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  1. This is just plain drivel! All of those here know how to access IMDB and parrot what they see there. What a waste of time and effort!
  2. BORING post with even more boring tripe responses! Why don't you ladies take a "time out" and do your housework? or take a nap? or just GET A LIFE!!!
  3. Best known as Paris Mitchell from Kings Row. He is in fact a minor actor, but by chance found his niche toward the end of his career as a comedian! Cummings was a natural in comedy. His 50's TV show "Love that Bob" is one of the best sitcoms ever! Better than Lucy! And on a par with Gleason's Ralph Kramden. Many years were wasted by both Bob and Hollywood trying to make him a serious actor. He was quite funny and natural just being Bob Collins photographer in 'Love that Bob!" Something Special for SURE!
  4. Previous poster has IT right! Almost all of the anti-war Loons are quite a lot like Stone, drug users and cowards who CAN'T fight any wars! Stone was drafted and has admitted to being a serious drug user in 'Nam. Bush has prevailed against al Qaeda AND the Hollywood left and most of the MSM! Also the 'cut n run' cowards in the Congress and the Senate. Job well done!!!
  5. Whoopi Goldberg is in reality one of the worst foul mouth b......s! in Hollywood! She give off a most foul odor every time she opens her mouth.
  6. WE don't call them LOONS for no reason! Hollywood lost their way many years ago and is now almost totally INFESTED with leftest scum bag Loons! Back to the 50's!!!
  7. No movies available to rent that were released after 1969. Go to B-Movie Paradise at www,classicflix.com About the same rental fees as Netflix, but SO Many old classics and Not so classic B-Movies, My Favs! Tomorrow night is Frankie Darro night! A Frankie Darro triple feature! Down side for this site is they are in CA and have no east coast rental centers, but I got my 1st dvds in 2 days here in the Florida panhandle. Enjoy!!
  8. No star of the day b.s. today! On today's marquee: 10:00 am Batman '43 movie serial chapters #6 and #7 10:45 3 Droopy Dog cartoons 11:10 3 Stooges! 12:00 Leo Gorcey and The Bowery Boys double feature "Jalopy" and "Hard Boiled Mahonney" 2:30 Exit theatre.
  9. Doris Wishman was the female "Russ Meyer" of her time! Why would this woman director of so many classic films be omitted? "Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls" just one of her classics from the 60's. To see her other classics go to www.imdb.com to see more.
  10. Special effects are only for dummies! or young idiot skateboarders who can't follow a real movie story or anything else that requires THINKING! The only exception would be movie serials of the 40's like "Superman" and "King of the Rocket Men" that depict Super Hero's flying. There is NO evidence that said heros couldn't fly! Even Captain Marvel who could fly but only at about 30 mph, not quite up to REAL super hero standards like 'Rocket Man!' but kinda funny in a strange way.
  11. Allen Jenkins! Frankie Darro! Leo Gorcey! Llyle Talbot! Kane Richmond! Clayton Moore! Noel Neil! Phyliss Coats! Huntz Hall! Art Reader! Charles King! SO Many more of my cinema FRIENDS I, Spysmasher hates to leave the thertre!
  12. 'clore' is correct about Tom London. I thought Charles King(411) was in the most movies. I stand corrected. Both London and King mostly played in B-Westerns as henchmen and bad guys.
  13. Stan Laurel! Nothing more needed to say.
  14. Hint: his initials are C.K. this should keep you busy for a while. Saysmasher re:try IMDB
  15. THANKS! For a wile I thought no one remembered. Kane.
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