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  1. Whether you want to believe it or not, who could have ever thought that this movie would become a beloved classic? Certainly, one of the biggest and most sought after movie’s to see at film festivals and it’s cult continues to grow among the younger fans who have discovered the wonderful fun there is to watching “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman.” When Allied Artists released the film, all the studio needed was a reasonable distribution around most of the secondary markets of drive-in theaters and local, small movie houses. Instead, they suddenly had a huge block-buster hit on their hands! Producer
  2. > I guess you really like this woman? Are you related to her or knew her? ?:| OK . . . Here’s what I can add to the Laurette Luze story, from having been around at the time she was working in town. First off, she was without doubt, one of the most beautiful starlets of the early 1950’s. Some movie insiders now even say, the imagery of Luze had some influence on the early career of Sophia Loren, upon her arriving in Hollywood! I only saw Miss Luze once, in 1956, at the Coconut Grove with her then husband, Robert Creel. She was for all intended purposes, absolutely beautiful, radian
  3. > {quote:title=TomJH You Wrote: }{quote}One day, when I have the courage, I shall take the plunge. :^0 It's rather funny to me . . . That's about what one has to consider, when thinking about wanting to watch "Torch Song!" It does take some courage to take the plunge towards a film that leaves one with a few distored visions and ideas about the possible real life of a legendary movie star. B-)
  4. Alas! This would definitely be one of my all time favorite subjects to tackle. After all, everybody who has been a movie fan all their lives has to have a love for a film that was either trashed or thrown into the wayside of critical humiliation! Well, having been around show business for over 50 plus years, I’m about as guilty as anyone who shunned what the critics said and felt a certain motion picture was worth my time and even my money to go see. There has been for me, several choices along the way that have remained on my list of films, usually ignored for the way the movie obtained a rep
  5. > {quote:title=ValeskaSuratt . . .}{quote} *Excellent Observation!* Especially with the important dates and time frame that now make the photo, not so much a suspect of authenticity, but in need of clarification as to its origin. I did some research over this photograph and it seems no one has come forward or been able to verify exactly when it was taken and where it came from! The photo has simply popped up on the internet and while it could very well be from someone’s private collection, who happened to be on the set of a movie being made, it doesn’t necessary mean that the woma
  6. > {quote:title=. . . }{quote}You mean to the LEFT...Marilyn is on the right. > HA . . . Have to laugh at myself on that one! I had a senior moment! Anyway, can't call in the FBI . . . Director J. Edgar, who had all the files destroyed is also dead!
  7. AH-HA UniveralHorror! I just found out about that photo! It was presumably taken during the time Marilyn and Otto were making "River of No Return." If it is authentic, then it remains the only widely seen photo of Marilyn and (if it can be clearly proven) Dorothy. Yet, I still can't get any sort of details about the photo's origin.
  8. {quote:title=OK UniversalHorror . . . }{quote} Well, it could be . . . But, I'm not so sure if the woman to the right is in fact Dorothy . . . So tell me: What is the origin of this photo? Remember one thing . . . I said CLEAR CUT PHOTO. I'd want a date, place and possible verification. My guess is the photo is probably from a privatge collection or used in a biography of Otto or Dorothy? What's the story? ?:|
  9. DELETED due to problems with repeated posting . . . :0 Edited by: MovieProfessor on Aug 26, 2012 8:24 PM
  10. This is nothing so new to consider, since many stars over the years have charged fans for an autograph. It all probably started as a means to keep an overzealous fan away and not be bothered. Certainly, the most prevalent issue are movie stars becoming agitated to discovering individuals who make a living by profiting from their signatures or whatever personal items they might have once owned. Also, there is an ever growing market of fraudulent materials being sold or said to have been sanctioned by the movie star. So, when you add up or figure out what might be a situation gone erratic and no
  11. So far, in over fifty plus years, no one has been able to come up with a clear cut photo of Dorothy and Marilyn together. There was once, a rare black and white photo floating around, taken at some movie premiere both ladies attended. I remember seeing this photo around 1956. The photo has yet to resurface or be found in order to finally quell those who have questioned the relationship of Marilyn and Dorothy. The problem was that the politics of those times, didn’t permit a woman of color, even if she be famous to have a photo taken at a public place or gathering with a Caucasian movie star! I
  12. Well, I can fill you in on some loose ends of the story that I happened to come across. It was a fact that Marilyn and Dorothy became friends. This was especially the case, when Dorothy signed on at 20th Century-Fox studios, where Marilyn would make most of the major films of her career. Dorothy was at the time, jumping from one gig to the next, usually doing a singing nightclub act, while continuing on with somewhat of an acting career in films. During the early half of Dorothy’s career, she was trying to break away from her success within the Negro film community and reach towards getting in
  13. > {quote:title=TCMfan23 you say: }{quote}to me , Hollywood films have turned to garbage. Since the 80s , movies have been getting worse and worse. At the turn of the century , Hollywood writers have run out of ideas. Having been part of the “Old Hollywood School” of sorts and now retired, I would have to say it shouldn’t be a question that modern cinema simply stinks. Like it is in life, all things change or we move on towards different directions that suit each and every generation. An example I could give over this topic pertains to a film student I once chatted with about the mot
  14. > {quote:title=Lori3 you wrote: }{quote}Hi ValeskaSuratt. I am jumping in here just to put my two cents in, but I am sure the MovieProfessor will provide you with some great information. > > > > You wrote: "The definition of an actor is someone who'll stick it into anything." > > > > For example. > I read once that Errol Flynn was sharing a sexual "score" he had made with a fan, to a younger actor. Flynn stated all during the act, the woman kept saying, "oh Errol Flynn, yes, yes Errol Flynn, etc, etc." Flynn seemed a little upset with the woman,
  15. > {quote:title=Lori3 You Wrote: . . .}{quote}there is a claim that Clifford Odets was gay or bisexual and that Brando and Odets got together. The book makes it sounds like Odets would have liked to have a deeper relationship with Julius, but it didn't happen and I am not sure why, unless Julius just said no to his good friend. > True or Hollywood gossip? You are, without a shadow of any doubt, absolutely, positively correct! This issue was years ago conveyed to me by close friends of Julius and they certainly were very credible. Odets looked upon Julius as a sort of protégé, relat
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