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  1. The last few days of this course have seemed just thrown together. Friday's lecture notes were posted very late. The week 5 quiz wasn't posted until the middle of the day on Saturday. Now today's lecture notes will not be posted until late afternoon. I honestly have thoroughly enjoyed this course, but it's been harder for me not to get the day's work done when I have time, before the day gets busy for me. Flexibility has been mentioned several times during this course but it's not happening. I can't imagine going to an actual class and the notes or quizes not being ready...
  2. I feel like the opening scene was, yes, giving us Jeff's future POV... But, most importantly, I felt as while we were going through Jeff's window, it was like someone was opening a door to us...or like the curtain was rising on a stage. We were being "let in" to the courtyard and apartments as if we were being shown that this is where the story plays out.
  3. Yes, I did enter the contest. I did not receive any phone calls from that number after that. Hoping it was all nothing. Thank you for your help!
  4. No message left. I'm sick to my stomach right now... :-(
  5. I was reading some replies here regarding 20 fans being guest programers in the month of April. Where did you find this information? I heard that there was only one fan chosen. I ask because the day that they announced the winner in November I received a call from Atlanta but missed it. I will be sick if I had been one of the ones chosen but missed out just because of a missed call. Can anyone help me clear all of this up? Thank you!
  6. Is there a star of the month in October? I couldn't tell by the schedule.
  7. Can anyone tell me who the star of the month is for the upcomming months, if they're posted yet? I know this month is Tough Guys. Thank you!
  8. There are plenty of days that I could miss. Clark Gable on Wednesday isn't one of them! I am having some of the movies recorded. I hate that you can't get many of his films on DVD yet. He was the king of hollywood!!! By the way I started a blog on classic movies. Please stop by and give it a look. It's new, so visit often as I will be adding new posts all the time. Here's the link... http://www.silverscreenstars1.blogspot.com
  9. This was the first time that I saw this film. I am so happy that I did! It was such a wonderful story, and very well made. Yes, Olivia de Havilland looked wonderful! She would have been 46 in this movie.
  10. My favorite moviemaking era is the '30s. The movies in that era were so glamourous. Everything looked so beautiful. I know they did this mostly for escape during the depression. It's still easy to escape during that era of films.
  11. lzcutter, I was wondering what kind of work you do? Maybe you've metioned it before, but I'm sort of new to the TCM forum.
  12. Jean Harlow Claudette Colbert Carole Lombard Gene Tierney Myrna Loy Clark Gable Cary Grant Fred Astaire Errol Flynn William Powell Mine do change from time to time too. But these usually stay at the top!
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