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  1. That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The name of this movie has slipped my mind and I requested it to be shown on TCM at one time. It's about mother, I think all her children went to live with family that was better off except for one son who I think stays to help out out his mother. Thank you.
  3. The most irritating Christmas movie's I ever saw were.....Jingle All The Way A Christmas Story Four Christmases Surviving Christmas I Love, It's a Wonderful Life. I could never find fault with that classic.
  4. Thank you for sharing that! I still love to watch this film. Not to change the subject but.... I know they also had a TV miniseries (remake) in 1979 with Natalie Wood and William Devane. I'd love to see that at least once. I'm not sure anyone has aired it since it was on back then.
  5. Yes, bless her heart, she is battling multiple sclerosis.
  6. She was very classy, beautiful lady! Too bad the actresses of today are not "classy" in the way they dress! May she rest in peace!
  7. Some of it is due to gene's but let's face it, MANY pay to keep a youthful appearance, even when they don't admit it. Being vain is one reason but also many in hollywood feel they are forced to keep wrinkles at bay for their career. Those like Redford for example have clearly decided to just let nature take it's course. I don't find it gross, it's how it was before the age of plastic surgery and botox. My great grandmother had some deep lines and told me once that they told a story of her life, I loved her stories and her. She was in her 90's when she died. I feel her wrinkles were part of
  8. Here is a link to a site that list all the Christmas movies, times, dates, channels. I hope it helps. Merry Christmas! http://www.christmastvschedule.com/
  9. James Earl Jones Jimmy Stewart Paul Harvey but he wasn't in movies. Patricia Neal Maureen O'Hara Mel Blanc Sam Elliot Peter O'Toole Julie Andrews Lauren Bacall Morgan Freeman Katharine Hepburn
  10. Why we watch the actors and movies we watch To be honest I never analyzed why I like certain actors and actresses. I like all sorts of Stars, some that others may think silly but I enjoy them. Examples: Doris Day, I like her singing and she makes me laugh and I'd prefer to laugh than cry. Maureen O'Hara, I think she was the most beautiful lady ever on the screen and I loved all her movies. I think she was good at her job. Cary Grant, I liked his acting and he was extremely handsome. James Garner, I liked his acting and he reminded me of my father. Elizabeth Taylor, Jus
  11. I almost forgot! We have certain Christmas movies we MUST see each year. Some classic, some are just silly fun like Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. It's a tradition in our home. Ho Ho Ho
  12. Yes, I watch Love Is A Many Splendored Thing each year on the anniversary of an old boyfriend's death, he died in Vietnam. I don't know why it's that particular film, maybe because I knew the pain she felt when she heard he had died. It's just something I've always done in his memory.
  13. I keep it full of movies I'm waiting to see. It allows you to store 250 and very few are ever removed since most must be very rare.
  14. You sound like me. For some of the movies I really love I have to be in the mood for them. I could list many movies I absolutely love but only so many come to mind when I sit down and try to think of them. I saw a lot of titles of films listed by others that I love watching. Mr. Gorman said to Feel free to list some bad movies you love. I don't really consider any movie's I love to be bad films. Some newer ones I love are: The Notebook (soft spot for James Garner, he reminds me of my father) The Help Sleepless in Seattle (Cute little movie) The Money Pit (Because my son alway
  15. I added the title to my Locate TV schedule so I'll know if it comes on.
  16. A Star Is Born, nobody could compete with Judy Garland. The Man Who Knew Too Much, Jimmy Stewart nailed it.
  17. Thank you, I was hoping to see it.
  18. A Clockwork Orange is the worst movie I ever saw BUT I actually enjoyed many that some of you listed that you dislike. My husband loves the movie Bullet and I can't stand it. We all have different taste, if we liked the same things, this would be a boring world. I had to edit this post to add another movie I disliked. Cast Away. Tom Hanks was stranded on an island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. He talks to that ball for most of the movie. Epic Fail IMO.
  19. Here are a few of mine. Gone with the Wind Dr. Zhivago Sound of Music Giant Pollyanna The White Cliffs Of Dover To Sir With Love Liles of the Field Shenandoah An Affair to Remember Love is a many Splendored thing North By Northwest Since you went Away Cat on a Hot Tin Roof The Greatest Story Ever Told Friendly Persuasion Imitation of Life The Bishops Wife I'd Climb the Highest Mountain To Kill a Mockingbird Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Guess who's coming to Dinner. Wizard of Oz ALL The Andy Hardy films Most of the Audie Murphy, Doris Day, John Wayne, James Garner,
  20. Does anyone know if this has ever been on TCM? I'd love to see it sometime. My Bill is a 1938 drama film starring Kay Francis as a poor widow, she is the mother of four kids, three of whom are ungrateful to their widowed mom and move in with their wealthy aunt. Only her son Dickie Moore remains faithful to his mother. He befriends a wealthy neighbor, and when she passes away, they discover she has left her entire fortune to Moore. It was based on the play Courage by Tom Barry.
  21. I have a few of the Blondie films, still enjoy them. I also liked his Jungle Jim films but I haven't seen any of them in years. I think I read he made 13 of those and a total of 12 Tarzan films? I can't remember seeing but a few of the Tarzen films in the past 10 years or so, seems they aren't shown very often. I enjoyed watching all of them in my youth along with Ma and Pa Kettle movies and Blondie. *The simple pleasure of humor and laughter* I think they aired all those movies on Saturday afternoons after cartoons. Oh the good ole days.... Remember all the Audie Murphy films? They aired
  22. We also paid for the higher package to get TCM. I was going to cancel our Dish account and just pay the penalty for canceling early but my grown kids talked me into keeping it for now but I did call and drop it to the lowest possible package since I don't turn on the TV now except to see the weather in the evening. I have decided if TCM isn't back on by the time my contract expires I will go ahead and cancel it. It seems a waste to pay for something we don't use.
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