it as I did the first time.* *Saaaay, ya know...I think I could use a good laugh right about NOW...and sooooooo.......*[|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5lU52aWTJo] *...okay, I just watched it again aaaaand....:.. :^0 :^0 :^0 :^0!!!!!!!!!!!!!)* I think the Funniest part of that 'Mirror Scene' was when Groucho does that fast 'twirl around', but too fast for Harpo to 'mimic' but he still
  25. Director Federico Fellini's wife, Giulietta Masina, gave an Awesome performance as a Prostitute in, *'Nights of Cabiria' (1957).* ** Edited by: ugaarte on Jan 4, 2012 9:33 PM
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