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  1. Jack, you've got the beginning of a TCM Challenge entry there. How about it?
  2. You've contributed to their delinquency;-) Or is it a felony? I was wondering how they got around the logo thing, thanks for the insight! Here I was thinking they digitally edited it out, but I guess that would be too much work for someone willing to rip off others through copyright infringement (the scourge of artists everywhere).
  3. Slight correction: the "thin man" is actually the murder victim in both the book and the film.
  4. As someone who scours TCM's schedule on a monthly basis, I can tell you that there are at least a couple of days each month during which TCM will air half a dozen or more rare titles. They're usually bunched altogether, and are sometimes part of a birthday tribute (like May 3rd's Mary Astor films), but not always. Since I can't remember what TCM's schedule was like 12 years ago, and am not even sure if I was watching the channel that long ago (I certainly wasn't a daily viewer, as I have been for some years now), I don't know what it used to be like. However, I suspect that, when TCM beg
  5. This week's TCM Picks have been posted: http://www.classicfilmguide.com/index.php?s=tcm#may18 and they include three TCM premieres which are part of the continuing "Race and Hollywood: Black Images on Film" series this Thursday and one on Friday, Laurel and Hardy's Towed in a Hole (1932); Saturday night's lineup must have been inspired by our thread in this same folder titled "Your Favorite Astaire or Kelly?", beginning with this week's TCM premiere Top Hat (1935) (my favorite of the Fred & Ginger musicals); Sunday's lineup should thrill any true classic movie (and/or silent film)
  6. Since I just received my June Now Playing Guide, I can fill in the blanks wrt something I knew nothing about when I first posted about that month's schedule: Billy Wilder Speaks (2006), followed by 6 of his movies, is a feature length documentary created from a three part German TV interview, done with the director in 1988. It's U.S. television premiere will be June 22nd. Anthony Quinn is indeed the SOTM, 26 of his films will be shown in addition to the 1999 Private Screenings with Robert Osborne (which will air twice). Additionally, Mia Farrow will be the guest programmer on June
  7. You've done it again filmlover, created another great week of programming for TCM. Congratulations! Knowing that you had to adjust your themes and/or change your plans due to others (like me, who stole your ideas!), makes the quality of this one all the more special. I like your chosen themes, and LOVE the film Life is Beautiful as well, a tear-jerker for me. Your salutes to Colman, Bergman, Sheridan, and God (twice, LOL!) are terrific and cleverly done. But I especially like your John Glenn around the World tribute to foreign films - that took some thought and effort, I know. Funn
  8. Er, this is Hitchcock Trivia. See what you get for changing the subject line;-)
  9. Happy Mother's Day, and thanks TCM for the lineup which includes: The Catered Affair, Mildred Pierce, Bachelor Mother, Imitation of Life, and I Remember Mama an excellent tribute for this special day!
  10. Since you've been MIA for a while, I knew you must have been working on this; it's outstanding, of course. Great lineup, lots of perennial (and personal, for me) favorites, but also a lot of new ideas around the Holiday! I like the fact that you've explicitly put the shorts (like Star in the Night) on the schedule as well. There are also several films you've scheduled which I've yet to see and would like to - perhaps tcmprogrammer will use them? Your political films are choice, and include a couple I was going to use but thought I'd have to deem them premieres 'cause I didn't know th
  11. I don't know much about inventors or other artists, but I am a novelist. My literary agent, who does all the negotiating for the deals, gets 15%. I get 85%. You're talking apples to my oranges. You're talking about an agent's percentage of a contract, I'm talking about profits. BIG difference. Say your agent sells your novel to a film studio for $100,000; your agent gets $15,000 and you get $85,000. Your $100,000 came out of the studio's $100,000,000 budget to make the movie which, because of some screenwriter's great adaptation of your material, made $120,000,000. The profits would b
  12. After watching last night's intro and outgo for this film, and finally seeing the clip in between films earlier this week, I have to say that Mr. Bogle's comments last evening (while sitting with host Robert Osborne) were perhaps less inflammatory (though that's too strong a word, I believe). He still makes the comment about Colbert going upstairs and Beavers going downstairs but the author seemed most offended by the fact that Colbert's character gives Beavers's only 20% of the profits for her recipe. On this "issue", there seems to be a lack of understanding and/or respect for the entre
  13. Subject to subsequent editing (and in no particular order): Actors - Bogart, Stewart, Grant, Cooper, Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster Actresses - Bette, Kate, Greta, Claudette, Audrey, Olivia de Havilland, Irene Dunne, Greer Garson Directors - Hitchcock, Wilder, Wyler, Lubitsch, Capra, Preston Sturges, Ford Films To Kill A Mockingbird My Fair Lady It's A Wonderful Life North By Northwest Casablanca Lawrence of Arabia Ninotchka Dr. Strangelove All About Eve The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance The Maltese Falcon High Noon
  14. It's one of my favorite Westerns, CharlieT.
  15. I don't know where you could possibly have heard or read something so untrue, unless your definition of "a lot" means a couple of persons, who happen to be male, that hate classic movies;-)
  16. BTW, The Uninvited (1944) will be on TCM June 16th and again on July 22nd.
  17. Jack, I don't know what to say besides THANKS (and to you too, spencer); it's always great to hear that one's efforts are appreciated. I think it would be really interesting to have a TCM fan convention, hosted by Robert Osborne. I would certainly love to meet so many of the contributors to these boards, like yourselves, and put names with faces while seeing if there is anyone (unlike me) who would look good on television;-) Then, perhaps tcmprogammer & company could select a guest from among our ranks to present selections we would choose collectively. What fun! Hey, I can dream can'
  18. This week's TCM Picks have been posted: http://www.classicfilmguide.com/index.php?s=tcm#may11 which begin Thursday morning with a continuation of SOTM Bette Davis's second night & day of programming and includes a pretty good boxing drama that's not shown very often, Kid Galahad (1937), in addition to the campy remake of the first classic version of The Maltese Falcon titled Satan Met a Lady (1936) and the original Bordertown (1935) with Paul Muni (though I prefer the Ida Lupino version); that evening, the fourth installment of "Race and Hollywood: Black Images on Film" includes Im
  19. Check out the May 21st lineup, starting at 8 PM ET!
  20. Since Imitation of Life (1934) doesn't air until later this week as part of TCM's "Race and Hollywood: Black Images on Film" series, I'm guessing what you saw (with Donald Bogle's comments) was shown in between films on the channel, right? In any case, I've not seen what you're talking it about yet but I will certainly be looking forward to this Thursday night's program. This film is a terrific one and a favorite around here with many on these message boards. In fact, there's a thread in the Favorites folder about which version (this or the 1959 remake) is best. I have to agree with you -
  21. Bogie, welcome and WHAT A LINEUP, it's great! As you may have noticed, fathers are "big" with me too. In fact, I had sent Lynn a message asking if I could use it (and had intended to) until I noticed that filmlover (whom I'd voted for in the first challenge) had used it in the first one, and decided to do something different. I like so many of your other selections, themes, and choices (like Giant, A Free Soul, your noirs, Garson & Wilder, and Spartacus!) too. This serves as an excellent introduction of yourself to the rest of us. Again, welcome!
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