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  1. Thank you very much, feaito. I'll keep checking the guides for "Now Voyager" and "The Little Foxes", which I also want to see. ladymirabelle, I saw "The Letter" which doesn't contain that scene, but is very well worth watching if you haven't seen it ... another excellent Bette Davis performance!
  2. Sept- Comedy It Happened One Night (1934) My Man Godfrey (1936) His Girl Friday (1940) The Lady Eve (1941) Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) October- Horror Dracula (1931) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) - VHS only until January Frankenstein (1931) King Kong (1933) - VHS only:-( The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) Psycho (1960) - unless this is too recent;-) November- Adventure/Mystery/Noir The Maltese Falcon (1931) Double Indemnity (1944) Notorious (1946) The Big Sleep (1946) The African Queen (1951) North By Northwest (1959) (Noir/Bogart/Hitchcock needs its/his/their own
  3. Thanks to TCM, I've become a big fan of Bette Davis movies. There's a scene I've seen in various tributes and montages of her films which I don't recall seeing in any of the films of hers I've seen. She has a door or window at her back and has just lit a cigarette for herself and a man (back to us, so I'm not sure who it is, though it may be Herbert Marshall). Then, they both take a puff and share a "knowing look", even a wicked smile. I'm thinking it could be "The Little Foxes" which I haven't seen, but would love to especially after reading some of the background about it in A. Scott
  4. O.K., I'll start;-) Walter Brennan, Donald Crisp, and William Demarest to name just three great character actors.
  5. Too bad:-( But thank you very much for checking into this for us and following up with a response!
  6. Seems I just responded to a thread about this, though it was titled "The Sexiest Movie" and it was on another forum here. BTW, I inadvertantly left off Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief (1955). Anyway, I think the choices listed so far are "right on", though personally I find some actresses more beautiful based upon the role they are playing (their character's character, if you will). I assume that I know NOTHING about them personally and refuse to get caught up in all the gossip rags and "celebrity" garbage the media seems intent on thrusting in our faces. But if the character they are p
  7. Though you may have already seen many of these if you have been watching TCM for a long time, I've found that the Ernst Lubitsch & Preston Sturges films are almost without exception delightful romantic comedies. I "cut my teeth" watching the Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, and James Stewart romantic comedies, but only just "discovered" these Lubitsch's and Sturges's gems once I started watching TCM. There are still several I have yet to see, but will be watching for them to air in the future "right here";-)
  8. After watching the great Scaramouche (1952) on TCM last night, I was struck by the similarities between it and Star Wars (1977). Similar themes involve swashbuckling, sword fighting, parental heritage questions, using of masks, even the nature of the "love story" itself to name just a few. I know that George Lucas has said he wrote Star Wars as a throwback to some of the old movies and serials like Flash Gordon et al. But I'm wondering if anyone knows whether he has ever mentioned Scaramouche as one of his inspirations. Does anyone know? Or does anyone else find the parallels as str
  9. I'm not real familiar with the story behind the great search for the perfect Scarlett O'Hara by David O. Selznick for Gone With The Wind, though I have read a little on imdb.com about some of the actresses that were first considered. I'm wondering if anyone more informed on the subject could comment as to whether Merle Oberon was considered for the part. It seems she was very much like Vivian Leigh, though a couple of years older, and certainly proved herself capable of just such a role earlier that same year in Wuthering Heights. Was she unavailable because of her role as Heathcliff's C
  10. Those are all terrific movies, and I too was reminded of something reading the baseball topic. Several months ago, on another website with a "Great Movies" forum, I pulled together some information for a post about boxing films. At the time, I hadn't seen several good ones that I should add to it (Champion with Kirk Douglas, Kid Galahad with Bette Davis & Edward G. Robinson that I just saw on TCM which includes a funny reference to Body and Soul, below). Plus, thanks to TCM I have also now seen The Champ with Wallace Beery! Here is essentially what I originally typed, hope you enjoy
  11. I'd love to see the EIGHT (nine?) Academy Award Best Picture winners I've yet to see: 1928 Wings and/or Sunrise 1931 Cimarron 1933 Cavalcade 1944 Going My Way - this may already be on the schedule 1947 Gentleman's Agreement 1948 Hamlet 1949 All the King's Men 1963 Tom Jones Don't know if they're in the TCM vault or not, but I can't seem to find them in any video stores around here either:-(
  12. I haven't read it yet, but I intend to as soon as possible. I understand that the media may be sensationalizing anything they can, stretch the truth, or even claim that it contains certain things it doesn't. This is the job of the media. Dirt sells papers. HOWEVER, I expect the book will be excellent. Why? Well, the author is A. Scott Berg who wrote a fabulous biography of Charles A. Lindbergh (that I read) for which he won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and more. From what I've read since Ms. Hepburn's passing, Mr. Berg became acquainted with her in 1983 and she collab
  13. Click Feedback on the main page, then select the first big block on the left (Feedback, Questions & Answers), then you can first search the "database" of already asked questions or enter "My Stuff" in which you can log on and then enter a question. Here a link which may work: http://tcm.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/tcm.cfg/php/enduser/home.php Good luck!
  14. First of all, I have a hard time ranking films 1-10 etc. It's easy for me to list my favorite films, by degree, but not to choose one out of my top ten and say "this one is better than that one". Secondly, in responding to your message, I will list ten that made me LOL (the funniest IMO), though I'll leave out the Marx Brothers movies because I believe they belong in a class by themselves! Great (four star) Comedy Films (oldest to newest) Any Ernst Lubitsch including Ninotchka, His Girl Friday, any Preston Sturges film from the early 40's, most Billy Wilder films, Young Frankenstein,
  15. I don't know if you can e-mail them directly, but I have had some success getting responses via the Feedback Q&A on this website. And I agree with you re: Austin Powers;-)
  16. In order? My Fair Lady The Sound of Music Oklahoma West Side Story Mary Poppins Oliver! - the songs are tops, the film a little long, somewhat dull;-)
  17. I am curious about this as well. In fact, once I found the video area within the Multimedia section of this website, I expected to see it listed there along with all the trailers et al. Please TCM, digitize it and put it up on your site permanently. Thank you!
  18. Agreed, Paul Muni was a GREAT one! I've seen the following of his films on TCM in the past: I Am A Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) - on the Essentials The Story of Louis Pasteur (1935) - fairly recently, I believe The Good Earth (1937) - over acting all around;-) Angel on My Shoulder (1946) - last month? which are all pretty good, but what I'd really like to see hasn't been shown (to my knowledge): Scarface (1932) - though I hope they'll show it someday The Life of Emile Zola (1937) - this Best Picture winner will be on July 15!
  19. Actor 2 looks a lot like Adolphe Menjou http://us.imdb.com/Name?Menjou,+Adolphe
  20. Within the past year, I've watched Reagan's performances in the following movies on TCM: Dark Victory (1939) - plays Bette Davis' inebriated friend, not much screen time Knute Rockne (1940) - almost a cameo as a Notre Dame football player ("The Gipper") Kings Row (1942) - good movie featuring his best acting (that I've seen;-) Desperate Journey (1942) - fun adventure with Errol Flynn & Arthur Kennedy Voice of the Turtle (1947) - pretty good Lead Actor role, though a terribly dated film Ironically, if I had to order the quality of the films I listed above chronologically, I'd pr
  21. I believe that both "State of the Union" and "The Last Hurrah" are in the TCM library. I know that I have seen both in the past year or so on the channel.
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