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  1. cinesage jr wrote: a proud resident of some **** corner of Tennessee. That's actually very offensive since I don't originally come from Tennessee. I lived in Texas before the Bush years there. And for your information, I happen to be part cherokee.
  2. Unfortunately, for you all, you are beneath me and your worldly problems do not concern me anymore.
  3. Well, you, Cinesage, jr show your level of intelligence by picking at things I said and making smart remarks.
  4. No, this time you are totally wrong. Every major news channel had a story about as I said the emergency meeting. She deliberately kept even the C-SPAN cameras out of the meeting. So this is one instance in which you don't know what you're talking about. All the reporters were upset about what she did. Republicans brought the cameramen back. Just no reprimand.
  5. Holman wrote I never said the like to you I wasn't addressing you. I was addressing that guy several posts back who called us Bush-apologists.
  6. You wanna know the truth? Everyone on these boards makes me sick to my stomach having to listen to your kinds's lies and dodging the truth. Just as bad as most politicians.
  7. You said I was apologizing for Bush. Well, you're wrong. I am defending his honor. You know he didn't do the things that you people said he did. And if I were you, I would take a serious hard look at Nancy Pulosi. I hope you realize she blocked the media from entering the last meeting of congress. I'm talking about the emergency meeting they had to try and discuss the oil issue before going on vacation. When the meeting was Pulosi blocked all cameras and newsman from getting inside. There's talk of a possible prosecution because she overstepped her authority. And this story was on all channel
  8. Despite what television says, what Hollywood says, gay is not okay. I was flipping through the channels and what do I see on just about every channel on Directv. Gay men having sex and lesbians in bed. Nothing makes that okay. Now I will probably never watch tv again because there is too much flagrant sin to see. The boob tube has now officially become porno television night and day no matter the channel.
  9. Oh, just so you know. The founder of the NAACP also rebuilt the Communist party here in America as well. Loads of democrats are members of the party.
  10. I hate to say this but alot of democrats tend to be not socialist but communist which is even worse. I hope you realize that the NAACP was founded by the communist party here in the USA. Every time the NAACP does anything "good" it's in the name of socialism or communism in this case. Every time a senator or representative gets an award from the NAACP it wasn't for their actions. The said person or persons had done something for the greater good of the communist party.
  11. I just thought I should mention a poll was taken here in Tennesee by Fox17 news. They asked people who they would vote for in the election. Right now as it stands 80% said McCain. 20% said Obama. And 6% were undecided. That should tell you how most people feel about the election right now.
  12. I thought I should mention that some people said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the greatest president of all time. How is he so great? Roosevelt is not on Mt. Rushmore, broke the rule of only serving two terms by starting a third with Harry Truman, and created the nation's welfare system that is in place today giving people handouts who don't deserve it. So, again, what makes him so great? And don't say world war 2, if he hadn't done it someone else would have. Teddy Roosevelt was a conservationist but most people don't give him credit for preserving wildlife and forests just because he
  13. Hey, you're not taking into account all the bad taxes that resulted from the Teapot Dome Scandal. There was a huge build up of taxes leftover from the scandal and it took nearly 3 years to get through all of them.
  14. You know, this is kinda pathetic. You people can't come up with any reasonable arguments so instead you just start looking for things to argue. NOW THAT'S PATHETIC! This is almost as bad as the McCain/Obama campaigns.
  15. Yes, but it has been sited that those first nine months were not a sufficient amount of time in which to do something about the stock market crash. Also, Hoover could not react sufficiently to the crash because he had to deal with the fall out of the Teapot Dome Scandal left over by Calvin Coolidge. This was a major distraction. Next time, learn your history a little better.
  16. Well, still, an article from a magazine that is known for its bias is not very reliable.
  17. Okay, what does the Bankruptcy Reform Act have to do with pro-life? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Pro-life is about the keeping of children instead of choosing an abortion. The Bankruptcy Reform Act is designed to make it harder to file for bankruptcy because people were abusing that privilege. Now, you tell me what the connection between these two issues is.
  18. Once again Celluloid Kid it is just one environmentalist whacko's opinion. I don't know how many times I have to say it but OPINION IS NOT FACT. All the material you have used has been someone's opinion. I haven't seen one actual fact yet. And your sources are very, very, very questionable. Contrary to what everyone seems to think, drilling is the only way to make us independent from foreign oil. Also, the only possible alternative fuels, salt water and hydrogen, are years away from even being developed. All the money in the world couldn't speed up the development process. Message was edit
  19. Okay, an article from a Rolling Stones magazine doesn't really have much merit in this case. Everyone knows that the Rolling Stones and anyone employed by the Rolling Stones are all liberal democrats and do not give an unbiased opinion. So that whole article is pretty much worthless if you want an unbiased opinion about Bush.
  20. I'm sorry but a poll conducted by phone doesn't really prove anything. Now you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. You see, polls conducted like, let's say the American Research Group, don't necessarily reflect what the people actually feel or believe. In fact many of these polls are manipulated to show numbers that aren't really accurate. You see, these polls operate by only calling people who say what the polls want them to say. Everyone else isn't included and lots of people are excluded from these polls. So basically they only represent a tiny number of people.
  21. Okay, Celluloid Kid, here again, you're doing the same as your predecessors. Urban Dictionary is one of those websites that posts opinions, not actual fact. Everything you wrote was just someone's opinion on today's current situation. Again, it's just more blatant attacks on a man who sits in an office. Also, everyone knows that global warming doesn't exist. That was just invented by environmentalists as a huge marketing scheme. It's typical leftist trickery to think that Al Gore had that election won because he was the one who ordered the recount in the first place. They never said there wer
  22. Metromaniac, you are very typical. Again, no references to back you up. Again, just another blatant attack on Bush. Also, whether you choose to believe it or not, the people of America said "Let's go to war" along with Bush. He had the support of the people. And guess where Bush was during the attacks of 9/11. He was reading a book to a class of children when he was notified about what was going on. He did not make a mistake. All of you listen to me now. Bush has done everything that he could in his presidency, but the things that have happened have been out of Bush's hands. When I think of B
  23. Sorry, nodgnoc, but, most of your supposed "facts" are nothing but one person's opinion. All these "facts" are typical leftist attacks on Bush. At least half of what you wrote has no basis in reality. No one man could do all those things by himself in a lifetime. The truth is that congress is the one that's at fault for most of your information. Besides, you gave no references which means that your supposed information could not possibly be true. So if I were you I would quit talking nonsense.
  24. I, for one, feel sorry for Bush. Yes, he made some mistakes, but he really isn't as bad as people make him out to be. I mean, for crying out loud, people blame him for everything. He's been blamed for the fall of the Roman empire and the sinking of Atlantis and the death of JFK. The blame that George W. Bush has recieved is completely ridiculous. Message was edited by: ask
  25. Did you know Plan 9 From Outer Space was so bad that in its second or third year at the movies it went to the 1950's Cannes Film Festival and won the Chicken Award for worst movie ever.
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