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  1. If you dont like 30s movies, you're in the minority around here! They're certainly better than the dreck that's out these days...
  2. BixB- From the beginning, fast forward to about 30 minutes in. I think you're in for a bad surprise. That's what happened on my screen, and i cant see why it would be different on yours.
  3. My question is why it took at least 20 minutes of the sync problem (at which point I abandoned all hope of enjoying the film) until it was fixed. I still have not gone back to see the rest. As for TCM rescheduling it, i guess we'll see. In my book that's the least they can do.
  4. I probably shouldnt have gotten so hot under the collar, but SWEET MUSIC is a big fave of mine, and it bugs me that they couldnt just take care of business. Im a big Rudy Vallee fan. We have his coffee table from his Hollywood Hills home. We purchased it from his widow after he died.
  5. Frankly, I admire some of the posters patience here. Dont forget folks, WE PAY for this stuff!
  6. VP19- A 30 second sync problem??? On my screen it was that way about 30 minutes in, and STAYED that way for at least another 10 minutes. I finally abandoned it altogether in a fit of frustration. Where are the friggin' quality control employees that are supposed to watch for this kind of thing? It was ruined from the beginning anyway w/ the opening credits, setting omitted. TCM doesnt give a rat's a$$ as long as we play our cable bill. Inother classic RUINED. Thanks TCM!!!
  7. At 4am (PT) this morning TCM had the ultra rare Ann Dvorak/Rudy Vallee film SWEET MUSIC scheduled. I set my alarm and groggily woke to hit the 'record' button. After the usual network intro to the film, a message is shown -'technical difficulties'. The films starts 'in progress' 4 minutes later, which means we've missed opening credits as well as the setting/etc.If that isnt enough, about 40 minutes in, the sync between film and soundtrack go screwy, remaining that way for the rest of the film. What-are the interns asleep??? is there NO quality control for this stuff? Or (as i suspect) TCM doe
  8. I own the director, David Butler's script for THAT'S RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG (on TCM earlier today) and regaring the scene where Hedda Hopper, Feg Murray, Jimmy Starr and Sheilah Graham appear at Kyser's party, the script says Louella Parsons and (then columnist) Ed Sullivan were also to be in the scene. Wonder what happened to them?
  9. 'That's Right, You're Wrong' comes on at 8 am eastern/ 5am pacific time this thursday, followed by 'Playmates'. Big band fun- costars include Lucille Ball, John Barrymore, Patsy Kelly, Hedda Hopper. Crank up the tivo! My new book, KAY KYSER-THE OL' PROFESSOR OF SWING! AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN SUPERSTAR has just been released. At 341 pages, it includes over 100 photos, rare interviews w/ KK, KK bandmembers and the Kyser family, KK film color lobbycard repros, discography, filmography, and more.Check kaykyserbook.com or google 'Kay Kyser book'. it's the very first published full length bio on the ma
  10. For any 'You'll Find Out' fans, watch for a scene where Kyser and his manager (played by Dennis O'Keefe) are staying in the same room and have to sleep in the same bed (well, this was 1940). When Kay sees something shocking, he reaches for O'Keefe, whose hairpiece flips up for a moment. He quickly smooths it down, but they left it in...I have some silent color home movies from this film, given me by a KK bandmember.
  11. The FIRST biography on Kay Kyser was released just last week. Just in time for 'You'll Find Out'. Titled 'Kay Kyser-the Ol' Professor of Swing! America's Forgotten Superstar'. There's a whole chapter on You'll Find Out. Also over 100 photos, rare interviews w/ Kyser, his wondrous band, and family. 341 pages. Color repros of KK movie posters, sheet music covers, and mag covers. Full discography, filmography and reviews. Google 'Kay Kyser book' for more info, and C'mon chillen- Yess' dance!
  12. ANY of Kay Kyser's 7 feature films. None have been released on DVD. Matter of fact, this 'Big Bands in July' thing currently playing has shown only one -'That's Right, You're Wrong'. Wake up, TCM!!!
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