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  1. That' s the second picture Tom posted. The first one is Flynn and his wife (Nora Eddington or Patrice Wymore?), and Bruce and his wife.
  2. This week-end, I saw two films that couldn't be more different, but both carry plot elements about drunk driving. I viewed Topper (1937), which incredibly, I had never seen, even though I'm a longtime fan of screwball comedies and Cary Grant. I have to admit my modern sensibility was not amused by this film at all. Warning: many spoiler alerts for those who are not familiar with the Topper series. The plot is about a gorgeous socialite couple who basically binge drink and club hop the entire night of their wedding anniversary. Grant actually shows up to work in his evening clothes and cu
  3. Somehow that picture of Cabot and the rather scornful sidelong glance is partner is giving him says it all.
  4. Yes, but that has Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell to redeem it. I like Cabot in Dodge City, where he plays the villain, but I don't like him in roles where he is the hero. Apparently in the 1950s, he pulled some dirty tricks on Errol Flynn, who was supposed to be one of his friends. I don't even like him in Ann Vickers with Irene Dunne. I can't understand why such and intelligent and classy gal would give up her virtue to that guy, even though he's playing a soldier.
  5. I really enjoy those Warner programmers and had seen this one on TCM On Demand, but avoided it due to my extreme distaste for Bruce Cabot. I find him bland and unlikeable. I heard that he was kind of a heel in real life. I have to admit that if my favorite pre-code and B Warners' actor, Warren William, was in the part, I'd probably love it.
  6. I watched Irene (1940) this week, which I found a light but charming effort. I found Anna Neagle extremely engaging, a talented actress and dancer. Her soprano is a bit on the thin side but sufficient for the material. After seeing Irene, I found a youtube clip of her dancing to "Who?" from Sunny with Ray Bolger -- they are both so graceful together they look like angels. The Scarecrow -- who would've thought it? I read up on Neagle and found out that she was a major star in the UK until the early 50s, really the reigning queen of their movie industry, particularly in musicals. I hap
  7. Kay Francis, Constance Bennett, Loretta Young, Joan Crawford See Kay's precodes this month -- the best back and shoulders in the business. Constance Bennett is another one who looks great in clothes but can combine humor and vulnerability. I find Loretta much more appealing in her pre-code days than later films, when she became a virtuous fashion plate. I also find Joan Crawford very natural as an actress, tough and vulnerable, transferring well from shopgirl to high fashion socialite. However, I don't find her that attractive post 1940.
  8. Had to be the noise since it's the only movie I've seen so far in which Kay isn't dressed in something that shows off her back and shoulders.
  9. Yes, Lenin died of stroke, but he was a victim of an assassination attempt in 1918, which he survived. This is the event the film depicts.
  10. I've always enjoyed this film, including the ending during high school graduation, which is a tribute to Spartacus, as unlikely as that may seem. Yes, Kevin Kline is the "gay stereotype," neat, well-dressed, well-read, a fan of musicals, a good dancer -- a perfect match, so I might have gone through with the wedding. So what he's gay? As Joe E. Brown said, "Nobody's Perfect."
  11. So, my spouse and I are on vacation in Maine, and what else to do on a cold rainy day but see a matinee (that even rhymes). With buying tickets online, you can now see how full the theater was going to be, and there were literally no seats purchased. When we entered the theater, there were exactly 3 other couples, 1 female couple, and the other two about our age. My own feeling is that the audience for this film is older and most of us don't want to go to a crowded theater. However, I really enjoyed the film, loved what Spielberg did with filming the numbers in actual urban settings. We
  12. Here is an earlier photo, more natural eyebrows, cropped hair -- she has strong features, perhaps not classically beautiful, but definitely an interesting face. Also, not the waif thin body type that is worshipped now.
  13. I don't think she looks at all like Grace Kelly. However, I have a pretty bad girl crush on Kay, especially in her early roles. I love the husky voice, the pitch black hair, especially cropped and slicked back in some of the early 30s roles, and I don't think there's an actress in Hollywood who had a more beautiful back. During Jewel Robbery, does anyone else wonder when that dress will slip entirely off her shoulders? She was definitely one of the most gorgeous clotheshorses, ever, who can wear a gown cut on the bias or a mannish suit equally well.
  14. My husband says that I looked like Zohra when I was young, but only in the face, not her body type -- I'm very petite - around 5'1". Anyway, he always watches the end of that film for her performance - she also has a great voice. Too bad she ended up just doing horror and TV.
  15. My favorite Christmas movie. It blends the bittersweet and the sentiment. Stanwyck's scene with her mother captures the poignance and anger of broken relationships that belie the fantasy Christmas. And I just get all choked up when Stanley Holloway sings "A Perfect Day."
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