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  1. I think it's just ok. It never really got me interested
  2. I always loved musicals and I guess I always will. Does Brigadoon count as a musical?
  3. For those who have seen the magnificant seven, is'nt it modeled after an older movie? What is it.
  4. Would you find a Happy-go-lucky-every-one-smilin'-movie to a dark-depressingly-deep-edgar-allen-poe-like one.
  5. sounds like something from the twilight zone....sorry. just musing
  6. I watched To kill a Mockingbird and I didn't get. I feel like the movie just skips around and loses the meaning that was written in the book. Like in the ending, when it was supposed to be like an epic climax, it just invovled shodows and weird disgruntled noises. I would of liked it better if they focused on the kids more and their adventures then I think the movie would have beenmore likeable. What would anyone else like to change? Message was edited by: silversymphony
  7. my question today is... is it a smart thing to do remakes of great films? I mean, nothing could be better than the original, but would it be a better idea to make a remake of a bad film and make it better or just try to re-film what already has been made famous? Like King Kong. Peter Jackson did a good job, and it was probably the best remake I have seen. Yet it has already been done and like I said nothing could be better than the original.Or could it... What would be a bad movie that could be made into something I would want to go see in theatres. Any suggestions? Messag
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