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  1. Of course, Reed Hadley, how could we forget? Also, I just remembered another one - Reginald Owen! In some films, he's so made up with a beard, a white wig or in some other costume or makeup that he's unrecognizable otherwise (Madame Curie, Green Dolphin Street), but for that voice ...
  2. As long as we're including contemporary actors, how about Sam Elliot? When I did a board search for his name, I found this thread: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=69401&start=60#7077245 which may also be of interest.
  3. FWIW means For What It's Worth;-) I think you'll find that MANY (most?) classic movie topics have been discussed here before, though sometimes the titles change (I think yours is very creative). The reason I frequently post links to one or more of these older topics (even though my intent may at times be misinterpreted) is to let the OP (original poster) know that there is a treasure trove contained within these boards, from participants past and present, with discussions on their topic. If the OP is interested in what others have said previously, or wonder why they aren't getting a lot
  4. Yes, Margaret Rutherford brightened up whatever film she was in. In fact, while watching the aforementioned Miss Marple movie, I was thinking again how funny Murder By Death (1976) was (in which Elsa Lanchester spoofs the character) too.
  5. FWIW, we've discussed this quite a bit over the years; the most recent thread was titled "Alternate Oscar" started by Larry just about six weeks ago: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=83222&start=30#7808741 Message was edited by: path40a
  6. Speaking of British Mystery series, I was fortunate enough to catch Murder at the Gallop (1963) a couple of months ago and very much enjoyed Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple character. I have two or three other of these films on tape which I hope to have a chance to watch before too long.
  7. I think Burt is great, I'm just disappointed that today's tribute didn't include some of my favorites of his (especially since I've seen some of them on TCM before), like: Birdman of Alcatraz, Elmer Gantry, The Killers, Come Back, Little Sheba, Vera Cruz, The Rose Tattoo, The Rainmaker, Sweet Smell of Success, Separate Tables, Seven Days in May, The Swimmer, or even one I've never seen - Jim Thorpe -- All American.
  8. Welcome back Kyle; we missed you!
  9. No, Clue #15 - they're given step-by-step instructions
  10. No, Clue #14 - across a rooftop of glass
  11. The two main reasons this occur are: 1. your PM mailbox (including all its folders - Inbox, Sent, etc.) is over full 2. the person you're trying to send a message to has and over full Inbox etc.
  12. Besides Garbo (and Maureen O'Hara), some less obvious foreign born actresses (because of the roles they played) include: Claudette Colbert, Greer Garson, Olivia de Havilland, Audrey Hepburn, even Norma Shearer.
  13. No, Clue #13 - one lost a bout with another fighter
  14. Watch it anytime you like (as long as it lasts;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RpDqV5P98o BTW, there are still four clips we (on these boards) have been unable to identify (e.g. film unknown); here is our work in progress: http://www.classicfilmguide.com/index.php?s=100years Any help is much appreciated! Message was edited by: path40a
  15. Sounds like Deep Valley (1947) with Ida Lupino and Dane Clark
  16. Let's see if these links work: http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=6552420 and http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=6756686 The second of which has two additional links, one post 'up', from bollywood containing more discussions on these boards about this film.
  17. Harold Lloyd with Marjorie Gateson in The Milky Way (1936) Marjorie Gateson with Regis Toomey in 'Til We Meet Again (1940) Regis Toomey with Stubby Kaye in Guys and Dolls (1955) Stubby Kaye with Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) All of these films have aired on TCM
  18. I haven't seen it, but I'm very excited that TCM's showing it twice in October: http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=76014
  19. Actually, the topic has been discussed on MANY other threads; here is most recent: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7789888
  20. Two LONG threads on this topic already; here's the original: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=54945&start=60#5226473
  21. In George Cukor's Edward, My Son (1949), Spencer Tracy plays the father (Deborah Kerr, the mother) of the title character, who never appears in the film. The title of Escapade (1955) refers to the exploits of John Mills's eldest son Icarus, who never appears in the film. The plots of both of these movies are inseparable from the missing character. Thought of another one: the title character is never shown in the film Ziegfeld Girl (1941). Message was edited by: path40a
  22. Happy Birthday feaito!!! I always love reading your reviews.
  23. The exact thing happened to me, between 12-14 minutes into it, my digital cable had a weak signal so I missed whatever she may have said after Gaslight (1944) till part of The Harvey Girls (1946) - in other words, anything she may have said about The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945). But I tivoed the later broadcast to catch it. One thing that struck me right away, that I hadn't thought of before, was that Angela Lansbury never seemed to play a woman her own age. When she was young, she played (much) older women, which continued when she was older as well.
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