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  1. I have been away from my puter for the past week, Rainingviolet. The actual answer was Anthony Perkins (the morning wakeup was a coffee percolator...shortened to 'perk'). Not that it matters (-ed) much....but, I just wanted to let those who were scratching their scalps, know. lol Have a great weekend, everyone!
  2. Oops...sorry, I'm not prepared. Please let someone else continue the game.
  3. Bullwinkle Bull Durham or Bullitt?
  4. I DO understand what you are saying, CineSage. There are MANY NON-CELEBRITIES who have been victims of heinous crimes...only to have the perpetrators released after a couple of years, or slap on the wrist. I really do understand and feel the anguish. I have a very close family member who is a prison guard at Frontera, where the Manson ladies are housed. On one of my visits to CA, He took me out there, so that I can take a peek. It was like a country club!!! We pulled in the parking lot...and there were inmates roaming around freely...IN THE EMPLOYEE PARKING LOT! Frontera is, or was (since it has been about a year since I have been there...and sub-divisions were popping up everywhere) in the middle of nowhere, with farms surrounding it. When we pulled into the parking lot, it truly reminded me of a CA school, that you would see on a movie or TV show. Believe me....it was NOTHING like you would see on TV. I asked my relative about it, and he said that the lesser felons were unsupervised . What startled me the most was when I asked him what the 'lesser felons' were convicted of....and he said drug trafficking and child abuse! While I have nothing against California and its inhabitants....the politics and double-standards leave something to be desired.
  5. Let me preface this with....I am new to this site/forum (I believe since the 6th), so I realize that I don't FULLY understand the protocol, 'food chain', do's and don'ts, etc. But,..... Isn't it perfectly normal to have your own personal likes and dislikes, whether it's for an actor/actress, movie, genre, etc.? I am 43yo (there, I said it lol). I am neither a youngster nor a senior citizen. My choices, whether for music/TV shows/movies/foods/decor/anything else life has to offer, is rather eclectic. I can, and have been known to, watch Ma and Pa Kettle or All About Eve and then immediately put in Saw or Trainspotting, then go back to another classic, and so on and so forth....that is what is so fantastic about free choice, is it not? I love Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I do my best to never miss any of their movies (that I don't already have in my collection), when it's aired on TV/satellite. I would even go so far as to try to persuade those who have never seen any of their work and give them a chance (ask my 13 yo son...he will vouch for that, even though it doesn't work lol), but to 'attack' those who publicly state that they don't like Crawford, Davis or any other actor/actress, that I enjoy watching? There is no way that I could do such a thing. In my opinion, only those who need or crave affirmation for their own life choices feel the need to belittle and attack others for disagreeing with them.
  6. Yaphet Kotto Does not mind gum on a sidewalk great for a sore throat in the past, this shortened word was necessary to awaken most 'sleepy heads' waiters/waitresses make sure that they use this door to enter the kitchen s
  7. Frostbite Falls, MN Superman or The Green Hornet
  8. You may be able to get a copy by purchasing the Hitchcock box set. The warehouse, that I order from, has about 3 or 4 different box sets...and, I could swear that Notorious was included in at least one of them. It's costlier than just purchasing one movie...but, it's worth it, if you are a fan.
  9. Which is translated to...."(Perhaps) one day it will be a pleasure to remember these things".
  10. "(Forsan et) haec olim meminisse juvabit."...which is from Virgil. Translated as "[Perhaps] some day it will be a pleasure to remember these things".
  11. Well, that should teach me to read every comment on a thread, then...shouldn't it?
  12. While voicing your concerns is undeniably your right...what you did in your initial post was more of a diatribe. As for the 'compliment' that you said you gave...it was so veiled that I just couldn't see it, and my son tells me constantly that nothing ever gets by me. lol I am sure that TCM knew all about Mr. Richards past indiscretion. And, for whatever reason, that they alone know about, they chose to include him in the tribute. Was his apology sincere? I have no idea. Is he entitled the benefit of the doubt that he WAS truly sorry, and given another chance? Absolutely. Does he volunteer as a way of making amends? Don't have a clue....it hasn't been my week to hold his hand and watch him, yet. "I don't believe that public airways should be available to help negative people grow wealthy", huh? Then you must 'voice your concern' and boycott the majority of television and radio programs...since that has been going on from the very beginning.
  13. Oh, my...sorry for the multiple posts......my puter was being a bit persnickety. )
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