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  1. only one for me yes its errol flynn
  2. have not seen it for ages loved the movie a great fan of tony and kirk sure dont make them like this any more
  3. loved burt lancaster........ but never like the movie the swimmer
  4. i say wad d yer hear wad d yer say said by JAMES GAGNEY in angels with dirty faces
  5. dean martin ------jerry lewis jhon wayne -------maureen ohara tony curtis --------jack lemmon bing crosby --------bob hope clark gabel ---------vivien leigh
  6. great in white heat but then again i dont think theres one film i did not like of james but my fav as to be angels with dirty faces
  7. hi you will find it on youtube i should think i have found many on there good luck
  8. its not a dumb question but this maybe a dumb answer have you tryed YOUTUBE I KNOW ITS A LONG SHOT AND YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY TRYED IT BUT I WAS LOKING FOR A SONG DID NOT KNOW THE TITLE only that it was played on an advert so only knew a few lyrics and yes it was on there and i have it completely now good luck
  9. did this man make a pact with the devil was he a farmer that was down on his luck having made apact with the devil he became rich and marked in the tree next to his barn was the date the devil would collect his soul . if so the film was called DANIEL AND THE DEVIL
  10. My fav as to be JOHN WAYNE But also like James Stewart My fav J W. Film as to be the cowboys and the searches
  11. LARRY PARKS playing AL JOLSON they have to be one of the best potraile of an artist life story i have seen apart from DORIS DAY in the RUTH ETTING story the film was called (LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME) do know of any more actors and actress who played for some one famous in there life storys what it your best
  12. who is your best gangster actor for me it as to be GEORGE RAFT and JAMES CAGNEY I did here that George Raft was one for real how true this is i dont know. but its said that George and James was friends off screen as well as on screen . they say that James was dateing one of the real gangsters moll and a hit was orderd out on him George was the one that saved him and told him to kick this lady into touch . and stoped the contract out on James . as any one else heared of this story
  13. as to be blue hawaii and gi blues and jail house rock
  14. no contest it as got to be Doris but then i never did like Judy not to be disrespectful to Judy or her fans i just liked Doris loved every thing she did . having said that could not get on with the Doris day shows i thought she was better than that.... she came across as a bit thick.
  15. there are lots but one sticks out as to be who will love my children staring Anne Margret .she is dieing of cancer farther is a drunk and she as to find new homes for her 6 children one as fits and no one wants him . give it a try i bet you reach for the tissues . when i first saw this film some yrs ago now my sister came visiting and i told her about it . i put the film on and in the opening credits mother farther and kids are singing i looked a cross to my sister she was crying already turn it off she said that how much it pulls at your heart string . sit and enjoy.
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