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  1. I believe my first Judy Garland movie was The Wizard of Oz and because of her brilliant performance, i always watch it when it comes on. I thought Judy was the perfect choice for the part, even though hearsay says they wanted Shirley Temple for the part. I don't think anyone can picture Shirley in this part. I enjoyed watching her grow from child superstar to Superstar. She began with one of the most talented artist in the business, Mickey Rooney who was also a superstar in his own right. She was great in most of her parts and I felt she always gave 110%. I recently watched her in in a Star is Born and she made me cry when she sang The Man that Got Away. I think she had her best performance in this movie and deserved her Oscar nomination. Today, there is no one who could wear her shoes.
  2. Hi, This film will be on tomorrow night at midnight. Check out Cagney's face before he goes in to kill the competative mob that murdered his friend. It is a terrifying face and if looks could talk, you would run for your life!! Enjoy.
  3. James Cagney James Stewart Burt Lancaster Actresses Bette Davis Liz Taylor Jennifer Jones
  4. It sounds like The Little Foxes with Bette and Teresa Wright. She and her brothers want her husband played by Herbert Marshall to lend them money to start a business. Bette ends up letting him die as he tries to make it upstairs to get his heart medicine.
  5. I just saw her in Anna Karennia and thought about the mental illness that took her life. It was devastating. She was believeable in films in which she went mad - Anna Karennia, A Street Car Name Desire and probably Ship of Fools (I didn't see the whole picture). She looked great with Larry, unfortunately no children from this awesome couple. Robin
  6. Natalie Wood is one of those actresses that looked good with most of her leading men. Tony Curtis Steve McQueen Richard Beymer Robert Redford She was amazing.
  7. I cry when I watch An Imitation of Life, after the mom finds her in the second nightclub and she walks away from her and mom collapses on the steps of a building because she's too sick to chase her. I cry at the end of Wuthering Heights when Heathcliff tells Cathy "I can't life without my life, I can't die without my soul". I cry at the end of the Miracle Worker when she finally undestands what everything means and she running around asking her teacher to spell in her hands, each and every object. - I still cry a little for "duel in the sun", when they both die under the rock and Dark Victory, when she let's her husband go, knowing that she is dying.
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